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Aircraft Update Review : ToliSS Airbus A319-112 v1.9 X-Plane 12


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A319 XP12_v1_9_Header.jpg


Aircraft Update Review : ToliSS Airbus A319-112 v1.9 X-Plane 12


It is a remarkable journey. One that X-Plane users have been on now for five years. In February 2018 ToLiSS released their first aircraft for X-Plane 11, this release was the Airbus A319-112, or the "Baby Bus" as it is sometimes called, even though there is the smaller A318.


Initially the ToLiss was created in the focus of about the system depth and the deep immersion of Airbus flight laws. The rest, noted at the time as "Eye Candy", or animated features were not even on the table, other aspects of the time was the average modeling, again not as important as the software side of the machine. Don't get me wrong it was good for the period, light years better than any other Airbus in the X-Plane Simulator...  but it was overall compromised. You can check the original release review here; Aircraft Review : ToLiSS319 (A319-122) by ToLiSS


With every later release from ToLiSS, first with the A321, then the spectacular A340-600, and earlier this year with the A320-271N NEO. ToLiSS has introduced a lot of new features, plus the "Eye Candy" side has now not been forgotten either, in fact these aircraft are now what you call "Feature Heavy", really heavy, and many of the features are unique as they are highly usable for Simulation users.


Throughout this process the earlier A319 has soldiered on, always getting the same new features and updates, eventually also crossing over to X-Plane 12 earlier this year (2023). Notable was that you had an update to fly the A319 when XP12 was released as a beta, but not to the full conversion to X-Plane 12. I was surprised that I actually haven't done a update/upgrade review on the aircraft for quite a few years, although it was always well mentioned thoughout the ongoing period, and with all the updated changes... So it was time to do that as ToliSS brings the A319 aircraft up to the latest spec in v1.9, the same level as the newer A320-27N NEO.


To note...  the ToLiSS A321 has also now been updated to it's own version of V1.6. importantly the same detail and the new features are exactly the same as described here, so you can cross-reference the same on the two aircraft.


A319 - v1.9_Head 1.jpg


What was known as sheen in X-Plane 11 is almost laughable now in X-Plane 12. The lighting engine is totally different, as are all the reflective textures, looking back you could now even call it dull, but they were quite alright for the time.


A319 - v1.9_Head 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 3.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 6.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 4.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 5.jpg


Now the A319 sits in the sunshine, and you can feel and see that X-Plane 12 3d effect, realism they call it...    it looks simply magnificent.


In the air, you get the same effect, the X-Plane 11 feel and look is now long gone, this is X-Plane 12. Note if you still have the earlier XP11 version, the upgrade to X-Plane 12 is only US$10, a steal for the ongoing updates and service for the whole of the X-Plane 12 run, plus you get all this...


A319 - v1.9_Head 7.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 8.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 9.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 10.jpgA319 - v1.9_Head 11.jpg


First though let us look at your engine options available in the package as there are now three; (Top) CFM56-5B6, (middle) CFM56-5B7 and (bottom) the IAE 2524-A5. Both CFM56-5B's look the same, but they are quite different between the 5B6 and the 5B7 variants. The 5B6 is rated at 23,500 lbf (100 kN), however the 5B7 is uprated to 27,000 lbf (120 kN) for use in higher altitudes, say mountainous areas and high altitude airports like say Mexico City. The IAE 2524-A5 is rated at 23,040 lbf (102.48 kN), or just with a little more power than the 5B6.


A319 - v1.9_CFM56-5B6.jpgA319 - v1.9_CFM56-5B7.jpgA319 - v1.9_IAE 2524-A5.jpg


There is no NEO engine option from ToLiSS for the A319, in the real world only 12 airframes have been delivered, and all to mostly Chinese carriers. So that modern engine variant is not going to come to the airframe.


Version v1.8 (6th Jan 2023)

Changes to the earlier v1.8 (or X-Plane 12 version) were mostly related to the same...  With new adapted cockpit and cabin lighting to XP12, EFB TO performance calculator for detailed TO performance calculation considering Anti Ice, Packs, EFB LDG performance calculator including METAR retrieval (X-plane 11 and X-plane 12 built-in weather) for user-selectable airport, EFB interactive checklist page with user-customizable checklists via xml files. The EFB features are shown here; (Click on images for a larger size)


A319 - v1.9_EFB 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_EFB 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_EFB 3.jpg


Also you had CPDLC integration based on the Hoppie network and AOC functions for Pre-departure clearance and ATIS/METAR/TAF requests in the Hoppie network.


