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Quick Impression : CYYT - St Johns International by JustAsia

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CYYT - St Johns Header.jpg


Quick Impression : CYYT - St Johns International by JustAsia


Newfoundland or St Johns airport in particular has a very rich aviation history. The significance to the airport is solely from it's geographical position of being the most eastern airport on the whole of the North American continent. This unique placement means the airport was in the past and still is a gateway to the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Early pioneering Atlantic flights all mostly transferred though nearby Gander (CYQX) as did early service routes from the United Kingdom and Europe, and as jet aircraft became more in use and ranges got longer they then bypassed over than used these strategic Newfoundland areas, but St John's more eastern position was and is still used as a significant base in World War ll and as a back up for aircraft needing safe haven, and still many an Atlantic crossing or ferry flight will still transfer through CYYT. So if you watched the Ice Pilot's show on the ferry flights of their CL-215 to Turkey was via CYYT is a good example. Overall CYYT is a regional aircraft focused destination.


First impression is actually very good, as St Johns is very well intergrated into the surrounding mesh and textures, so that is a very good start.


St. John's International Airport



02/20 - 5,028ft (1,533m) Asphalt concrete

11/29 - 8,502ft (2,591m) Asphalt

16/34 - 7,005ft (2,135m) Asphalt

Elevation AMSL 461 ft / 141 m


CYYT St Johns_head 3.jpgCYYT St Johns_head 1.jpgCYYT St Johns_head 2.jpgCYYT St Johns_head 4.jpg

CYYT St Johns_head 5.jpg


There are two significant runways at CYYT because of their over 5,000ft length, more so is 1/29 - 8,502ft (2,591m) that was a backup landing runway for the Space Shuttle program.


Locally CYYT is known as "Torbay" or the T in CYYT and not St Johns, as this avoids confusion with Saint John, New Brunswick which is also in Atlantic Canada.


The ground layout is very good, with plenty of detail and with a nice transition from the surrounding photo textures to the airport harder surfaces.


CYYT St Johns_head 6.jpgCYYT St Johns_head 7.jpgCYYT St Johns_head 8.jpgCYYT St Johns_head 9.jpg


Ground textures are excellent in all forms, you have to love the soil edging and the quality textures of the asphalt...


CYYT St Johns_textures 1.jpgCYYT St Johns_textures 2.jpgCYYT St Johns_textures 3.jpgCYYT St Johns_textures 4.jpg


...   textures are also HDR dynamic and are reflective and wet in certain lighting and weather conditions, as the HDR feature brings out the texture quality even more, in other words it looks excellent.


CYYT St Johns_textures 7.jpgCYYT St Johns_textures 8.jpg


Grass and plants are 3d and there and there is also wiff a of Canadian prairie as well, well done.


CYYT St Johns_textures 5.jpgCYYT St Johns_textures 6.jpg


The weakness here is the terminal modeling, as it is overall very bland and uninspiring, the bland glass just makes it all worse. The real terminal is quite new as it was totally renovated in 2002, and it had another upgrade in 2016 and yes it is all concrete and glass, but Star-Atlas shows no skill in texturing to bring out the wear or any significant detailing so it all comes across as really bland and boring.


CYYT St Johns_terminal 1.jpgCYYT St Johns_terminal 3.jpg

CYYT St Johns_terminal 5.jpg

CYYT St Johns_terminal 4.jpgCYYT St Johns_terminal 2.jpg


And most of the various modeling is the same, buildings are basic, boxy in construction and texture detail also basic. Airbridges are animated, but to the basic "Marginal" version, it works well but doesn't have the dynamics of the SAM.


CYYT St Johns_Buildings 1.jpgCYYT St Johns_Buildings 2.jpgCYYT St Johns_Buildings 3.jpgCYYT St Johns_Buildings 4.jpg


The scenery is saved by those quality ground textures, but also by the excellent clutter...


CYYT St Johns_Clutter 1.jpgCYYT St Johns_Clutter 2.jpg

CYYT St Johns_Clutter 3.jpgCYYT St Johns_Clutter 4.jpgCYYT St Johns_Clutter 5.jpg


....  the clutter covers everything a northern winter based airport requires, like snowplows, de-ice trucks, airstairs, fuel trucks and everything is also local branded...  there are a few static aircraft as well (CL-215 and a Dash8) and you have the option of using static aircraft in the scenery. WT3 ground routes are supplied, but the frequency of services are pretty infrequent regional and YYT is not what you would call busy except early morning.



CYYT - St Johns Lighting 1.jpgCYYT - St Johns Lighting 2.jpg

CYYT - St Johns Lighting 8.jpg


Runway lighting looks good, but it is actually wrong...  it has the blue taxiway edge lighting and not the required white edge lights, also the section on the right of RWY34 to the RWY02 cross is also missing? That is not good at an airport that requires a lot of low visibility landings. Layout signage however is very good.


The big surprise (and I love to be surprised) is the night lighting of the terminal is really good. Unlike the flat boring day textures the terminal really comes alive at night with excellent glass night textures, the under terminal service road lighting is very good as well.


CYYT - St Johns Lighting 3.jpgCYYT - St Johns Lighting 4.jpgCYYT - St Johns Lighting 5.jpgCYYT - St Johns Lighting 6.jpgCYYT - St Johns Lighting 7.jpg


Night glass has great detail and depth that brings the terminal alive and that is complimented by other good and different variable lighting in all working areas like the aprons, brighter landside lighting and all remote area lighting. 


CYYT - St Johns Lighting 9.jpg

CYYT - St Johns Lighting 10.jpgCYYT - St Johns Lighting 11.jpg


Feature list is very good, with a lot of dynamic X-Plane11 features provided.

  • UHD orthor imagery 
  • Custom HDR night lighting
  • 2k ground textures and markings (Includes Wet textures)
  • Full World Traffic3 intergration with custom ground routes
  • Static aircraft option
  • Custom animated ground traffic
  • Animated jetways and docking
  • Highly optimised scenery (Light on fps)
  • 3d grass 


First Impressions

JustAsia is another Asian based newcomer to X-Plane, and boy don't we need Asian content, the input is very welcome. After OBBI - Bahrain (very good) and WBKK - Kota Kinabalu, this is JustAsia's first foray into the North American continent. Overall on my first viewing I really liked YYT, as the dynamic ground textures, static aircraft and clutter are excellent (with the option for more static aircraft). The layout and intergration with the surrounding mesh is also very good. Average was the daytime terminal modeling, airport buildings and that depth of texture in building minute detail was missing. Surprise was the same excellent glass night lighting and the general overall lighting (except for runway side linage, which is wrong) is all very good. WT3 ground routes and  parking defs for CYYT is provided, and overall far better than I expected and fairly decent scenery for Newfoundland.


Three out of Five stars ☀️☀️☀️


CYYT - St Johns International by JustAsia is now available from the X-Plane.OrgStore here:

X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


CYYT - St John International Airport


Price is US$22.00


Requirements are:

X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB VRAM Recommended
Download size: 795 MB
Current and Impression version : 1.0 (December 23rd 2019)



Quick Impression by Stephen Dutton

13th January  2020

Copyright©2012: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this preview are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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