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Scenery Upgrade : ELLX Luxembourg V2 by Just Sim

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ELLX - LUX V2 header.jpg


Scenery Upgrade : ELLX Luxembourg V2 by Just Sim


Two sceneries have made a tectonic shift in my routes and service network over the last year, and they are actually within cooee of each other in central western Europe and both sceneries were by JustSim. One was the excellent EBBR - Brussels and the other was ELLX - Luxembourg, and both sceneries have been used extensively in reviews over the last year and certainly with ELLX.


Good highly realistic accessible scenery is what you are looking for with that exceptional realism while flying in or out or doing the work on the ground. ELLX had a lot of this and more... great realistic approach and departures with excellent autogen, elevation scenery, lovely terminal and walkon stands (very important) and to top it all out then ELLX is also a major cargo hub (CargoLux's main base) to keep the haulers very happy... it works and works well and you can't ask for more than that and all this is at great value as well.


The initial release was just only over two years ago, but here we have V2 of the scenery, this is not an update but a new upgrade, which means you have to repurchase the scenery all over again, but there is a discount US$6.00 coupon to take a bit of the pain out of the upgrade.


ELLX Luxembourg V2

Oddly at first glance then this V2 looks not much different at all from the V1 release....   And outwardly in the buildings and infrastructure it is in reality a look and feel that nothing has really changed here either... but it has, at the real ELLX.


ELLX - LUX V2 head 2.jpgELLX - LUX V2 head 1.jpg

ELLX - LUX V2 head 3 LG.jpg


The Luxembourgers have wanted a bit more space to park more aircraft at ELLX, as they wanted a few more stands for the passenger services and a lot more apron space for the Cargolux facility. In stands on Apron P1 they have added in A12 and A14 right next to the terminal....


ELLX - LUX V2 P1_1.jpgELLX - LUX V2 P1_2.jpg


On the main cargo apron P7 then the original apron has been doubled in capacity by the new P10 Apron which was Apron P7 extended outwards...


ELLX - LUX V2 P10_1.jpgELLX - LUX V2 P10_2.jpg


This covers stands Z5 to Z11 and Z12 which is an A,B and C stand.


All the ATC routes have been adjusted to match the apron areas, and few of the ground routes have had some refining as well. If using WorldTraffic3 then a regeneration is required (after saving your older ground routes and parking preferences). The regen is very good, and a nice filler to the areas not covered in the first WT3 ground route generation.... so this is a nice update for activity in ELLX as well.


The full base mesh has been replace for V2, and it really doesn't look that much different, if slightly lighter in tone? The N1 approach road to the terminal is still actually a building site, so part of scenery is correct, but the Campanile LUXEMBOURG - Airport hotel is missing which would have made it more authentic and filled part of the flat blank spot? The hotel is supposed to be in the foreground (below right).


ELLX - LUX V2 Mesh 1.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Mesh 2.jpg


Grass and trees have had a makeover, it is now more spring with flowers than the just grass before...  trees are new, and more fuller in context.


ELLX - LUX V2 Mesh 3.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Mesh 4.jpg


Ground clutter and airport vehicles have all had attention, there is a lot more clutter and of a higher quality, ELLX feels now far more fuller and busy.


ELLX - LUX V2 Ramp Clutter 2.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Ramp Clutter 1.jpg


The autogates have been totally upgraded, but they are still the older marginal version than the newer more versatile SAM plugin, for some reason JustSim doesn't embrace the SAM concept to their derision? The airbridges have lost their excellent 3C Payment advertising as well, but the new glass does now nicely match the excellent terminal's


ELLX - LUX V2 Autogates LG 1.jpg


The Terminals internal lighting has now also been improved, I was highly critical of the dark black earlier version terminal...  it looks thankfully far better here, but a few notches still higher in brightness and would have been perfect.


ELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 1.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 2.jpg


Street and carpark lighting has also been refined and changed, it does look again far better but the lighting is still quite blotchy in areas, but overall the lighting is now very good.


ELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 5 LG.jpg

ELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 4.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 3.jpg


Taxiway lighting has also had some attention, with brighter lighting and filled in taxi centreline marking that was missing before, all the new aprons have the new lighting in ground and overhead as well... all the ground markings had been redone and relabeled to the current ELLX chart layouts.


ELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 7.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 6.jpg


All the base mesh and textures have been replaced, and the dynamics of the PBR effects are certainly more evident. In wet conditions then ELLX looks even more realistic and shines with realism... beautiful.


ELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 10.jpgELLX - LUX V2 Lighting 9.jpg


The X-Plane10 version has been dropped, but that is rational as with the more extensive X-Plane11 dynamics at work here won't work in any new XP10 upgrade anyway.

A note on the autogen here...  it is huge and very realistic with the Germanic feel of the housing and urban infrastructure. But it does need a bit of power to run it all as it is quite extensive, but to be able to run the autogen at the MAX settings and you will be very happy with the results.


I recommend to read the original X-PlaneReviews Flyin review of the JustSim ELLX - Luxembourg scenery to understand the changes in this upgrade.




This is a very nice update to ELLX - Luxembourg from JustSim, but this is not an update but a payable upgrade. You do however get a US$6.00 discount if you have purchased the earlier version, but only two years into the X-Plane11 run and more payment is however debatable for what is really just an update?


So would I invest and update. Well yes because the scenery for me is very usable and I have used it frequently for personal flying, reviews and it has always delivered a fully credible and realistic simulation... so yes it is still an excellent investment.


New features in V2 is more ground space in new aprons, and current to the latest airport charts, more and better clutter, better lighting, new grass and trees, better linage and taxiway lighting, redone ATC routes (more WT3 compatiblity), base mesh and better PBR textures all help in redefining the airport to a higher standard. The autogates by Marginal have also been completely redone to a higher and better standard with match glass to the terminal, but you also lose the lovely 3C Payment advertising and the sheer versatility of the SAM plugin (opening CargoLux hangar doors would have been brilliant).


Overall this is an excellent scenery, and a must have for any Cargo Hauler with the Cargolux hub based here, as noted I use ELLX a lot, so a lot of use to me is also a lot of value and what the scenery represents to my simulation flying. If JustSim will now just update and see the scenery out of the full X-Plane11 run, I think in the long run you will easily accept the full investment of this scenery...   Highly Recommended



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The ELLX - Luxembourg Findel V2 Airport by JustSim is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


There is now only one version of this scenery for Plane11... the X-Plane10 version has now been dropped.

ELLX - Luxembourg Findel Airport v2


For previous purchaser there is a US$6.00 discount on this upgrade, so look under your original order at the .OrgStore to find your coupon code.


Your Price: US$19.80
  • Custom taxiways and airport lights
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • High resolution photo scenery near airport and city
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures
  • Runway reflection effect
  • Volumetric ground effect textures
  • Compatible with X-Plane 11 features
  • Animated gates (AutoGate plugin by Marginal)
  • Animated ground vehicles 
  • World Traffic compatible
  • X-Life traffic compatible
  • Optimized for excellent performance

New in v2.0

  • - new P10 apron and stands added
  • - stands on P1 changed
  • - new base mesh for the airport area
  • - new PBR materials for ground and buildigs
  • - new markings for the whole airport
  • - new ortho imagery
  • - improved some textures
  • - taxiway lights reworked
  • - new grass and trees
  • - streetlights reworked
  • - changed some models
  • - new autogates models
  • - new models for ground equipment
  • - routes changed for AI and WT3/X-life


Requirements :

X-Plane 11 (Fully updated)
Windows, Mac or Linux
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Framerate is excellent for the density of the scenery, but still subject to computer system standards
Current and upgrade version: 2.0 (May 21st 2019)

Installation and documents:


Download for the ELLX - Luxembourg Findel Airport is 861.53mb and the two unzipped files are deposited in "Custom Scenery" Folder


ELLX_JustSim_v2.0 (1.93.gb)

ELLX_JustSim_v2.0 Mesh (20.24mb)


Files must be set in this order or cut and paste the correct order in your scenery_pack.ini text file (In the Custom Scenery folder)


You will need to have the checkbox ticked for the X-Plane item "runways follow terrain contours" (General Menu). This NEEDS to be ON.



Installation notes, no manual or WT3 ground routes (regeneration will work fine)

No charts are provided but these are good : JeppView




Upgrade Review by Stephen Dutton
27th May 2019
Copyright©2019: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) 
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20 hours ago, PapyChris said:


I bought this scenery but have some trouble after installing it:

The files are well placed in scenery packs.ini but a lot of airport objects are "flying" up the airport ( buildings, parked cars ).

Can I have some help to correct it ?



Sounds like your "Runways follow Terrain Contours" are switched off? Menu/General... that aspect is noted in the review?

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