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Aircraft Update Review : Gulfstream 550 v1.10 by AKD Studio

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GLF550_AKD_V110 - Header.jpg


Aircraft Update Review : Gulfstream 550 v1.10 by AKD Studio


Since it's release back 28th October 2022 there has been 10 (including this one) updates to the AKD Studio Gulfstream 550, obviously four months and with 10 updates in that time period, it shows the huge amount of the development that has changed on the aircraft in those few months, a lot obviously, and the changelogs are long. I'm not going to note all the fixes here in this update review, but only the ones that are significant.


I really liked the aircraft on it's release, but the G550 did however feel a little bit under developed, it is a new developer to the X-Plane platform as well in AKD Studio's so there is a lot to learn and refine, but the above changelogs shows the improvements are going in there and very quickly...  Release review; Aircraft Review : Gulfstream 550 by AKD Studio


GLF550_AKD - v110_Head 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 2.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 3.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 4.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 5.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 6.jpg


After four months both the Gulfstream 550 and X-Plane 12 feel far better than they did back in October...  as together they have both matured nicely.


Externally there have been small changes, however not still on the front windscreen surround, as they are still missing the screws? but the side windows now show the glass reflections, and not a hollow hole, so the fuselage as a whole feels far better (the cabin windows here on the G550 are really big).


GLF550_AKD - v110_Head 7.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 8.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 9.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 10.jpg


Cabin window blinds/shades were added in v1.04, very nice.


Biggest change in v1.10, is the addition of a cargo hold area, this is on a revised menu "Ground Handling" page noting now an opening rear door, set below the Main Door operation.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 2.jpg


GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 3.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 4.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 5.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 8.jpg


Access can also be through the rear bathroom (new door) to the very well done cargo bay, I like the wire protected lights, a nice touch...  you can also open and close the cargo hatch manually from the inside.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 6.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 7.jpg


More new features in v1.10 include both an AC and DC GPU's (Ground Power Units), and they are both well done, both available on the Ground Handling page.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 11.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 10.jpg


The "Fuel" or loading page has been upgraded as well. You can set your fuel load by the + or -, but also by scrolling on the REQ TOTAL to add in or off load fuel...   When pressing SET you get now a well modeled tanker outside.


              GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 12.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 13.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 14.jpg


You can also set the cargo weight (both Kgs and Lbs are available), and finally your Passenger load of up to 16 Passengers, weights are adjusted to the loading parameters. Pressing BOARDING, will activate a Tesla Car (It takes ages to turn up) and proceeds to deliver passengers and luggage to the aircraft...  when done it goes away, to unload passengers you press the selection "Take Passengers to Terminal".


GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 15.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 16.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 17.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 18.jpg


If you had read the release review, we have seen this Tesla before, but at the totally wrong scale. It is now the right scale, but in reality it is all still a bit odd isn't it...  I mean how would you get 16 passengers into a 5 seater Tesla? A Mercedes Bus would have been a better idea, the Tesla doesn't feel finished either?  The Fuel truck has an annoying foible as well, it appears simply out of nowhere, then suddenly disappears again when the aircraft is refueled, so there is no animation to the jet or in leaving? Static Elements can now also be selected to appear on startup. Other external notes include... wheels now actually touch the ground!


In v1.04 the internal lighting had an overhaul. There are sixteen individual sets of lights around the huge cabin, these can be all switched on or off manually at each light, or on the selections of the CABIN LIGHTS Menu page...


GLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 19.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Menu 20.jpg


Thankfully you can "Turn on all Lights", and do the same to turn them all off again...


GLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 2.jpg


And very nice it all is in the cabin...  there is a secondary lighting page that covers three areas, rear Bathroom and each side downwash lights...  This gives you a more softer cabin feel, and lights up separately the bathroom.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 6.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 3.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 4.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 5.jpg


It does also help lighting up the galley area which was extremely dark before, and sort of the entrance, which I complained about in the release review. Oddly the Red on to the Green off selections are the opposite of the cabin lighting commands?


Lighting is better, but it still doesn't quite all work? as separate galley and baggage area lighting is what is really required here, and you still some entrance lighting missing... the stairs have the inbuilt lighting elements shown, but it doesn't work... as light bleed into the cockpit with no door is a problem?


GLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 7.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 8.jpg


External lighting was upgraded in v1.05. It is very good, if the main landing lights a bit over bright? There are Navigation, Strobe, Beacon (belly), Ice/Wing and wheelwell lights..  the tail light is too dull to be effective.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Head 13.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 14.jpg


Cockpit lighting is good, and it comes with a lot of adjustments, with glareshield dropdown lighting, yoke, overhead and side panel lighting.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 9.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 12.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 13.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 10.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Lighting 11.jpg


The only thing I didn't like, was that I couldn't dial out the footwell lighting...  this made bright reflections upwards on to the instrument displays, so an all dark cockpit was not possible.


