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Aircraft Update Review : Embraer E-Jets Family v1.03 by X-Crafts


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EJET Family v103 Header.jpg


Aircraft Update Review : Embraer E-Jets Family v1.03 by X-Crafts


Earlier this year was one of the year's most significant new aircraft releases for the X-Plane 12 Simulator. The E-Jet Family series of aircraft was released on the 10th May 2023 by X-Crafts, and obviously X-PlaneReviews did the full release review on the aircraft: Aircraft Review : E-Jets Family by X-Crafts.


Release reviews are always an early in-depth look of the aircraft. Detailing the Features, Systems, Instruments and focusing on the Modeling, look and feel of the release. In this case it was a long review, because there are five different variants of the E-Jet family, four in E 170 - E 175 - E 190 - E 195 as they all were part of the release package, the fifth is the still to be released E 190 Lineage Business Jet.


So it is always interesting to come back to the aircraft a few months after the initial review, to not only see the updates (fixes) on the package, but also have another perspective on the aircraft after a period of flying the machine and absorbing it's features. These update reviews are not a totally in-depth review like a few months ago, but to pick out the highlights and changes since that original release.


The new E-Jet Family from Embraer in Brazil, was not the first Embraers from X-Crafts, first was the E 175 LR: Aircraft Review : Embraer E 195 LR by X-Crafts, which came into X-Plane 10 in August 2014, with then later the smaller E 175 on December 5, 2015.


The difference with the 2023 release in that it was a completely different remodeling and systems redesign for X-Plane 12, and nothing on the earlier E-Jet aircraft was passed over to the new, the E-Jets also came with a significant price increase. But I found with the extremely high quality and huge feature list, it did also certainly realign the product to this new price point level, in some ways it is a remarkable achievement for X-Crafts on what they delivered.


Since the release there has been three updates, v1.01 (19th May), v1.02 (26th June) and this latest update to v1.03 (October 3rd). The first v1.01 update was a reaction to release, to fix immediate bugs and issues. v1.02 was a more in-depth revision focusing on System Improvements, PFD (Primary Flight Display), MFD (MultiFunctional Display) fixes and sounds. Which brings us to the latest v1.03. This update is what you could call a mature update. All updates can be done via the excellent new Skunkcrafts Updater...  and first impressions back in the E-Jet cockpit support that feeling.


Those first impressions are simply "Wow", it really is superbly created. The detail and quality really does jump out at you. Remember this is really the first X-Plane 12 aircraft (in this category), created and designed specifically for the X-Plane 12 version and it's new lighting effects.


And the E-Jet certainly has that extremely look and realistic feel...


E190 - Head 1.jpgE190 - Head 2.jpgE190 - Head 4.jpgE190 - Head 3.jpgE190 - Head 9.jpg


In the release review I flew the E-195, this aircraft is the E-190, slightly shorter (36.25 m (118 ft 11 in), less passengers, but comes with a longer range in 2,450 nmi (4,537 km; 2,820 mi) and by flying an extra 150 nm. It is still a huge cabin...   galleys are small, but extremely well done.


E190 - Head 7.jpgE190 - Head 8.jpgE190 - Head 10.jpgE190 - Head 11.jpg


The cockpit is stunning as well, the detail is even overwhelming, even though I know it in complete detail from May.


E190 - Head 5.jpgE190 - Head 6.jpgE190 - Head 12.jpg


And you can slip yourself into the pilot's seat and adjust it forward.


E190 - Head 13.jpgE190 - Head 14.jpg


The E-Family uses the Honeywell Primus "Epic", Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) glass cockpit...


E190 - Head 15.jpgE190 - Head 16.jpg


I really don't have a lot of negative comments with X-Crafts E-Jet Family, but there are two, or really one that can absorb the second one.


The custom "Authentic" FMS is very good, yes authentic. But it is very long-winded to programme, not just the actual route, but there is a lot of performance and data to feed in. But there are helpers...   On the EFB there are three pages covering Weight & Balance, Takeoff Perf and Landing Perf.