A319 - v1.9_CPDLC 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_CPDLC 2.jpg


The CPDLC system does actually work in the ToLiSS aircraft, but used mainly for On-Line Flying. You require a "Hoppie ID" to use it and to access the ACARS function (Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System). Final change in v1.8 was to the X-Plane 12 flight dynamics and physics, plus the better XP12 De-Icing system.


Version v1.9

Which brings us to this update in v1.9.


First are the new cockpit textures, more an Airbus Blue now than the former Airbus Blue-Green tinge...


A319 - v1.9_Features 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_Features 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_Features 3.jpgA319 - v1.9_Features 4.jpg


...  all new of course and with a nice X-Plane 12 sheen, same now as the A320neo style (in colour), but still has that early A319 feel rather than the current feel. But now light years away from the original release look and feel to the cockpit...  quality, yes a lot of that as well. Notable is that the startup sequence in simulating MCDU, FWC and FMGS startup times have all been refined, to be more authentic.


The big surprise since the earlier version are now your toys (animations)... Who would have thought that you could do this in a ToLiSS...  open windows!


A319 - v1.9_Features 5.jpgA319 - v1.9_Features 6.jpg


Powered chairs, with (both) folding armrests, and the chairs also go back and sideways!


A319 - v1.9_Features 7.jpgA319 - v1.9_Features 10.jpg


A tray work table! Yes I can't believe it either...


A319 - v1.9_Features 8.jpgA319 - v1.9_Features 9.jpg


...  and working blinds.


A319 - v1.9_Features 11.jpg


Also there is also the function to now print out CPDLC messages and weather reports.


A320neo - ACARS Print 2.jpgA320neo - ACARS Print 1.jpg


Introduced on the A320neo was one of the biggest changes to ToLiSS interaction for years. The main ISCS or "Interactive Simulation Control System" or menus tool was changed from the earlier Green to the new shades of Blue design....  it's now also scalable as well.


A319 - v1.9_ISCS 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS 3.jpg


There are the same seven ISCS tabs available covering: Situations A/C Config, Loading Perfo, Ground Services, Faults Scenerios, Addons, Sound/Actions, Joystick and the General Settings Actions. I'm not going to go through the full detail of the ISCS here, if you want that ISCS detail, then it is already fully noted in the A320-271N NEO review...  However I will note the highlights and changes relating to v1.9.


Situations A/C Config tab has that extraordinary "LOAD/SAVE" feature, I not going to squawk my infatuation with this feature, in my opinion it is the overall best feature in X-Plane bar none, because it works and works so well in saving and recovering situations saved, even with background auto-saving. A statement on how ToLiSS is number one in clever ideas that translate to making your simulation life far better.


A319 - v1.9_ISCS 4.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS 5.jpg


On the same tab is the ENGINE TYPE selection...  all three types are available here IAE 2524, CFM56-5B6 and CFM56-5B7, and the AUTO option set to a certain Airline or livery.


Loading Perfo tab is setting up the A319. Clever (again) is the cross-referencing from SIMBRIEF for Payload, Weight and Fuel settings, Takeoff References and Takeoff trim. And the values can be inserted directly into the MCDU


A319 - v1.9_ISCS 6.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS 7.jpg


Ground Services tab also has the new additions, introduced on the A320neo. The De-Icing tool, Instant or to use the excellent animated De-Icing trucks.

Animated De-icers spray first the main wings and the control surfaces, then move to the tail to do the rear control surfaces and even the rudder, beautifully animated, and now here we have a secondary spray procedure. The brown spray is heated a glycol-water solution, followed by propylene glycol (green) and will remain on the wings as a gel-like substance to prevent further ice accumulation while on the ground and taxing, it takes longer to cover the aircraft, but it is brilliant and very well done feature.


A319 - v1.9_ISCS DeIce 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS DeIce 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS DeIce 3.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS DeIce 4.jpg


On the A320neo you were introduced to Catering Trucks, on doors 1R and 2R, DOORS (all have to be set to OPEN for them to work). Also Baggage carts for both FWD and AFT Cargo hatches. But now there are also added Stairs for Doors 1L and rear 2L. Still no physical GPU though.