While we are still in the cabin, the window frames are still quite average and they come with nasty gaping holes and badly fitted cabin (glass) windows. Yes while flying you do have to look through these badly made windows and I'm not in liking the view!...  however the "Time to Destination" has been added to the Cabin Display.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Head 11.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Head 12.jpg


Don't get me wrong here, the lighting is now very good, but still needs more refinement to be effective, or totally realistic.



The HUD (Head Up Display) now works...  just touch it to drop it down. You have to adjust it, as the form and lettering is too thick and that is done via the knob above, it works, but it's not the best available, it also still feels like a WIP.


GLF550_AKD - v110_HUD 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_HUD 2.jpg


"Banana" indicator is now working on the PFD. On the MAP/MFD you now have the Terrain Radar working as well. It is the DrGluck (Plugin v1.30+) tool and the plugin is required. The Terrain shows the Independent terrain display on both the left and right displays, and it also gives you a working Vertical Situation Display.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Banana.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Terrain.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Terrain 2.jpg


I always had issues with the METAR report on the menu. Add in your ICAO code and the system would freeze, or CTD. Now it works, but not by pressing the PRINT METAR? but by doing a keystroke RETURN, still very odd?  But at least you now don't freeze the Sim. Support for 8.33 kHz radios is now also available.


GLF550_AKD - v110_METAR.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Radio.jpg


Flying v1.10 Gulfstream 550

For updating the Skunkcraft's Updater now works with the aircraft, thankfully with so many updates it is a very useful tool.  In v1.07 in December, a Manual was also delivered (by Ivan Luciani), seriously you had to wait two months for a Manual, and you wonder why reviewing is hard without developer notes.


Look closely and you will find now there are pilots flying the aircraft, they are the default Laminar Pilots, but still a great addition.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Pilots 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Pilots 2.jpg


In v1.05, there was a lot of performance changes (a change over to SASL v3.15 was also completed) by AKD. I found the release aircraft not to bad to fly actually...  but in the takeoff roll and climbout, it was even far better in this later version.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 2.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 3.jpg


Changes include engine performance, flight model and better airfoils. And the new wingflex is also very noticeable, mainly because it wasn't done before?


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 9.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 5.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 4.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 6.jpg


It is worth noting that the engine performance and flight models, are tuned to each different X-Plane version, X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11. Obviously the X-Plane 12 dynamics are better, as felt here. Added or refined is the rain effects (V1.03) on both forward windscreen and side cabin windows


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 8.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 7.jpg


The AKD G550, is a quite complicated aircraft to fly, there is a lot of detail to cover in here with the Symmetry Flight Deck, and the specific glareshield "Display Controller" system. But it is well worth the effort to do so. I will admit I'm not crazy about the manuals? There is a lot of them in sixteen categories, but they are done in a drawing layout? Interesting in one way as the detail is very good...  but odd in another.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 10.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 11.jpg


Specifications are; Range 6,750 nmi (7,770 mi, 12,500 km) range, with a High Speed Cruise: M0.85 at 41,000 ft (12,497 m) or the standard Long Range Cruise: M0.80 at 41,000 ft (12,497 m), and you can cover the ground with a Service ceiling: 51,000 ft (16,000 m)


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 18.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 17.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 16.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 14.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 13.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 12.jpg


Flying 41,000ft at m.80 is the dream of living with the Gods, but you can easily do that with this Gulfstream, it is a great simulation with high numbers. Fixes on the the instrument panels are high;  NavSource on Display Controller, squawk page in FMS3 radio panel, better RNP indicator on DU1/DU4 and fixed AoA indicator DU1/DU4, Stall warning system logic, Altitude mismatch on ALT tape and Autopilot FLCH mode.


Note a confusing thing is using the Autopilot. Noteable is that the G550 does not have an Autopilot, hence the trickery here... 


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 19.jpg


To activate the Autopilot, which is set below the Speed selector...  you press one of the screws on the left of the panel, hard to find if you don't know where it is, otherwise you get a yellow caution alert.


At Mach 80, faster if you want to, you travel and arrive at your destination quickly, here I'm back at EVRA Riga, Latvia.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 20.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 22.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 21.jpg


You just like looking at the Gulfstream, because it is a very nice aircraft to look at...


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 23.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 25.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 24.jpg


I still can't work out how to ARM the Airbrakes for landing, press the button, positioned rear the centre console, but it doesn't ARM?


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 26.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 27.jpg


Nice 6º nose up flare, shows nice control in the flare, and you lower the power to sweetly touch the runway...  nice and easy.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 28.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 29.jpg


Sounds haven't had much attention in the updates, but the reverse thrust is loud and powerful...


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 30.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 31.jpgGLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 32.jpg


Flaps are MASSIVE, and lower to the full 39º...  The full landing configuration is shown on the PFD, and I really still can't get over how much I like this visual FLT arrangement, brake pressure is shown as well.


