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NEWS! - Navigraph adds Annotations to Charts 8

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NEWS! - Navigraph adds Annotations to Charts 8


Navigraph Annotations NEWS! Header.jpg


We love to make notes...  certainly if you go deep into Simulation and want to replicate the real aviation world ethics. Now you can make notes "Annotations" directly onto Navigraph's "Charts" and also into the SimBrief application, it's clever, obviously...  the update v8.33.0 is free to Navigraph Subscribers, just restart your Chart's Application in "About" (Settings). Opening up "Charts" will give you an animated demonstration of the tool.


Navigraph Annotations 1.jpg


The Annotation feature works with any Charts Application available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and in your preferred browser


To use...  select any chart (NTAA - ILZ & LOC Z RWY 04), then press the pen/brush icon second from right top toolbar. And this brings up the Annotation tool set...  top right menu bar.


Navigraph Annotations 2.jpgNavigraph Annotations 3.jpg


Writing on the chart is via the "squiggly" icon far left (S114 knts)...


Navigraph Annotations 4.jpg


...  you can change the colour (5th Icon) and the width of the annotation line (4th Icon).


Navigraph Annotations 5.jpgNavigraph Annotations 6.jpg


Squares (rectangles )or Circles (ellipses) can also be inserted, also they can be empty or solid objects, and can be used to highlight text. The "Pointer" Icon (6th Icon) can be used to move the set Square or Circle to a new position on the chart.


Navigraph Annotations 7.jpgNavigraph Annotations 8.jpgNavigraph Annotations 9.jpg


The Return Icon (3rd Icon) will remove the last action, the Bin Icon (2nd Icon) will remove any (all) annotations on the chart.


A great feature is that the Annotations are actually saved on the Chart, reopen the old noted chart, and the annotations are still retained, unless cleared by the bin Icon.


SimBrief can also be Annotated, with the same set of tools...  Select your Brief via "View Simbrief OFP" or open Simbrief in your Browser.


Navigraph Annotations 10.jpgNavigraph Annotations 11.jpg


Also notable is with the "Pointer" tool, you can resize the square or circle to change the area coverage.


So it is all an excellent tool... but not perfect? My interaction found that the biggest difficultly was using the mouse to input or draw on the Charts or Brief. Those using a Tablet or IOS with the advantage of a Stylus Pen have a huge advantage here. In this instance it is excellent, but with a mouse not so much? So you also miss the keyboard interaction for making notes? this would create clearer and more precise annotations on the charts. Arrows with points would also be nice, as in pointing out particular points on the charts and Brief, as you would with a tighter arrow, rather than the big squiggly lines you can only do here. Annotations also don't show on the "Overlay" feature, only on separate clean charts.


The tools are also only available in Simbrief in the "Charts" applications, not actually in the Browser loading pages, so you can't reverse load to the Browser, finally your notes won't print out with the Annotates overlaid on the chart, as it is still a clear print or pdf. It will be interesting to see how much I use of the features, but that mouse interaction makes it difficult...


It's still clever of course, very Navigraph - at only a slight cost per month.





Yes! Navigraph v8.33.0 is now Available via Subscription, or if you already have a Navigraph account, then just update to the latest v8.33.0



Subscription only on a monthly or yearly basis or EUR 9.05 / mo or EUR 81.64 / year



Download applications are available for both Windows and Mac. SimLink is also available for download and is inserted into your X-Plane Plugins folder....  Internet connection is required for this application.


SimBrief is now also intergrated into the Navigraph application, get it here: SimBrief


Navigraph Charts Review version v8.33.0



Application NEWS! by Stephen Dutton 

20th March 2024

Copyright©2024 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

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