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NEWS! - Aircraft Update: Embraer E-Jet Family to v1.0.3 by X-Crafts

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NEWS! - Aircraft Update: Embraer E-Jet Family to v1.0.3 by X-Crafts


News header _ Update v1.03_X-Craft E-Jet.jpg


Still currently one of the big new releases of the year 2023 for the X-Plane 12 Simulator, has been the X-Craft's Family range of Embraer E-Jets.


The release came with four family variants; E 170 - E 175 - E 190 - E 195, with the still to be released in the future E 190 Lineage Business Jet. (yes the same one Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin died in). The new series was a significant upgrade from the earlier X-Crafts E-Jet family that became the benchmark for all new X-Plane 12 aircraft, that version is still available for X-Plane 11.

Biggest change for X-Crafts was in the E-Jets change of price point, from the middle US$40 range to US$74.95, or all four variants US$134.95 as a package. But as the review found, the price increase was more than justified for the extreme higher quality and the even longer list of features.


A full release review was done by X-PlaneReviews; Aircraft Review : E-Jets Family by X-Crafts


The Embraer E-Jet family is a series of four-abreast, narrow-body, short- to medium-range, twin-engined jet airliners designed and produced by Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer. It's role is for regional hub and spoke, and inter city operations. 


Update v1.0.3

There was a follow up v1.0.2 update to the release in June 2023. But here is a substantial update to the E-Jet Family to v1.0.3.


Highlights include:

  1. Fixed all known Hardware Autothrottle issues
  2. Fixed most known VNAV descent issues & massively improved TOC/TOD placement and visualizations on the VSD
  3. Fixed all known CTDs
  4. Autopilot modes correctly react to disengaging, switching from FMS to LOC/VOR and many other possible scenarios
  5. Although the FMS was already very stable, we managed to fix many minor bugs and discrepancies
  6. Many avionics improvements and corrections
  7. Flight models modified for X-Plane 12 to prevent early rotation on takeoff
  8. Improved winglex on all variants
  9. Improved lights in X-Plane 12
  10. Improved sounds!


Notable is the fixed Throttles, now they do work as expected and individually, the wingflex and lightingh as also improved as well. Finally there are better sounds for various areas. Still not working is the movement of the Tiller to any Hardware use?