You can import the Flight data from SimBrief (Simbrief ID Required), and it fills out your loadsheet, you can then use this data to "Load (the) Plane"...  but it won't insert your route? The quickest way is to use the X-Plane 12 FMS flightplan (you can use the SimBrief Downloader App to insert the file in the X-Plane FMS plans folder). Then load in the route as a CO ROUTE


E190 - FMS 1.jpgE190 - FMS 2.jpgE190 - FMS 3.jpgE190 - FMS 4.jpg


You still have to insert your Departure and Arrival procedures, to complete the route detail.


E190 - FMS 5.jpgE190 - FMS 6.jpg


Again on the EFB, you can create the "TakeOff" and "Landing" performance data. You then have to fill in the Wind, (Airport) Temperature and Baro QNH.


E190 - FMS 7.jpgE190 - FMS 8.jpg


When computed, you can send the data directly to the FMS, via the upper right link. It is hard to find, but to set these Takeoff and Landing speeds you then have to go to the ACARS MAIN MENU, under NAV-INDEX/DATALINK.


E190 - FMS NAV Takeoff data input.jpgE190 - FMS NAV Takeoff data.jpgE190 - FMS NAV Landing data input.jpgE190 - FMS NAV Langing data.jpg


But it does not set other crucial data...   one of the big annoying diversions is caused by setting the TO-CG (TakeOff - Centre of Gravity). The TO-CG is shown on TAKEOFF INIT page 2, but it won't accept the TO-CG %, as you would usually program in the Trim on the TAKEOFF page.


E190 - FMS NAV TO CG false.jpgE190 - FMS NAV TO CG PER TO CG.jpg


The TO-CG is actually set on the PERFORMANCE INIT-KG page 2, then  it fills in the TAKEOFF INIT (page 2) setting...  it also then sets the "PITCH TRIM" and "TO PITCH", both slots you usually do manually, here it is automatic.


E190 - FMS NAV TO CG PER Set.jpgE190 - FMS NAV TO CG Trim Set.jpg


Another diversion is to set the Takeoff flap setting. Here it is set to FLAPS 2, to change the Flap setting you go to the TO INIT lower left LK6


E190 - FMS NAV TO CG TO 1.jpgE190 - FMS NAV TO CG TO 2.jpg


Select Page 2 and the Flap selection is the first row RK1...  OR  Then select your Flap Setting 1, 2, or 4 and the "ACT" is the active flap setting, when done press RETURN. The Flap setting change is now done on the TAKEOFF main page. 


E190 - FMS NAV TO CG TO 3.jpgE190 - FMS NAV TO CG TO 4.jpgE190 - FMS NAV TO CG TO 5.jpg


More data also has to be filled out on TAKEOFF INIT, this time page 1. WIND is required RK3... 


E190 - FMS NAV INIT-KG 1.jpgE190 - FMS NAV INIT-KG 2.jpg


Another one...  back to the PERFORMANCE INIT-KG Page 2, to fill in ISA DEV, ZFW, CRZ ALT (Altitude) and CRZ WINDS.


E190 - FMS NAV INIT-KG 3.jpgE190 - FMS NAV INIT-KG 4.jpg


Get it all right and your FMS active FLT PLAN lights up with SPEED and ALTITUDE data.


E190 - FMS NAV FlightPlan.jpg


Don't get me wrong, it is a brilliantly deep FMS system, really well done. Once you get skilled at the way you programme in the data, you will be well pleased with the result... but what if you make a mistake, or your flight is tomorrow?


That is the crunch...  you can't save all your set up hard work, shut down the Simulator, and it's all gone. So it becomes a use it or lose it situation, and it's a lot of (programming) work to lose, and it's time consuming to reprogramme everything back in ready again.


Developer note- "Use the ICAO code instead of the identifier to search for airports. This should fix some airports not being found on the EFB, If this still happens to you, then quit X-Plane, then navigate to …\X-Plane\Output\caches\xcrafts, and delete the airports.db folder. It will be recreated automatically next time you start X-Plane. And this should resolve the issue".



