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Imminent Release : Bell 407 by DreamFoil Creations

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Imminent Release : Bell 407 by DreamFoil Creations


Conex of Dreamfoil Creations has announced the close release of the Bell 407 (before Easter?).




The Bell 407 is a four-blade, single-engine, civil utility helicopter; a derivative of the Bell 206L-4 LongRanger.


Features included are:


- High quality 3D model and textures

- Cabin, Cockpit and Instruments lights available with great effects.

- Realistic Flight model / Autorotations

- Force Trim available

- Full simulation of all switches and Circuit Breakers

- Hydraulic simulation

- Transient Torque

- Fadec & Manual startup simulation

- Extensive commands for assigning with keys or buttons, all overhead switches and circuit breakers are acessible by a custom command

- Persistent fuel quantity for each livery, so each livery act like a different helicopter

- Instrument Exceedance simulation (will record any exceedance on MGT, TRQ and NG)

- Battery + Starter simulation, don't allow your battery voltage to get too low otherwise you'll have problems during the start!

- Hotstart simulation for manual startup

- Switchable console bay allow to use Radios or Garmin 430

- Air Conditioner simulation, including a nice sound that react to vent directions

- Functional Floats can be deployed during flight for emergency landings or practicing over the water.

- Tie downs available to main rotor blades

- Caps for turbine inlet, outlet and pitot

- Fully articulated 3D rotor and Blade flex

- GPU (Ground Power Unit) available

- Pedal stop simulation, the equipment that reduces left pedal authority above 50kts, don't fly without it and push all left pedal, or you'll have troubles!

- Transmission limit simulation, don't push it too far or you can break the transmission.

- Removeable rotor shadows.

- Low and High skids options

Stability Improvements

- Arcade mode is available for beginners

- Pitch, Roll and Yaw augmented stability uses own algorithm for improved behavior

- New Rigid cruise feature, allow the stability to progressively increase from hover to cruise, allowing longer flights without

need of keep fighting with controls all the flight, while keeping the hover challenge intact.

SmartMenu Tecnology

- Clickable external areas for increased interactivity.

- You can enter inside of helicopter by clicking on doors

- Refuel the helicopter by clicking on the fuel inlet, a pie-slider makes it very easy

- Open baggage compartment from exterior

- Interact with battery compartment and connect or disconnect the battery cable from outside

- A customization menu allow to set few equipments like (Baskets, Floats, Wire Cutters, Glass Doors) all in real-time with no need to restart the sim, each livery can be fully customized and will be unique.

- Report menu with (Min and Max G Force, Datcom, MGT, TRQ or NG exceedances, Number of crashes)

DreamEngine sound plugin

- Over +50 sounds included

- 3D directional sounds

- Compatible with Rapture3D plugin (same used by codemasters)

- Custom sounds for switches, buttons and circuit breakers

- Realistic exterior and interior sounds

- Simulation of all the Horns and behavior of those


Conex has produced a great video as well:



We will keep you updated on the release when it happens...


Stephen Dutton


Copyright©2014 : X-Plane Reviews



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Guest Joseph Erik Mattern

I have waited for the Bell 407 for a long time!


The video looks nothing short of stellar!


I can't wait until the release date.


Great Job Dreamfoil Creations :)

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