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Aircraft update : Rainman Package for B727 Series, 737 TwinJet by FJS


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727- 737 Rainman Header.jpg


Aircraft update : Rainman Package for B727 Series, 737 TwinJet by FJS


FlyJSim have released an update package for both of their Boeing 727 and 737 packages. Dubbed "Rainman" it covers actually two plugins, first is the Librain water effects plugin and the second is the AviTab (iPad) plugin. Both aircraft had significant V3 updates last year, with the Boeing 737 TwinJet back in February 2018 and the Boeing 727 Series following in August 2018. So this package is really just an annual update to keep everything flying (pun actually intended).


Boeing 727 Series


727-200Adv - Rainman_head main.jpg

727-200Adv - Rainman_head 1.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_head 2.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_head 3.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_head 4.jpg


Boeing 737 TwinJet


FJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Head.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Head 1.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Head 2.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Head 3.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Head 4.jpg


Librain Effects

The package is noted as "Rainman" for the added librain effects from skiselkov. First a note in that these github effects are still in development, and in areas the rain and ice effects can be still a bit hit and miss, however when they work they are excellent, first the B727.


727-200Adv - Rainman_Librain 1 LG.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Librain 2.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Librain 4.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Librain 3.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Librain 5.jpg


I landed both aircraft at Mexico City MMMX (somehow MMMX can always be counted on for rain, maybe it is the altitude?) and the rain effects work well, and it look all pretty good sitting in the B727 cockpit, however they are not edited to the actual glass so the drops show also on the black glass surrounds as well, so it looks a bit odd...   now the B737 TwinJet


FJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Librain 1 LG.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Librain 2.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Librain 3.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Librain 4.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Librain 5.jpg


I really like the way the effects build up on the wiper sweep line, and drip at the bottom, but the wiper coverage area in both aircraft is basically useless, and you will have to adjust your line of sight to see through the small clean areas, no librain effects on the side cabin windows was a serious disappointment, and you have all of that excellent cabin to sit in and no rain to look out from, as it is just a clean window...  however the cockpit eyelet windows work well. A final note on librain is that in most cases my global librain plugin (In the X-Plane plugins folder) that works with all librain active aircraft would not work with the FJS versions, so it had to be removed before becoming active.


727-200Adv - Rainman_Cabin 1.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Cabin 2.jpg


Added OpenWXR for weather radar, and the Issue with ILS frequencies at ends of the spectrum not being recognised has also been fixed.



These vintage Boeings both now have the AviTab feature, and yes I am a big AviTab fan...


727-200Adv - Rainman_Avitab 1.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Avitab 2.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Avitab 3.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Avitab 4.jpg


....  the design and the feel of the installation is excellent and you can select to show either side of the cockpit, but...  the position of the tablet is extremely low from your normal pilot viewpoint, so you have to look down, and so the low display is more a long but slim slot view of your charts? to see the tablet full straight on visually you have to get right down and move backwards and to be almost level with the yoke? so yes I loved it, but hated the unworkable position. The 737 TwinJet position is the same...


727-200Adv - Rainman_Avitab 5.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_Avitab 6.jpg


...  try to taxi and use the AviTab chart at the same time is almost impossible, as it is completely out of your viewpoint, I had to use Navigraph on my (real) iPad to do the taxiway navigation. Note a Navigraph account (subscription) is required for the charts seen here in this review.


VR Support

Of all airliners then these two classic Boeings are just the best for the VR (Virtual Reality) experience, these cockpits are unique in their design and so with this update comes some refinements for VR.  Now there is added yoke, throttle, and several other additions, and also enhanced VR manipulators courtesy of SimVRLabs on the B732 TwinJet.



In last years B727 update, FlyJSim added in the more modern TCAS VSI (Vertical Speed Instrument). Now that same instrument is available in the B737 TwinJet...


727-200Adv - Rainman_X-TCAS 1.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_X-TCAS 2.jpg


....   the TCAS has full integration into the VSI including full TA/RA. You can of course still revert back to the original V/S dial, via the menu.