A319 - v1.9_ISCS Services 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS Services 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS Services 3.jpg


The same ground extras and new De-Icing spray were updated to the A320neo a week ago, as to the latest update of the A321.


C/B's (Circuit Breakers/Fuses) have also had attention with 24 new C/Bs bringing the total to 161 functional C/Bs across three panels, pull a breaker and it shows on the detailed ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor). There are 70 new ECAM messages covering new computer faults such as dual FWC or dual SDAC faults, anti ice system faults, new engine faults, and the Oil temperature indication on ECAM also now changes according to logic specific for the given engine type.


A319 - v1.9_CB 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_CB 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_CB 3.jpgA319 - v1.9_CB 4.jpg


Fault scenarios has been Increased in the number of possible simultaneous faults to 20. With added “resettable failures” to the failure system as well as new failure modes, there is now a total of more than 210 failure modes you can simulate, so a fully comprehensive failure system. Sound/Addon Accounts...  The SIMBRIEF and HOPPIE CPDLC accounts are now also on the Sound/Accounts page


A319 - v1.9_ISCS Services 4.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS Services 5.jpgA320neo - ISCS 12.jpg


Both Joystick Actions and General Settings are pretty much the same as the earlier (green) ISCS pages, ToLiSS aircraft are still the most configurable aircraft in X-Plane, certainly for home cockpit users and for addon joystick/throttle systems.


A319 - v1.9_ISCS 8.jpgA319 - v1.9_ISCS 9.jpg


Lighting has been more refined for X-Plane 12, even the downlights are better, but the focus in this update was better lighting on the console.


A319 - v1.9_Lighting 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 3.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 4.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 5.jpg


Cabin lighting is very bright, but good, thankfully you can tone it down between (0 Off and 10 Bright), so you can also find the right ambience that suits you...


A319 - v1.9_Lighting 6.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 7.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 8.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 9.jpgA319 - v1.9_Lighting 10.jpg


The cabin doesn't feel old or dated either, feels very up to date considering it's age.


Couple of points externally that is worth mentioning, is first the higher resolution on the tyres, not always perfectly round in the past, but the edges have now been cleaned up for a better looking tyre and rim...  far, far better now than the earlier slabside look.


A319 - v1.9_Tyres 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_Tyres 2.jpg


Second there are now two pilots in the cockpit, not the default Laminar people either, but custom made.


A319 - v1.9_Pilots 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_Pilots 2.jpg



EDDL (Düsseldorf) to EGPH (Edinburgh)

When the ToliSS A319 was introduced back in early 2018. It wasn't the exceptional Airbus laws and protections, or even the flight management systems that were overriding in their complexity and feel. But actually when you turned the auto systems off and just flew the aircraft "Fly by Wire", or normal law in Airbus speak, the one area you have manual control. The A319 felt so alive to me, it was at the time a simple jump in airports, but on approach manually into Schiphol 36R that I had a smile wide on my face... I never forgot that moment, it was a leap forward in feel for a heavy aircraft, in your control for the X-Plane Simulator. So the aircraft has strong reminiscence whenever I fly it.


That aircraft was also now five years ago... the changes in here have been very significant, the features and systems detail has probably doubled, but at it's core it is still that great "Baby Bus", that can do a short haul route quickly and efficiently.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 1.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 2.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 3.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 4.jpg


But the earlier A319 is also quite different in it's X-Plane 12 guise, looks different, not so basic. Services around the aircraft, cockpit feel and even the look is different, and (laughs) you can also now adjust your seat and fold away the armrest, the tablet EFB is there as well. The quality feel now is not only visible externally, but also all around you in the detail.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 5.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 6.jpg


It is extraordinary how far we have come in systems detail in a decade, or even from the first A320 from QPAC for the X-Plane simulator. The Airbus is a strange beast, on the top layer is is an easy aircraft to set up and fly, but underneath everything in here is highly detailed and complex...  so you have both worlds. ToLiSS has been able to transfer this aspect to their aircraft with great skill...


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 7.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 8.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 9.jpg


...   so every procedure in the ToLiSS is very, very authentic to the Airbus philosophy... the aircraft is noted as "Study" and is an official Airbus sanctioned product, a high standard moniker that is high to achieve. So it is good, brilliantly good.


