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NEWS! - Toliss announces CPDLC for Airbus's A340/A321/A319

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NEWS! - Toliss announces CPDLC for Airbus's A340/A321/A319


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It's an alphabet soup of letters, CPDLC. But it means Controller Pilot Data Link Communications. Controller–pilot data link communications (CPDLC) is also referred to as controller pilot data link (CPDL). It is a method by which air traffic controllers can communicate with pilots over a datalink system and to get weather information, and crucial for updates on your destination. It is a nice but also necessary tool in the cockpit.


The CPDLC will be based on the Hoppie network and you can request clearances as per real life FCOM functionality. You will have to create an account on the Hoppie's Network, and sign in to use it.


The system works between your MCDU and the Datalink Control and Display Unit (DCDU), and it is positioned lower central instrument panel.




One of the major problems with voice radio communications used in this manner is that all pilots being handled by a particular controller are tuned to the same frequency. As the number of flights air traffic controllers must handle is steadily increasing (for instance, Shanwick handled 414,570 flights in 2007, an increase of 5% - or 22,000 flights - from 2006, the number of pilots tuned to a particular station also increases. This increases the chances that one pilot will accidentally override another, thus requiring the transmission to be repeated. In addition, each exchange between a controller and pilot requires a certain amount of time to complete; eventually, as the number of flights being controlled reaches a saturation point, the controller will not be able to handle any further aircraft.


The CPDLC application provides air-ground data communication for the ATC service. This includes a set of clearance/information/request message elements which correspond to voice phraseology employed by air traffic control procedures. The controller is provided with the capability to issue level assignments, crossing constraints, lateral deviations, route changes and clearances, speed assignments, radio frequency assignments, and various requests for information. The pilot is provided with the capability to respond to messages, to request clearances and information, to report information, and to declare/rescind an emergency. The pilot is, in addition, provided with the capability to request conditional clearances (downstream) and information from a downstream air traffic service unit (ATSU). A “free text” capability is also provided to exchange information not conforming to defined formats. An auxiliary capability is provided to allow a ground system to use data link to forward a CPDLC message to another ground system.

The sequence of messages between the controller and a pilot relating to a particular transaction (for example request and receipt of a clearance) is termed a ‘dialogue’. There can be several sequences of messages in the dialogue, each of which is closed by means of appropriate messages, usually of acknowledgement or acceptance. Closure of the dialogue does not necessarily terminate the link, since there can be several dialogues between controller and pilot while an aircraft transits the ATSU airspace. (wikipedia)


ToLiSS is also updating the EFB or Electronic Flight Bag, with built-in AviTab, Checklists, Performance and Loading data, previously done on the pop-out TISCS menu system, of which I am a big fan of, but ToLiSS is aiming for a more Real World access feel to setting up the aircraft. The TISCS system won't be removed if you like that aspect, but the data is now more highly detailed in the EFB.




These new features will come to the Airbus A340-600 first, then later the A321/A319 aircraft.


Excited, you should be, it will be brilliant...


Images are courtesy of ToLiSS.


ToLiSS aircraft are available from the X-Plane.OrgStore.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


ToLiSS is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Airbus A340-600 by ToLiSS

Price is US$89.99


Airbus A321 XP12 by Toliss

Price is US$89.99


Airbus A319 XP12 by Toliss

Price is US$89.99


All ToLiss Aircraft currently fly in both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane12, but note that X-Plane 12 is still in it's Beta phase and and is currently flexible due to changes.



News by Stephen Dutton

15th November 2022

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