Those lovely throttles have been troublesome since the original release of the XP12 E-Jet Family. Certainly if you have some add-on hardware throttles, like I do with the Saitek X56 Rhino. At first they didn't work at all with the Add-on set up, in v1.02 they did work, but both levers were locked together?


In v1.03 the throttles now work independently of each other and realistically... nice!


E190 - Throttles.jpgE190 - Throttles 2.jpg


But there is something working even better here now, and clever as well. Reverse on these sort of "BETA" gate style throttle quadrants was always very tricky to get right with Add-on throttle systems Just try FlyJSims DASH Q4XP to see how hard it is to get it working realistically.


But X-Crafts have come up with a novel solution here. Select your Reverser Mode as usual (Toggle thrust reversers), and the throttles drop back into the MIN REV gate, push up the throttle power and the throttles do the reverse action in going rearwards to MAX REV....


E190 - Throttles 3.jpgE190 - Throttles 4.jpg


So simple it makes you cry, but so easy to use. Do the reverse procedure to get back to IDLE position (pull back throttles then re-toggle the reversers)...   brilliant, you can play and marvel with them for hours. X-Crafts has also changed the Throttle Retarding detection method to prevent previous hardware issues, also the LNAV and VNAV will not disconnect if you disengage AP anymore.


E190 - Takeoff 1.jpgE190 - Takeoff 2.jpgE190 - Takeoff 3.jpgE190 - Takeoff 4.jpg


One of the biggest protestations with the release version was the aircraft would lift off the runway before the v2 (149 knts) + Rotate position was acquired.


E190 - Takeoff 5.jpgE190 - Takeoff 6.jpg


X-Crafts have done a lot of work on this issue, and it shows, at the rotation point it is now perfect, and at the correct vSpeed. Visually it's better as well with improved wingflex. So as the wings take the weight, they will bend now higher (or more realistically) on takeoff, but they don't flex in the replay mode, a Laminar bug it seems.


I initially climb to 12,000ft, or 15,000ft if the airport is at a high altitude. Once there you switch off the seatbelt signs and clean up the lighting, and increase the speed (285 knts).


E190 - Takeoff 7.jpgE190 - Takeoff 8.jpg


Lately I have been comparing FLCH (Flight Change) modes in various reviews, to see how they stack up. I have in the past always been a procedures person and did all the Flight Level and Speed changes (Knts/Mach) myself. But decided to see how the E-Jet performed. And the results are impressive. Like noted I was at 12,000ft with an altitude change to FL320 (32,000ft), so I pressed the FLCH and watched it perform... 


The (vertical) climb was originally set at 3,200 fpm, but quickly settled down to around 2,200 per minute, then over the climb it changed the pitch feet per minute from the 2,200 - 1800 - 1600 - 1200 - and going past FL300 it was down to 800, until reaching the correct altitude. Like I said, that was sensational in the sort of climb rates I would do manually. in v1.03 there has been some adjustments on the Mach number changeover point, now 31,000 ft. The VNAV has had a lot of attention as well...  first the VNAV not engaging if AP not selected before 1200ft AGL, thats now also been fixed...


E190 - Takeoff 9.jpgE190 - Takeoff 10.jpg


...  TOC is now visible if it occurs within the SID. TOC is displayed currently based on average climb performance, but you may even reach FL before or after TOC, and that is normal. Route waypoint altitudes didn't before conform to climb or descent altitude profiles when before TOC or after TOD, thats been fixed as well. Finally the Vertical deviation bug does not stay in the middle during level offs during the descents, now it does...  all small stuff in being corrected, but it adds up to a very realistic Simulation.


The results are impressive, in reality you can press the FLCH button (after selecting the new altitude), and climb professionally straight up to the new flight level in perfection, no dramas, with a Mach switch over on the ride up, in fact the E-Jet is fully automated, a one button press does the lot.


I will note though that the FL change to my cruise altitude of FL340 (2,000ft) was a bit abrupt, 2,000 fpm was a bit excessive, but it quickly readjusted to 900 fpm, me I usually change levels around 500 fpm to 600 fpm in this category of aircraft over small altitude steps, don't want to scare the passengers.