Full v1.0.3 Release Notes  

    •    Changed Throttle Retarding detection method to prevent previous hardware issues. Replaced Speedbrakes joystick axis reference and remove inhibition if speed brake axis use is detected.
    •    Command tooltips for the X-Plane Joystick menu revised to improve clarity
    •    Added subsequent TOD indications on the VSD for any level-offs in STARs +  PTH should now always resume descent after level off in the descent Fixed: VNAV not engaging if AP not selected before 1200ft AGL
    •    Improved TOD precision
    •    Implemented correct TOC/TOD visualizations for most possible flight plans (there  are many weird once we had to account for!)
    •    Fixed: Route waypoint altitudes do not conform to climb or descent altitude profiles when before TOC or after TOD.
    •    Fixed: Incorrect change from KTS to MACH at 30900ft [TEST: Confirm that the units always change correctly when crossing ~30900ft, and also that they do not change if you were already in the correct units, eg, if you were in kts above 30900ft, it should stay in kts]
    •    Fixed: If LNAV is deactivated, VNAV must switch to the associated manual mode. FPA now correctly syncs with the current flight path angle when the FPA button is pressed
    •    LNAV and VNAV will not disconnect if you disengage AP anymore
    •    Vertical modes are correctly updated when FD is toggled off. Fixed: The user is not able to set the VS or other AP modes while on the ground
    •    Added commands for changing the speed up and down by 1 or 10kts so that users can set it up on their hardware.
    •    The flight Model was modified to prevent early rotation on takeoff in XP12
    •    Decreased the idle N1 slightly for the XP11 variants
    •    Flap extension times were reduced after evaluating some real-world videos. Flap 1 now takes 15 sec to extend instead of 20 seconds.
    •    Fixed strange sharp edges around the buttons on the Guidance Panel and on the Minimums and FPA knobs
    •    Prevented the minimums manipulators to be manipulated by click and hold, because it resulted in values that were not 5 or 0, which was incorrect.
    •    Fixed: The Speed tape would jump to 420kts while the plane is stationary with strong winds.
    •    RETD Annunciator added again (Engages on landing when AT disengages). RETD ARMED is still pending
    •    The Magenta Diamond for VNAV vertical deviation will no longer appear after landing
    •    Fixed: BARO Minimums readout box was invisible when RA Minimums are at 0
    •    Fixed FPA cyan lines being visible after changing to PTH
    •    Removed AP engaged flasher, as there is no flashed on the real plane.
    •    AT Disconnect Flashing annunciator corrected color from red to green
    •    Improved navigation between different MFD pages and dropdowns
    •    Fixed: When the APU is running and the APU valve is then closed, the APU valve stays open on the Anti Ice page, but closes correctly on the ECS page
    •    Fixed incorrect occurrence of the ENG TLA NOT TOGA CAS message. It is now only visible if AT is armed, and you are going faster than 60kts. If you see this message, push the throttles fully forward on takeoff which will engage the AutoThrottle
    •    Use the ICAO code instead of the identifier to search airports. This should fix some airports not being found on the EFB [NOTE]: If this still happens to you, please quit X-Plane, then navigate to …\X-Plane\Output\caches\xcrafts, and delete the airports.db folder. It will be recreated automatically next time you start X-Plane. This should resolve this issue
    •    Fix bug in touch drag detection
    •    Extra characters lingering from previous waypoint ID's on the MFD Progress bar
    •    East and West were swapped on the PILOT WAYPOINT pages
    •    Fixed RTE page - navigating back to RTE during some MOD conditions would show the departure airport as series of blue squares.  Airports now have their own MOD status to keep things correctly displayed if they are being edited.  Also found some other page navigation and MOD status quirks that needed fixing as well.
    •    Fixed Mach display for TOC/TOD modified ROUTE waypoints on the FPLAN pages as well as corrected the display format for all waypoints whose speed is displayed in Mach units anywhere in the plugin.  The correct format is .nnM as verified with FMS training software.
    •    Added climb (CLB) and descent (DES) data for TOC/TOD modified ROUTE waypoints on the FPLAN pages.
    •    Fixed wrong runway on FPLAN missed approach page 1.
    •    Fixed next waypoint and ETA not updating correctly on MFD.
    •    Fixed indication of cruise Mach on FPLAN page 1, row 1
    •    Fixed - overlapping indications of other vertical modes when PTH is engaged at TOD.
    •    Fixed - VAP airspeed entry should be cyan, not magenta.
    •    Updated our navaid finder to prevent TACAN's from being rejected as a procedure waypoint
    •    Fixed FMS filenames truncated on Linux
    •    Fixed MFD Waypoint time / Clock Disagreement
    •    Zulu time is correctly displayed on the PROGRESS page
    •    Fix transponder readout to permit leading zeros for single-digit values like "0003"
    •    STARTER switches and EMERG LT will now be in the correct OFF position in a cold & dark state. Fixed: Mysterious CTDs when loading the plane for some users
    •    Revised logging.
    •    Fixed: Engine Covers are not displayed in XP12, but they work fine in XP11
    •    Fixed back nav lights on the extended winglets of the E175. They were red, but are now white as they should be
    •    Fixed back nav lights on the E190/E195 not being visible. They were tied to the strobe lights, not the nav lights.
    •    Increased the overall intensity of all nav lights by 20%
    •    Adjusted the intensity of the strobe lights to match real values
    •    The back NAV and Strobe lights now shine on the winglets as on the real planes.
    •    Fixed the E190/E195 engine pylon going through the flap when the flaps were extended
    •    Improved winglex on all variants. The wings now bend higher on takeoff, as lift increases. Please note that due to a bug in X-Plane, the lift forces are not effective in Replay mode, so the winglex in replay mode will not look exactly as it does in real-time. This was reported to Laminar Research.
    •    Moved the engine cones for the E170 and E175 a bit closer to the engines, so that they do not intersect with the Simple Ground Service vehicles
    •    Added cabin mains ground contact.
    •    Added cabin nose ground contact.
    •    Replaced cockpit mains ground contact.
    •    Added cockpit nose ground contact.
    •    Added "autobrake" aural.
    •    Installed additional insulation under the floor near the wing root.  This has muffled the rather noisy electric hydraulic pump by about 6dB and brought the pitch down slightly.
    •    Fixed interior electric hydraulic pump shutdown, wasn't playing properly.
    •    Verified that all instances of the "langing gear" typo have been corrected to "landing gear".


E195 Flight_Flight_Route 11.jpgE195 Flight_Flight_Route_1.jpgE195 Flight_Flight_Route_2.jpgE195 Flight_Flight_Route_3.jpg


E195 -Cockpit 17.jpgE195 -Cockpit 18.jpgE195 -Cockpit 19.jpgE195 -Cockpit 20.jpg


E195 -Cabin 1.jpgE195 -Cabin 2.jpgE195 -Cabin 5.jpgE195 -Cabin 6.jpg


You have several options to update the E-Jet Family aircraft...

Option 1: Use the Skunkcrafts Updater

  • If you have v1.0.2 installed, you can use the SkunkCrafts updater. If you have v1.0.0, then please redownload the new version from the store as the updater may not work.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the new standalone updater can be found here.

Option 2: Redownload from the store

  • This option guarantees a “factory reset”, so you can be sure that the add-on will work correctly.
  • Detailed instructions can be found here.


I recommend the second option and download a complete clean version from the X-PlaneOrgStore


The X-Crafts E-Jet Family is future of X-Plane 12 aircraft, another new level and a step forward for the simulator into that high quality class.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Embraer E-Jets Family v1.03 by X-Crafts is currently available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Embraer E-Jets by X-Crafts

Price per single aircraft is US$74.95


Embraer E170 by X-Crafts


Embraer E175 by X-Crafts


Embraer E190 by X-Crafts


Embraer E190 by X-Crafts

Purchasers of the E-Jet v2 (X-Plane 11) can get this new XP12 version with a 15% discount


Embraer E-Jets Family by X-Crafts

Price for the FULL E-Jet Package is US$134.95

Includes every E-Type | E170 | E175 | E190 | E195 Plus + Linaeage 1000 Private jet (When Released)

Purchasers of the E-Jet v2 (X-Plane 11) can get this new XP12 version package with a 15% discount


X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11
The first few initial updates will still be X-Plane 11 compatible, however, 6 months after the release, the X-Plane 11 version will be final and development will continue only on the X-Plane 12 version.
Windows, MAC or Linux - 
4 GB VRAM Minimum. 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current version: 1.03 (Oct 4th 2023)

NEWS! by Stephen Dutton

5th October 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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