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Found 12 results

  1. News! - X-Crafts show new E-Jets Family renders There is always debate around of what developers should develop, some developers create different and varied aircraft, but a few stay on the same designs and focus just on that design.... a good thing or a bad thing? Like I said it is debatable. X-Crafts have focused a lot on the Embraer series of E-Jets, and we are going back as far as August 2014 (announced as early as May 2013) with X-Crafts release of their first E-Jet in the ERJ 195LR. Since then there have a lot of numerous updates to this basically dat
  2. Aircraft Update : E-175/E-195 v2.4 by X-Crafts It is an interesting journey in when reviewing developers progress and certainly with the twin versions of E-Jets from SSG and X-Crafts. Looking at this new X-Crafts v2.4 after the recent update to SSG's twins E-170/E-195 Evolutions in June, they have both (or all) have come a very significant way since their 2014 debut. In reality both are now nothing like their original predecessors, if certainly in the modeling, systems and quality, but the prices have changed also to match their higher quality status, as was the original X-Crafts E
  3. Aircraft Overview : Embraer ERJ Family by X-Crafts X-Crafts announced their ERJ 195 LR in May 2013, and released the aircraft August 2014. In the review it was in a design and quality sense brilliant in those Pre-PBR less effect X-Plane10 days, and I recognised the huge talent straight away. But single form developers can be brilliant at one area, in this case the modeling and design, but weak in other areas and that showed with this entry work back then. Early updates came thick and fast, but it was not until Steve Wilson came aboard and redesigned the FMS and systems did the ERJ
  4. Aircraft Review : Embraer ERJ Family by X-Crafts There is almost a year in that our friend Stephen posted a quick overview of the ERJ Family. Today I will make a complete review of this fabulous aircraft developed by X-Crafts, which had an update a few days ago. The Embraer Regional Jets were the first jet engine commercial aircraft produced by Embraer. Continental Express took delivery of the first EMB 145 (later renamed ERJ 145) on December, 27 1996. With more than 2200 units delivered, the ERJ family is considered to be one of the most successful regional aviation ai
  5. Aircraft Update : ERJ Series v1.1 by X-Crafts X-PlaneReviews is following the development of one of the most interesting and now very popular aircraft with the ERJ Series from X-Crafts. This series can be purchased as the full package of all five variants of the Embraer ERJ Family in the E135, E140, E145 and the E145XR and.... also the ERJ private jet version of the Legacy 650. It is a comprehensive package, but you can also if you wish purchase just purchase the E135, both E145 & E145XR, E149 or the Legacy 650 separately. X-PlaneReviews covered the release with an overview ar
  6. Aircraft Update : X-Crafts Embraer E175/E195 v2.2 Here is another if small upgrade to X-Crafts Embraer E175/E195 regional airliner to version 2.2, and so this is just a one percentage point change not a complete version change. The last update to X-Crafts Embraer E175/E195 v2.1 was only at the start of June earlier this year and in that version was the X-Plane11 compatibility change over and it was quite a comprehensive update as well. Embraer E175/E195 v2.2 One area that developers are focusing on lately in upgrades is in sounds from the older X-Plane generic soun
  7. Aircraft Update : X-Crafts Embrarer E175/E195 v2.1 Late in December 2016 X-Crafts released the v2.0 of their Embraer E-175 aircraft. The move was to v2.0 which was an overhaul of the original version. This aircraft was followed by the E-195 late January 2017 which had the same upgrade to the v2.0 specifications. The timing for a total complete version update was a little strange, because in X-Plane itself we were in the throes of a complete change over to X-Plane11. Wouldn't the changeover period have had more impact to do both at the same time? So to a point the upgrad
  8. Aircraft Released : Embraer E-195 v2.0 by X-Crafts X-Crafts have released a follow up to their Embraer E-175 in version 2.0 with the longer E-195 version. In many ways the longer or stretched version of the EJet family is a nicer looking aircraft and in profile looks more balanced than the shorter fuselage variants. This new version is a complete upgrade from the original release of now a few years ago, and includes many of the changes on the recent X-Crafts v2 E-175 aircraft and a with few more features as well. Reflections Plugin Th
  9. Aircraft Review : Embraer E-175 v2.0 by X-Crafts The Brazilian Embraer family of regional aircraft has been successful in one of the most successful niche markets in aviation in the last few decades. While the big boys and girls at Boeing and Airbus slugged it out for the single-aisle 150-180 seater market. Embraer and Canada's Bombardier’s CRJ Series quietly created a whole new category in the 60 -100 seater regional markets and those markets are now one of the most contested markets for future sales with Bombardier’s entry into service (EIS) C-Series and Embraer with their update
  10. Aircraft Review - Embraer E175 by X-Crafts In regional aviation for airlines the biggest revolution has been the replacement of 70-110 seat turboprops with economic new generation jet aircraft. Of these two aircraft companies have dominated in Bombardier Aerospace with their CRJ Series and coming C Series, but the real success story in this regional jet category is the Brazilian Embraer company with their E-Jet family of aircraft. These fast efficient modern aircraft have revolutionised the hub and spoke system of aviation networks in that you can today step out of that modern
  11. Aircraft Update Review - Embraer E175 v1.1 by X-Crafts No matter how many t's are crossed and every i is dotted it is impossible to cover every single aspect of a first release of a quality aircraft. So the speed of an update and the spread of the coverage to clear those unforeseen bugs and fix those missed items and even add in a few extra new features is really the point an aircraft really starts to shine and you can see how good it really is. This is the first update for X-Craft's excellent Embraer E-175 which was released in early December 2015. This v1.1 release ce
  12. On Approach - Embraer E175 by X-Crafts Coming soon is the latest aircraft from X-Crafts, the Embraer ERJ175. This is a follow up release to X-Crafts other EJet the 195 LR that was released in August 2014. Here we have a quick look at the aircraft that is still in a beta stage of development, and ask how long that will be is going to get the answer of "No idea" for reason's that are noted later, but X-Crafts have noted an early December release. Outwardly the aircraft looks a duplication of the current EJet 195LR, but that would be the easy way ou
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