So the startup procedure is perfect, as are the sounds by Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) included for all the different engine types. Notable as well there are a few custom sound packs available as well for the A319, the best of course is by Blue Sky Star Simulations, not cheap, but well worth the investment.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 10.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 11.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 12.jpg


So the question remains "Can anyone fly the A319?" well actually yes they can, as the Aircraft is very easy to set up and fly in say "Auto" mode, just like the real Airbus. But here the question get a little complicated...  to get the very best out of this ToLiSS A319 (In fact any of the A/319/A320/A321 series) is that to learn and understand what is going on behind all those cautions (warnings) and system comments can deeply enhance the simulation. I'm very well versed in these aircraft, but even I can learn something, fly it better, do it better each flight.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 13.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 14.jpg


But also I will be honest, being reviewer you wrestle a lot with aircraft, certainly the buggy ones, half completed builds... so always stepping back into the ToLiSS airbus is a sense of relief, everything works, everything is calmer (because it does what it actually should DO). There are so many helper features here, in setting up the aircraft (SIMBRIEF) and those golden timesavers in "SAVES"... it is just all so good.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 15.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 16.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 17.jpg


Importantly the earlier compromises have mostly all been attended to. Like the modeling, "Eye Candy" stuff, but not to the detriment of anything else, actually as we have seen with this update review, so much more has been refined, added to in here are eighteen changes and details in the bug fixes alone, most of it behind the scene, in MCDU/Navigation touches and FBW refinements (all are in the provided changelog).


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 18.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 19.jpg


55 min from the words "Clock Running" and I'm already off the coast of England at Sunderland, time to descend... flight LH244 has gone too quick.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 20.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 21.jpg


Into TLA6D STAR approach, Edinburgh is now only 24 Nm in the distance...


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 22.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 23.jpg


I'm very tempted to revert to a manual landing...


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 24.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 25.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 26.jpg


With the great information of LDG PERF on the EFB, and my PERF Landing references, I decide to do a full auto landing, its a tricky approach in with a very tight turn to finals into Runway 24, and right under the start of the ILS beams at D.9 (ITH) approach. The Forth Bridges now loom in the windshield, yes this is the Edinburgh approach I know.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 27.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 28.jpg


Retuned in v1.9 is the pitch movement balance with extended flaps, so it feels that more steady in the approach phase, then the capture of the ILS (108.90 ITH) at D.4...  perfect, yes I'm smiling again...  As a party trick I have done a save at the point of starting the approach, so if I want to do this perfectly again (the landing that is) I can, or I can practise the approach as many times as I want to, and yes even do a manual approach next time...  genius.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 29.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 30.jpg

A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 31.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 32.jpg


Over the boundary wall at 140 knts, full flap, and I let the "Autoland" do it's stuff...


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 33.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 34.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 35.jpg


Into the (auto) Flare and "Retard, Retard" the throttles, then once touched to the runway, I pull up the reversers...  easy, but you still need to know what your doing....


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 36.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 37.jpg


...   that is the point in flying this (or these A319/A320neo/A321) aircraft, you can fly the procedures down to the line, but know the system depth behind the instrument panel is very deep, same with the Normal law with alternate law 1, alternate law 2, direct law and mechanical law.... all laws are hidden but you are using them all the time, on the ground and in the air. To have such immense detail in your hands, shows the serious depth of simulation today, like I have already mentioned, we have come a long way, the real, all to your desktop.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 38.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 43.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 39.jpg


Service complete and you already want to turn around and go back to Düsseldorf.


A319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 40.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 41.jpgA319 - v1.9_EDDL to EGPH 42.jpg


ToLiSS's journey has been quite a remarkable one, and the update release of their A319 shows you how far and how big that journey has been. This A319 is actually a very different aircraft in it's X-Plane 12 guise as mentioned, but the spirit of the original A319 from five years ago is in there as well, efficient, that is what Airbus is all about, but it doesn't mean it has to be cold, as found the A319 very warm and inviting to fly, in some ways it was like coming home, but to a bigger and far better home in X-Plane 12.



There are only two liveries with the package; Airbus House Modern, and Airbus Prototype. But there are extensive quality liveries available here.


A319 - v1.9_Airbus House Modern.jpgA319 - v1.9_Airbus House Original.jpg



In February 2018 ToLiSS released their first aircraft for X-Plane 11, this release was the Airbus A319-112, or the "Baby Bus" as it is sometimes called.