Glass transparency was debated, and the conclusion by X-Crafts was that the transparency was true to life and depends highly on the lighting conditions in the sim, that is a point... I don't think any developer can adjust cockpit lighting at the moment, it's still to transient.


E190 - Cruise 1.jpgE190 - Cruise 2.jpg


The one distraction I don't like is Throttle hunting. I have a nasty tailwind of 67 knots, so the Yokes are flickering and the Throttles are adjusting to the wind changes... but it's actually good here, not that abrupt movement, but a seemless casual adjustment as required, so the actions of the systems look and feel very realistic in flight.


E190 - Cruise 3.jpg


Is this E-Jet a great reflection on the state of X-Plane 12 currently, yes it is, very impressive.


E190 - Cruise 4.jpgE190 - Cruise 5.jpgE190 - Cruise 6.jpgE190 - Cruise 7.jpgE190 - Cruise 9.jpg


Rear Navigation lights are now white, from the earlier red, look nice as well...  all Navigation lights have been increased in intensity of around 20%, and so have the strobe lights.


E190 - Cruise 12.jpgE190 - Cruise 13.jpgE190 - Cruise 14.jpg


Cockpit lighting is excellent, but the Autopilot glareshield controls are still very hard to read in the daylight, fine at night...  but confusing in the day.


FLCH descent felt a little excessive at 3,500 fpm? I would usually descend around 2,000 - 2500 fpm, only 3,000 fpm in an emergency, you press FLCH and the nose just goes DOWN...  I'll do it manually.


E190 - Cruise 10.jpgE190 - Cruise 11.jpgE190 - Cruise 15.jpg


Our arrival at Athens, love it when the gear unfolds.


E190 - LGAV 1.jpg


On the E190/E195 variants, the engine pylon was going through the flap when the flaps were extended, now that is fixed, another change is that the Flap extension times were reduced after evaluating some real-world videos. Flap 1 now takes 15 sec to extend instead of the earlier 20 seconds... so quicker.


E190 - LGAV 2.jpgE190 - LGAV 3.jpgE190 - LGAV 4.jpgE190 - LGAV 5.jpg


Manual approach flying is exceptional, you have to be impressed on how really good Flight Simulation is today, X-Plane dynamics give you an exceptional "hands on" feel for the aircraft in "Finals".


E190 - LGAV 6.jpgE190 - LGAV 7.jpg


Sound changes in v1.03 are all mostly focused on the landing contact...  with added cabin mains (gear) ground contact, cabin nosegear ground contact, a new cockpit mains ground contact and cockpit nose ground contact sounds. The "autobrake" warning is also now aural. One other aural adjustment was the rather noisy electric hydraulic pump by about 6dB, so the sound pitch is now down slightly.


E190 - LGAV 8.jpgE190 - LGAV 9.jpg


Obviously I couldn't wait to try out the better engine reverser actions, and they look and feel excellent, inside throttle actions and external.


E190 - LGAV 10.jpgE190 - LGAV 11.jpg


The E-Jet is fantastic and impressive as well.


E190 - LGAV 12.jpg




Released to great fanfare in May 2023, is the totally upgraded E-Jet Family Series from X-Crafts. The aircraft set new standards for regional aircraft design and detail, and was the first completely new X-Plane 12 focused release, plus it went up into the upper elite category price wise.


Since the release there has been three updates, v1.01 (19th May), v1.02 (26th June) and this latest update to v1.03 (October 3rd). The first v1.01 update was a reaction to release, to fix immediate bugs and issues. v1.02 was a more in-depth revision focusing on System Improvements, here we focused on the largest update yet with v1.03. A full changelog is below.


The update list is long, but highlights in v1.03 include fixes for the earlier troublesome Throttle quadrant for Add-on hardware. This time the fixes are done, and with the added extra of a well designed Thrust reverser action, for the same add-on throttle systems.


Aircraft dynamics relating to early runway lifting has also been attended to, in fact TOC and TOD points have also had attention with a focus on the Knts/Mach transition, lots of attention for all VNAV, LNAV, PFD, MFD elements and the EFB Tablet are also well detailed, and goes a long way to giving the aircraft a maturity it deserves.