GLF550_AKD - v110_Flying 33.jpg


The Gulfstream 550, puts the world at your feet, it is an intercontinental flying machine, and in v1.10 it better than ever, not totally perfect, but a great simulation.



In world of the elite, then the word of Gulfstream is the biggest token you can play in this upper exclusive club. The Gulfstream G600/G700/G800 Series was built upon the last series of G500/G550 Series and that series evolved out of the Gulfstream V as the GV-SP.


First an almost disclaimer on the review and the aircraft. The Gulfstream G550 is a first time project by AKD Studios and obviously they have to pick an extremely complex aircraft to start with, add the release right in the middle of a new X-Plane 12 Beta run, and you can expect a lot of bugs and weird things with the aircraft. It's not like that at all in context, in fact it flies very well. But it is very hard to do development on shifting sands.


This update review covers the extensive update list from the release aircraft (v1.0), to the current version v1.10.


The update list here is extremely long, but the main features are a new Cargo/Baggage area, with animated door, internal detail is very good. New Fuel Tanker, Two GPU AC/DC units and a smaller (scale) Tesla car, with a lot of touchups and details externally.


Cabin lighting has been totally redone, but still needs some fine tuning and stair lighting, but far better than the original set up. HUD HeadUp Display now works, as does the inclusion of DrGluck's Plugin v1.30+ that has Independent terrain display on the left and right displays, and a working Vertical Situation Display. Pilots have been added as has WingFlex, and a lot, a real lot of changes to the engine performance, flight model and custom performance for both X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11.


I still have a few quibbles, poor window surrounds, lighting still not right, default FMS, pop in/pop out Tanker and other quirks, but you have to understand to a point this aircraft (and by the extensive list of updates) is really still a work in progress, it has in reality come a very long way since it's release late October 2022, obviously released too early, but the developer has made some highly significant progress on the aircraft.


Personally I absolutely love the Gulfstream G550. X-Plane has wanted a really excellent transoceanic Private Jet for decades and here it is, it is also available in X-Plane 11 and more importantly in X-Plane 12 in the same value package of just over US$30. For your money you get a lot of aircraft with it's Gulfstream related systems.


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Gulfstream 550 v1.10 by AKD Studio is NOW available here at the X-Plane.OrgStore


GLF550 - Ultimate Business Jet by AKD Studio

Price is US$31.95


This aircraft is now both X-Plane12 and X-Plane 11 supported



X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 1.1 GB
Current version : 1.10 (February 7th 2023)

Download for the Gulfstream 550 by AKD Studio is 1.03GB


And the final install in X-Plane Aircraft folder with the above loaded liveries is; 2.53gb. Authorisation is required.

The AviTab plugin is also required to use this aircraft, and it is deposited in your X-Plane Plugins folder.


Simbrief proflie is;



  • AKD GLF550 Introduction.pdf
  • FMS_Manual.pdf
  • GLF550 Normal Checklist.pdf
  • GLF550_air_conditioning_system.pdf
  • GLF550_auxiliary_power_unit_(apu)_system.pdf
  • GLF550_electrical_system.pdf
  • GLF550_fire_protection_system.pdf
  • GLF550_flight_control_system.pdf
  • GLF550_fuel_system.pdf
  • GLF550_hydraulic_system.pdf
  • GLF550_ice_and_rain_protection_system.pdf
  • GLF550_landing_gear_and_brakes_system.pdf
  • GLF550_oxygen_system.pdf
  • GLF550_pneumatic_system.pdf
  • GLF550_powerplant_system.pdf
  • GLF550_pressurization_system.pdf



Changelog v1.10.txt

Designed by AKD Studios

Support forum for the Gulfstream G550



Aircraft Review by Stephen Dutton

18th February 2023

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications: 

Windows  - 12th Gen IS1700 Core i7 12700K 12 Core 3.60 GHz CPU - 64bit -32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133PNY GeForce RTX 3080 10GB XLR8 - Samsung 970 EVO+ 2TB SSD

Software:   - Windows 11 Pro - X-Plane 12.01r3 (This is a beta review).

Plugins: JustFlight-Traffic (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$52.99 : Global SFD plugin US$30.00 : RK Apps XPRealistic v2 - US$34.99

Scenery or Aircraft

- ELLX - Luxembourg Findel Airport v2.1  by JustSim (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$19.95

EVRA - Riga International Airport v2 by JustSim (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$18.50


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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Thank you very much for this very detailled and accurate presentation.


I have a question, that is very important for VR users, are the yokes grabable (green section visible on yoke wheel when we activate the "Show Clickable Zone On Instrument" knob in the "view" menu) in this plane.


If yes, it means that VR manipulators can be used to grab yoke in VR making the plane well usable without using OTAS and therefore very immersive.


Best regards


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