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NEWS! - Pre-Release Beta Version : Boeing 777 v2 by FlightFactor

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NEWS! - Private Beta Version : Boeing 777 v2 by FlightFactor


FF Boeing 777 v2 Beta_Header.jpg


There is always an anticipation in X-Plane for the "Next Big Thing"...  but nothing comes even close to the expectations of FlightFactor's latest project in the Boeing 777 v2.


September 2012 was the release of the original Boeing 777 Worldliner from FlightFactor. It changed the X-Plane Simulator, not only in the quality for the time, and for the pioneering systems, but also mainly for the plugin based architecture (not the first as the J Rollon CRJ-200 debuted the first SASL plugin)...  but the FlightFactor B777 changed the features and immersion category completely, and in so created a whole new level of Simulation.


So here is the Pre-Release Alpha v2 of the B777 aircraft, and currently only available for a limited number invited members to do beta testing (all sold out), obviously NDA's will be enforced, and feedback is part of the invitation. We do get one thing, and that is a look at the feature list...   it is mind-boggling long and detailed, and Situation save feature is a big yes from me.


Flight model

  • Proprietary flight model, within 2%-5% on standard certification tests. Developed and tested with real pilots.
  • Weight and balance fully calculated from the basic weights, including cabin chair configuration, oil, filters, water, waste, etc

3D Modeling

  • Accurate dimensions based on exterior drawings
  • Very detailed exterior modeling with high resolution textures.
  • Very high resolution 3D cockpit
  • Very detailed passenger cabin graphics. Adjustable with different cabin configurations available in-sim.
  • Additional graphic features: real working oxygen masks both in cockpit and cabin, dynamic window blinds that react to sunlight etc.
  • Every door opens, every compartment can be walked into.
  • Details such as escape ropes, crew rest compartment and operating engine cowling.

Accurately simulated systems include but not limited to:

  • Electrical, Hydraulic, Fuel, Air and other engineering systems
  • TCAS with TCAS version 7 functionality
  • Classic STBY Instruments and ISFD
  • Full set of working overhead Circuit Breakers
  • Flight Control Systems
    • with three Primary Flight Computers (PFC)
    • with four Actuator Controls Electronics (ACE)
    • with Normal, Secondary and Direct modes
    • and more
  • EFIS 
    • with six LCD displays
    • with four Graphics Generators(GG) in two AIMS cabinets
    • with auto GG reconfiguration on failures logic
    • with auto or manual source switching logic
    • with all the synoptic pages, COMM pages and integrated checklist pages
    • and more
  • Two Flight Management Computers (FMC)
  • Three Control Display Units (CDU)
    • with Cabin Intercom pages for control of crew and ground communications
  • Three Autopilot Flight Director Systems (AFDS)
  • GPWS with all the modes the real plane has
    • with look-ahead Peaks Terrain Alerting System
    • with RAAS
    • and more
  • Weather radar with beams and ground clatter
  • Two Electronic Flight Bugs (EFB)
  • Electronic MMEL

Ground Services

  • Working push-back truck - Fully controllable with your joystick.
  • Passenger bus and stairs or optional gate configuration (passengers can be loaded from gate instead of bus).
  • Fuel truck, de-Icing truck, GPU, ground-start units both visible and fully functional with airplane systems.
  • Other ground equipment.

Custom Sounds (Exclusive features)

  • Fully proprietary sound system
  • Hundreds of custom sounds recorded from the real aircraft.
  • In-cockpit custom sounds.
  • Switches with individual sounds.
  • Many individual systems sound inside and outside.
  • Airport environment sounds.
  • Cabin sounds.
  • 3D stereo sound system for engines.
  • In flight cabin announcements.
  • Interactive communication with the cabin crew (reporting misconfigurations and passenger comfort problems).


Custom cockpit interaction system

  • Adjustable modes for cockpit interaction, you chose what to use for clicks
  • Different cockpit interaction modes, with mouse wheel and right button support
  • In-cockpit tooltips from the manual - you click on the button and see portions of the manual on display
  • Aural tooltips in FOs voice
  • Copy/paste custom commands for cockpit building
  • Every clickzone (>2K of them) has a custom command that can be set up.


  • A very flexible architecture: You chose the set up
  • Hundreds of options including avionics, set up, maintenance and difficulty level.
  • Many additional options for sounds, cockpit interaction, effects etc.

 Interactive Checklists, Procedures (Exclusive feature)

  • Full electronic interactive checklists and procedures with automatic action detection.
  • FO helps with procedures, callouts and more.
  • A tutorial which shows the user what to do and when.

Innovative crew interaction system (Exclusive feature)

  • 4 voice characters for the crew
  • Interaction with crew members using EFB or CDU3 (like the real plane)
  • Preflight briefing using AI voices
  • FO help in different phases of flight
  • Procedures performed and notated by the FO
  • FO reads checklists with the captain
  • Voice control of the FO!

Failure model

  • Almost 1000 failures simulated.
  • Failure scenarios, training scenarios, all the things needed for TR training.
  • Ability to fix failure by following proper procedure.
  • Persistent failure and maintenance system - Aircraft wear and misuse will carry over to your next flight. 

Situation Save

  • Ability to save the flight at any stage and continue from there
  • Set up different cold and dark options
  • Pre programmed situations for training
  • Electronics Flight Bag

EFB with Navigraph integration for chart viewing

  • Airport moving map inside the EFB with a custom airport database just like the real thing
  • Integration with SimBrief for planning
  • Interactive navlog
  • Weight and balance optimization and planning tool
  • Many pilot tools like the real EFB
  • Hundreds of options

Special effects (Exclusive features)

  • Multilayer dynamic reflections on all glass objects.
  • Glow effects on screens
  • XP weather enhancements like custom windshear.


A few more images are now also available


777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2208.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2014.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2013.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 21526.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2213.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2126.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2202.jpg777-200er_xp12 - 2024-04-24 2144.jpg


Requirements are interesting as to show what hardware is required.


X-Plane 12, X-Plane 11.50+ Windows 10+, Mac OS 10.15+ (Intel or Apple Silicon) or Linux 14.04 LTS or compatible

64 bit mode Disk Space: 5 GB X-Plane 12

Minimum: CPU: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or i9 CPU with 4 or more cores, or AMD Ryzen 3, 5, 7 or 9, or equivalent

RAM: 16 GB Video Card: a Vulkan 1.3-capable video card from NVIDIA or AMD with at least 6 GB VRAM


Recommended: CPU: Intel Core intel i5-12600K or Ryzen 5 3500 or better RAM: 32 GB Video Card: a DirectX 12-capable video card from NVIDIA or AMD with at least 8-12 GB VRAM (GeForce RTX 2070 or better, or similar from AMD) X-Plane 11: Minimum: CPU: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or i9 CPU with at least 4 cores, or AMD equivalent RAM: 16 GB Video Card: a DirectX 11-capable video card from NVIDIA or AMD with at least 4 GB VRAM Recommended: CPU: Intel Core i5 8600k or Ryzen 5 3500 or better RAM: 32 GB Video Card: a DirectX 12-capable video card from NVIDIA or AMD with at least 8 GB VRAM (GeForce GTX 1070 or better, or similar from AMD)


The B777 v2 is available for both X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11...  Price? well not the $9.999 price tag that is currently shown, as it is not the normal price. But my guess it will be under the US$100 mark.


Public Release? No answers there either, as it depends on the beta phase...  but start saving now!



NEWS! by Stephen Dutton

3rd May 2024

Copyright©2024: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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