Initially earlier the ToLiss was created in the focus of about the system depth and the deep immersion of Airbus flight laws. The rest, noted at the time as "Eye Candy", or animated features were not even on the table. That was five years ago, and here we have the second update for the A319 for X-Plane 12 (you can't really count the "Fly in" X-Plane 12 release in the early beta). In January ToLiSS did an update v1.8 to cover the basic aspects of X-Plane 12 for the aircraft...   with adapted cockpit and cabin lighting to XP12, EFB performance calculator with TO/LANDING performance calculators , CPDLC system "Hoppie", plus a better XP12 De-Icing system. There was some initial X-Plane 12 flight dynamic tuning, but only on the basics.


This v1.9 update reflects the release of the new Airbus A320neo and its new features and details, but even goes a little more. New cockpit textures, animations with opening windows, moveable seats and armrests, worktrays, blinds. New style ISCS menu (now blue) and scalable, ground services with excellent animated De-Icing, Catering trucks, front and rear Stairs, Baggage Carts... but oddly still no external GPU?


Better (more rounded) tyres and custom in cockpit pilots also help out with the realism. The SIMBRIEF interaction (ID required) and that exceptional "SAVE" feature are already the best in the X-Plane Simulator. Plus the hugely substantial system depth is again enhanced with more C/B (Circuit Breakers) and ECAM cautions, and 20 more fault failures and 210 failure modes. Lighting has had another readjustment internally with a focus on the centre console, externally the A319 lighting was updated in v1.8.


The Journey of the ToLiSS A319-112 has been also the story of their incredibly rise to being one of the very best developers in X-Plane, maybe the overall best Airbus developers in Simulation as a whole. The aircraft here in v1.9 reflects its current modernity, totally updated in it's X-Plane 12 role as are the whole balance of the ToLiSS Airbus fleet, so the "Baby Bus" has not been left wanting, or certainly it is not at all dated in this competitive environment, but encompasses the detail and the quality required today to be at the very top of aircraft experiences, from an excellent developer...  you always wanted the very best, if you want an Airbus, then here it is...   and totally X-Plane 12 ready.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


ToLiSS A319-122 v1.9 is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Airbus A319 XP12 by Toliss

Price is US$89.99


To upgrade from the X-Plane 11 A319 version, it is only US$10, just go to your X-Plane.Org Account to get the upgrade voucher.



X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11
Windows, Mac or Linux 
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Not for commercial use. For any commercial use enquiries, please contact [email protected]
Current version : 1.9 (July 10th 2023)
Download of the Airbus A319 is 804.34mb and it is installed in your Airliner Folder as a 1.01Gb  folder. On start up you will have an activation screen presented to enter your Serial Number (Key), and then press the "Activate" bar to authorise the aircraft. I recommend to restart the aircraft from your desktop to realign all your plugins and load the aircraft cleanly.
A320neo - Activation.jpg
There is extensive full instructions on how to set up the aircraft to your X-Plane settings (commands) and addons (Joysticks/Throttles) and other 3rd Party items in the ToLiSS A319 1.6.4_SimulationManual.
There are Three Manuals Included with the package. All are extensive and well laid out with great details
  • Simulation manual : Describes installation, and setup of the model as well as usage of the “Interactive Simulation Control System”.
  • Tutorial flight, which provides a step-by-step description of a complete flight from cold & dark to aircraft shut-down after landing. This is the best manual to learn flying the aircraft.
  • Aircraft manual, which is primarily intended as a reference after the tutorial has been completed. It provides a reference for standard operating procedures, as well as a more in- depth look into the different systems of the aircraft.


Extra Airbus system information is highly recommended and SMARTCOCKPIT is a great place to start.


v1.9 changelog

A319 v1.9 changelog .rtf



Aircraft Update Review by Stephen Dutton

15th July 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications: 

Windows  - 12th Gen IS1700 Core i7 12700K 12 Core 3.60 GHz CPU - 64bit -32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133PNY GeForce RTX 3080 10GB XLR8 - Samsung 970 EVO+ 2TB SSD

Software:   - Windows 11 Pro - X-Plane Version 12.05r1

Plugins: JustFlight-Traffic (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$52.99 : Global SFD plugin US$30.00 : RK Apps XPRealistic v2 - US$34.99

Scenery or Aircraft

- EDDL - Airport Dusseldorf by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$27.53

- EGPH - Edinburgh Airport by Orbx


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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