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NEWS! - Navigraph introduce Flight Telemetry, ATIS, OFP to Charts

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NEWS! - Navigraph introduce Flight Telemetry, ATIS, OFP to Charts


Navigraph Charts 8.28 NEWS! Header.jpg


Navigraph has again done an significant update to their subscription charts application. This is version 8.29.0. Three new features have been added in with; Flight Telemetry, ATIS, OFP. These features integrates Navigraph’s Charts product even more with the very popular SimBrief application, after being acquired by Navigraph in 2021.


Flight Telemetry

First is Flight Telemetry. This new feature will provide live "Telemetry" from the flying aircraft in the chart. Selected from the horizontal main menu banner, it shows you twenty five different parameters/metrics of the aircraft in a strip lower MAP including such as airspeed, altitude, ground speed, estimated time to destination, and much more. Selecting one of the options will bring up the menu to add or delete a parameter. Another way is to use or edit the list, is to use the "ADD METRIC+" tag at the right of the list.


Charts 8.28_1.jpgCharts 8.28_2.jpgCharts 8.28_11.jpg


It's really good, but I didn't get every parameter required? Missing was my Indicated Altitude, Rate of Turn and Transponder data, although all were active? But being able to edit the list, allows you to set only the parameters that you need.



Operational Flight Plans (OFP) from SimBrief are now available in Navigraph Charts as well. Under "Flights" is a new button "View Simbrief OFP" to select the currently generated SimBrief Briefing OFP...  which is then shown in Charts.


Charts 8.28_4.jpg


More options include selecting "Maps" to see the Simbrief generated maps, including wind information.


Charts 8.28_7.jpgCharts 8.28_8.jpg


And you can even save the current generated Briefing (OFP) to a .pdf, to view or printout from within Charts. This aspect was great with my iPad(OS) and even on my iPhone, to scroll down through the briefing without going to the computer...  just really good.  


Charts 8.28_5.jpgCharts 8.28_9.jpg



Final new feature is to view the Automatic Terminal Information Service or ATIS also from within Charts... Note that ATIS will not work everywhere? Mostly just in the United States.


Select Airport/Weather and you can have ATIS information in four options; Real, IVAO, PilotEdge and VATSIM


Charts 8.28_10.jpg


It also shows Departing and Arrival Runways (very handy), Message (current Information) and Designator ( (ICAO identifying code).


You just wonder of where our Norwegian freinds keep coming up with the ideas, this is now a very significant tool/package for chart use. It works with the Charts IOS and iPadOS applications as well.


Just so brilliant... at only a slight cost per month.





Yes! Navigraph v8.28.0 is now Available via Subscription, or if you already have a Navigraph account, then just update to the latest v8.28.0



Subscription only on a monthly or yearly basis or EUR 9.05 / mo or EUR 81.64 / year



Download applications are available for both Windows and Mac. SimLink is also available for download and is inserted into your X-Plane Plugins folder....  Internet connection is required for this application.


SimBrief is now also intergrated into the Navigraph application, get it here: SimBrief


Navigraph Charts Review version v8.28.0



Application NEWS! by Stephen Dutton 

8th September 2023

Copyright©2023 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

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