727-200Adv - Rainman_X-TCAS 3.jpg727-200Adv - Rainman_X-TCAS 4.jpg


B737 TwinJet FD/AP

The custom FD-108 flight director and SP-77 autopilot is now fully modeled and the two systems are now accurately independent




It is unusually for an old aircraft in that this system is quite complicated when it shouldn't be as the servos are distinctly for ROLL and PITCH via two large switches, so study is certainly required. However I found odd business in that the "Pitch CMD" didn't work? and only the Yoke hold pitch which was or is tricky to use, was the only way to climb and descend, with the AP (Pitch) turned off the manual trim didn't work either very well, and even hard to set up on the ground before flight while even using the "Trim Quick spot". It needs a lot of practise as do both of these aircraft in their styles of slow thrust changes and the feel of heavy weight, but they are extremely rewarding to fly.



Noted is "Custom replay system improvements and bug fixes", but I found the replays a bit of a issue... most of the instruments are blank?, switches flicker very badly and the cabin blinds have a complete bonkers mindset of their own.


FJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Replay 3.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Replay 4.jpg

FJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Replay.jpgFJS_732_TwinJet_Rainman_Replay 2.jpg


As I use replays a lot in the reviews, it was practically useless unless viewing externally.


Finally the FMOD sounds have been adjusted and GPWS callouts, morse code, and beacon audio are now all audible, so sound is excellent, although I did have to drop the external sound by 50% compared to the internal sound, but in this department the Boeings are both very aurally satisifying.




Oddly enough these original Boeing 737-200's aircraft are working hard again, the 32 few that are left airworthy are being put back into service to cover for the grounded 737 MAX, and people are loving the chance to fly on these old geriatrics again, and so would I in a heart beat. The -200's are also still highly in demand in Canada with their dirty runway FOD (foreign object debris) capablities... so long live the -200



FlyJSim have done an annual update to their Boeing 727 Series and Boeing 737 TwinJet. Features added is the wet weather librain effects and the installation of the AviTab (Tablet), plus the addition of the X-TCAS in the TwinJet. The rest is all just nice bug fixing and touchups.


But it is an odd update... the AviTab set at a low rear position is in reality useless if you want to use it while taxiing or flying the aircraft, you just want to unsucker the sucker and move it somewhere more usable, to note it can be hidden if you don't want it in view.


Librain effects are excellent as they usually are, but no side cabin window effects was a big letdown for me as a cabin window hogger, same with the replays that you can't use them really internally, so admiring my lovely piloting skills can't happen here.


Updated FD-108 flight director and SP-77 autopilot should be easy to use but needs a lot of study as it is now also independent, although there are two sets of notes in the comprehensive set of manuals, more of the autopilot operations I think is required, certainly with the separated systems.


For the sheer experience of these amazing very hands on flying machines, they are also a very specialised simulation. feedback and flying immersion is bar none out there in the simulator, but you do needs the skills and even a fair bit of study to get the very best out of both of them, but to the diehards they are both exceptional experiences.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Boeing 727 Series Pro V3 by FlyJSim is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

727 Series Professional V3


Your Price: $59.95
Currently the package is now for all three variants, the aircraft are now not sold separately.
Optional : The plugin for the CIVA Navigation System addon that costs US$10 is here: CIVA Navigation System
Full Release Review : Aircraft Review : 727 Series Pro V3 by FlyJSim




Boeing 732 TwinJet v3 Professional by FlyJSim is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :


732 TwinJet v3 Pro


Price is US$69.95


Full Release Review : Aircraft Review : Boeing 732 TwinJet v3 Professional by FlyJSim


FJS - 727-737 Series - Support forum

FJS - 727-737 Series - Developer Site


For current purchasers both aircraft can be updated to the "Rainman Pack" via the Skunkcraft's updater:


Updater download page : Skunkcrafts Updater v2.5




Update Review by Stephen Dutton 
24th August 2019
Copyright©2018: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.35

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1.07 US$69.90 : XPRealistic Pro v1.0.9  effects US$19.95 : WorldTraffic 3.0 Plugin - US$29.95 : BetterPushBack - Free


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