A few physical changes are done as well, Navigation rear lights are now white, and all Nav lights are 20% brighter, modeling Engine Pylon into flaps is fixed, as is the flap speeds. Sounds are focused on Cockpit and Cabin runway contact speeds, and all have been revised.


This is a very complex aircraft, programming the Primus "Epic" FMS, can take time, but gets far easier with familiarity and use, but X-Crafts have done a lot to make it a realistic, if also a provided a lot of "helper" options, but the important global save is still missing, and badly needed here. The non-connection to the Tiller is still there, and the lighting is still unusual in excellent night lighting, is in contradiction to the various daylight lighting being blanked out? an X-Plane 12 issue? The Guidance Panel is still impossible to see the daylight.


Every thing here with the E Jet Family from X-crafts comes down to price. The packages are set in the high quality category, a single aircraft version is priced only US$5 lower than the category leader the FlyJSim Q4XP, the full five aircraft package (the lineage coming later) is US$134.95, yes that is expensive. For the past purchaser of the X-Plane 11 v2 version, the new purchase still gets a 15% discount, if you upgrade later to the full package, then there is a 50% discount, the best deal is 15% off the full package if you are a previous owner, still a big investment, and one that runs the full life of the X-Plane 12 version.


The astounding quality of the aircraft here hits you in the face, this is "Top Notch" category that easily matches the class leader in FlyJSim's Q4XP Dash 8 aircraft, but there is also that "New Gen" feel of the quality and detail that gives this series the signal that it was created and designed for the future, or X-Plane 12, and it is not a conversion aircraft of the past. In truth this is the first (in this high-level category) of a pure X-Plane 12 release, and you see and feel it, and the E-Jets still feels very new and fresh after six months of release.


The E-Jet Family from X-Crafts is a standard bearer in quality and systems for the X-Plane 12 Simulator. These revisions and consistent updates are moving the aircraft very quickly to a mature standard. It's a brilliant in-depth Simulation, that shows off X-Plane 12 to it's ultimate best.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Embraer E-Jets Family v1.03 by X-Crafts is currently available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Embraer E-Jets by X-Crafts

Price per single aircraft is US$74.95


Embraer E170 by X-Crafts


Embraer E175 by X-Crafts


Embraer E190 by X-Crafts


Embraer E190 by X-Crafts


Purchasers of the E-Jet v2 (X-Plane 11) can get this new XP12 version with a 15% discount


Embraer E-Jets Family by X-Crafts

Price for the FULL E-Jet Package is US$134.95

Includes every E-Type | E170 | E175 | E190 | E195 Plus + Linaeage 1000 Private jet (When Released)

Purchasers of the E-Jet v2 (X-Plane 11) can get this new XP12 version package with a 15% discount


X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11
The first few initial updates will still be X-Plane 11 compatible, however, 6 months after the release, the X-Plane 11 version will be final and development will continue only on the X-Plane 12 version.
Windows, MAC or Linux - 
4 GB VRAM Minimum. 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current version: 1.03 (October 3rd 2023) Download via Skunkcraft Updater
Download (Package) installed is; 5.56GB.
The AviTab plugin is also required to use this aircraft, and it is deposited in your X-Plane Plugins folder.


Designed by X-Crafts



There is excellent full coverage documentation and built in checklists, including;

  • E-Jets Family by X-Crafts - User Manual


Changelog v1.01, v1.02 and v1.03

Version Notes v1.0.3.txt



Aircraft Review by Stephen Dutton

28th October 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications: 

Windows  - 12th Gen IS1700 Core i7 12700K 12 Core 3.60 GHz CPU - 64bit -32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133PNY GeForce RTX 3080 10GB XLR8 - Samsung 970 EVO+ 2TB SSD

Software:   - Windows 11 Pro - X-Plane Version 12.07r1

Plugins: JustFlight-Traffic (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$52.99 : Global SFD plugin US$30.00 :

Scenery or Aircraft

- LIMC - Milano Malpensa XP by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$29.95

- LGAV - FlyTampa - Athens (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$28.00


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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