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NEWS! - Aircraft Upgraded : K-1200 K-MAX XP12 by STMA

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NEWS! - Aircraft Upgraded : K-1200 K-MAX XP12 by STMA


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The Kaman K-MAX (company designation K-1200) is a helicopter with intermeshing rotors (synchropter) designed and produced by the American manufacturer Kaman Aircraft.


Developed during the 1980s and 1990s, the K-MAX builds on the work of the German aeronautical engineer Anton Flettner. Performing its maiden flight on December 23, 1991, it was specially designed to optimally perform external cargo load operations and is capable of lifting payloads in excess of 6,000 pounds (2,700 kg), which is greater than the helicopter's empty weight and almost twice as much as the competing Bell 205 despite sharing a similar engine. Being a synchropter, it has greater efficiency in comparison to conventional rotor technology. In addition to airlifting external loads, specialised configurations for aerial firefighting and casualty evacuation have been developed. It was produced for both military and civilian operators.


Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) released back in 2012 their version of the interesting synchropter, the K-12000 K-Max. This is the upgraded X-Plane 12 version, but the older X-Plane 11 version is still available.



Made for precise heavy lifting, the Kaman KMAX helicopter works around the world in precision lift operations involving logging in mountainous terrain, firefighting in remote areas, construction in mountainous and urban settings and resupply in remote regions. 
The intermeshing synchrotor design maximizes lift capability while keeping the noise level much less than other helicopters.
The STMA KMAX for XP12 goes to  a new standard with Garmin G530 navigation capability, full IFR cockpit, new lighting features, rain and reflective windscreens, an
improved external load console, and a set of new slung load objects specifically designed for the KMAX and XP12 slung load modeling. 
In our previous models we included a specific Bambi bucket version and a tanker version. XP12’s new slung load modeling obviates the need for a special Bambi version and the Isolair company has ceased production of KMAX tanker add-ons so we now offer a configurable single model with long line you can adjust in PlaneMaker to fit your skill levels.
In development we review the most appealing liveries and include them with the model. The cockpit is now fully animated with 3D instruments and improved lighting for all conditions.
Also included is the KMAX operations manual and full cockpit documentation in active touch region labels to be able to quickly master startup and shutdown. VR operations are also included if you have that capability.
If you are new to XP helicopters or thinking about learning helicopter flight, the KMAX with its counter-rotating rotors makes it the simplest helicopter to learn vertical flight. There is no yaw to counteract as you increase or decrease collective and the KMAX has plenty of power to get you wherever you want to go. If you are an “old head” XP helicopter type then the KMAX and its load assortment will be a great addition to your fleet.
rotak ground idle.jpgrainer paint.jpglogger framed with trees.jpghelog face shot.jpgbambi on the longline2.jpgbambi closeup.jpgsunlit cockpit.jpg
The initial production run of the K-MAX ran between 1991 and 2003, at which point the line was shuttered after the completion of 38 helicopters due to low customer demand. During June 2015, Kaman announced that it was restarting production following the receipt of ten commercial orders for the K-MAX.[1] During May 2017, the first flight of a K-MAX built on the restarted production line took place; two months later, the first new-build aircraft since 2003 was delivered to a customer based in China. However, in January 2023, amid a downturn in demand, Kaman announced its intention to shutter production of the K-MAX once again.
Images are courtesy of Shade Tree Micro Aviation



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes!  The K-1200 K-MAX XP12 by Shade Tree Micro Aviation is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

K-1200 K-MAX XP12

Price is US$29.95



X-Plane 12
Windows , Mac or Linux
8 GB+ VRAM Recommended 
Current version : 12.1 (May 22 2024)



News by Stephen Dutton

25th May 2024

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