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Developer Update : X737 Version 4.9.0 by EADT

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Developer Update : X737 Version 4.9.0 by EADT


EADT has updated the x737 to version 4.9.0. No aircraft has won more awards or had more acclaim in X-Plane than EADT's x737 Series. Their Boeing 737-800 has been in constant development for years now and through many different X-Plane simulator versions as well. The aircraft is available for Mac/Windows and Linux, and in both X-Plane10 and X-Plane9 versions.




Version 4.9.0

So what has changed in v4.9.0? This is not the really big change we are waiting for in the 3D Cockpit for the x737, that will be v5. No time yet set on that 3d dream still, but it must be starting to come closer. So the feeling of this update in 4.9 is to finally clear up that bug list and get the aircraft ready for v5. That long list is now very short and the aircraft feels very good and tight, but there are a few enhancements here and interesting ones as well.


The flaps have had a rework and are now quite different past the 30º setting.




There has been an extension flap added on and they look excellent.


The functionality of the "speedbrake" is changed in that now it arms in the first detent, next is flight detent which is maximum in flight, last is full up ground spoilers.


Another area that has changed is the actual "Arming" of the Speedbrakes. Before you just hit the speedbrake selector forward and the speedbrakes were armed. Now that does not work? To "Arm" the speedbrake you now have to use a keyboard or Joystick button




This is found under the main MENU in SETTINGS/JOYSTICKS & EQUIPMENT. You have to click the plugin checkbox (Top-Right) to access the specific "Custom Commands" from the plugin. The "Speedbrake" assignment is at the bottom.




In fact I don't think any other aircraft out there has so many assignable custom commands to the keyboard or joystick (throttle).  The list is very long and very usable - My (ARM) assignment is to my Saitek x52 Pro throttle buttons, I already have the Speedbrake assignments for "speedbrakes up +1 or down -1" and (All flaps) Down already set on my throttle controller. I found when armed that in reversing the engines brought the speedbrakes up and a retraction of the airfoils on the reverse thrust completion... looked great to me.


The x737 over the years has had a few issues with collecting the ILS correctly. And that was corrected in an earlier version. However the VORLOC did not work...  That has now been corrected and works well, If the VOR is close to the runway (like at YBBN RWY19) it is very easy to lock into the VOR and then when aligned then go straight to the APP approach command.




Another change to the ILS is that now the "Single Channel" ILS approaches has no auto flare mode, like in the Boeing 738 plane, So it is now necessary to fly manually during final approach. This is shown by a warning on the PFD (Primary Flight Display).




An alert warning then comes on as you get into the actual flare and a final warning is in the roll-out. You can assigning a button on the yoke/stick for CMDA/B OFF. and Double clicking that button will cancel the disconnect alert sound.




A few services has confirmed the aircraft is very good and tight, however I have found that if you don't follow the procedures correctly (or perfectly) any x737 will start to freeze in autopilot actions in certain conditions. In other words don't try to jump across the logic, it confuses it and you can sometimes reset the A/P by "Disengaging" the A/P and restarting, but sometimes you have start the aircraft (or reset the logic) from scratch. It is just that sort of aircraft.




Ground Power gives you a power cable but no Power-Cart?... I recommend Joans - Ground Services - Pushback, Refueling alpha-5 to fill in the gap. The logo-light has been fixed (finally), but still takes an age to brighten to its full brightness and the lighting has been touched over for X-Plane10.


There is a zillion liveries (over 200+) and two new ones in Kingfisher and Westjet Disney.




Full list of changes are:

  • Dramatically improved flightmodel and performance
  • New exterior flap model for flap 30
  • Significant improvements on all autopilot modes
  • Improved interior and exterior sounds
  • Stability improvements
  • New liveries
  • Bugfixes



The x737 is freeware from EADT : x737 Project


Development thread is : x737 Support


...   And finally everyone "show the love" by donating to the EADT cause on their website, and thanking Benedikt and Pierre for their dedication in creating this great aircraft.


Stephen Dutton


12th May 2014


Copyright©2014 : X-Plane Reviews



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Good review...this page came up as I was doing a search for "landing flare" on the x737.  Now I know! No auto landing flare as there was on 4.8.  I would disagree somewhat that this 4.9 version is an improvement.  I find it more difficult to fly and less stable. I prefer the auto flare and the old speed brake operation.  When I am a passenger on a real 738 I note that the spoiler is activated on touchdown and reverse thrust but many times it is not retracted until exiting the runway, well after reverse thrust is disengaged.  This tells me that there is a manual retract by the pilot.  So, prior to 4.9, that is what I would always do.  Arm spoilers, touchdown, spoilers auto fully extend,reverse thrust,disengage reverse,exit runway,manually retract spoilers (joystick button).  In summary, and I have given this input to the EADT team, the airplane needs to be enhanced so that pilots who fly mostly on VATSIM , like me, are less burdened, not more.  Workload is a key factor on busy nights on VATSIM when you have only two hands, not four as in real world.  That is why I am not a fan of 3D cockpit, especially since I am a Mac user.  I have urged them to keep the 2D panel.  I know many people like 3D, but I have tried it and it is very annoying having to use right/left "manipulators", mouse wheel scrolling to change altitude, etc.  I have a Apple mouse and just want to point-click-hold down .... it is far smoother, faster, easier.  It's all about VATSIM for me and an easy workload and not have to be distracted with a user interface that is "overkill" .  Just my opinion.

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The new v5.0 3-D cockpit manipulators are a very different than the other aircraft versions and are very good. I am a one-click Mac mouser, and I don't have any issues. The 2-D cockpit will still be in there, I don't think it will removed. Yes the workload is high, but that is all in the fun :) SD@X-PlaneReviews

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