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News! - Announcement : 390 Premier 1A by Carenado

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News! - Announcement : 390 Premier 1A by Carenado


Carenado have announced their third private jet for X-Plane in the 390 Premier 1A. This is after the Phenom 100 and the S550 Citation ll. Personally I wasn't very partial to the Phenom 100 as it had a few idiosyncrasies that I really didn't like and one annoying feature on shutdown that was never fixed, and for a private jet it was very even extremely slow. The Citation ll though was a masterpiece, their best at the time (only the Saab 340 is better) but not only wonderful to be in, but fly...  so here is the new Hawker... opps! Premier.


It is no suggestion the Beechcraft 390 Premier looks like the Hawker line of private jets, because in reality it was a Beechcraft/Hawker design, and created to compete with that same Cessna Citation. So some pretty images...


Premier promo 6.jpg


Premier promo 8.jpgPremier promo 7.jpg


Premier promo 5.jpg


Premier promo 4.jpgPremier promo 3.jpgPremier promo 2.jpgPremier promo 1.jpg


The biggest speculation is if the Premier 1A will have the custom Original ProLine 21 System that has had ears burning, I will stick my neck out and say yes, and it will be the first custom ProLine 21 for X-Plane (The system is also noted for other already released aircraft). It was noted that Carenado have been working on this custom ProLine 21 for a fair while, and yes the FSX/P3D version does have the system. The FSX/P3D is priced at US$39.95, so expect that same price point and all the relative features.


Carenado also did a big ho-ha on their 20 years anniversary, but it was only FSX/P3D that got any champagne and bubbles. The announcement was for the ATR 42-500 and boy what a nice aircraft this is...  I thought for once a duel anniversary release in X-Plane11 would have been a nice statement of the ATR42-500, but alas no, we still will have to wait (years) before we get the chance to savour the aircraft, that point was made even more callous in the fact of how good the Saab 340 is....  here is the pain!


Carenado ATR 42_1.jpg


Carenado ATR 42_6.jpgCarenado ATR 42_5.jpgCarenado ATR 42_4.jpgCarenado ATR 42_3.jpgCarenado ATR 42_11.jpgCarenado ATR 42_2.jpgCarenado ATR 42_12.jpgCarenado ATR 42_10.jpgCarenado ATR 42_9.jpgCarenado ATR 42_7.jpgCarenado ATR 42_8.jpg


X-Plane is also still waiting for the Fokker F50...  oh well.


Images are courtesy of Carenado



News by Stephen Dutton

23rd April 2019

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