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NEWS! - Sound Pack Released : Blue Star Simulations have released an extensive ToLiSS A319 sound package

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NEWS! - Sound Pack Released : Blue Star Simulations have released an extensive ToLiSS A319 sound package

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I'm a huge fan of quality sound packages for airliners, and Blue Star Simulations do some of the very best sound packages for the X-Plane Simulator. This package is for the ToLiSS A319 CFM Next Gen aircraft, which oddly hasn't had one before... but it is well worth the wait.


This sound pack includes 13,500 lines of code and over 900 sound locations, totaling 1.5 GB of pure sound recorded from a real A319 using professional equipment.




CFM56 Engine Sounds:
  • Real engine samples with accurate thrust-dependent sounds.
  • Bass vibrations are audible when the aircraft is off the ground, especially in high N1% when the aircraft is no longer grounded, transferring vibrations to the fuselage.
  • Engine sounds vary with speed, altitude, and blade angle, getting quieter at higher altitudes where the air is less dense.
  • Exact engine startup, shutdown, reverse, and air rush on spool sounds are included.
  • Turbulent engine roar is present from the back of the plane, and some of it remains in front when the gear doors are open and close to the ground.
  • The famous CFM56 whine is audible and varies with the angle of attack, becoming quieter with speed and altitude increase.
  • Each system in the aircraft has detailed sounds, including keel outflow valve sounds, PTU slow, fast, and self-test modes, ventilation system sounds, various cabin fans, galley fans, and toilet fan sounds, hydraulic system (Y, G, B,) sounds, electrical system sounds, APU sounds, brake fan, wing pumps, packs sounds, and more.
  • Mechanical sounds inside the cockpit, such as selectors, switches, pushbuttons, levers, autopilot disconnect and connect actuator sound, door energizer clicking sound, seat motor sounds, oxygen system hiss, hand rests, cockpit door sounds, throttle quadrant sounds, flap lever sounds, gear lever sounds, FCU buttons, switches, and dial sounds, wiper positions sounds, spoiler lever sounds, and more, are included.
  • Surrounding ambiance includes wind and turbulence sounds on various aircraft surfaces, rain sounds varying based on intensity and speed, external rain sounds, street and airport noise, airflow around the fuselage, turbulence sounds during takeoff, landing, and turns, and more.
Mechanical Items:
  • Door opening and closing sounds for all doors, flap motor sounds during transition, parking brake and brake application sounds, brake motor bumps, PTU sounds based on actual PTU operation, and reset sounds are included.
Vibrations and Ground Effects:
  • Touchdown sounds for main gear and nose gear vary based on the softness/hardness of the landing, with over 20 samples for every gear.
  • Gear vibrations, bumps, shakes, rattles, flap-bouncing sounds, main panel rattling sounds, centerline and nosegear bumps and touches, various concrete rolling and rumbling sounds and rubber vibration sounds are present.
  • Different sounds for people boarding, walking, and clicking seatbelts based on the flight stage are included.
  • Flight attendant sounds during boarding, inflight, and deboarding are present.
  • The sound pack offers options for four different airlines, with a manual for adding custom airlines. Occasional toilet flush sounds and seat belt clicking sounds are dependent on the seatbelt sign.


The package was created by a real-world pilot and a musician with in-depth knowledge of transferring the perception of your ear in reality to your speakers. All sound locations are accurately placed, with correct attenuation and cones.
There are three videos simulating the sounds package...



Designed by Blue Star Simulations

Toliss  is not responsible for this sound pack and cannot provide support, directly or indirectly.
For tech support on theses sound packages please contact Blue Star Simulation 

[email protected]



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The Blue Sky Star Simulations - BSS A319 CFM NEXTGEN SOUND EXPERIENCE is now available from the X-Plane.OrgStore!... Here:



Price is US$19.99



Requires  the Toliss A319
Will not work on any other A319-A320-A321 aircraft 
Download Size: 1.3 GB
Current Version: 1.1 (Nov 6th 2023)

News by Stephen Dutton 🎂

8th November 2023

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Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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