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Found 15 results

  1. News! - Update Revealed : ToLiss A319 V1.6 and A321 V1.3 updates Boom! Boom!... and they keep on coming. ToLiss have only just done a round of updates to their excellent A319 and A321 Airbus aircraft, have already announced the next set of updates in A319 v1.6 and A321 v1.3 ToLiss notes that at first these update features will be for the A319, then the same for the A321 with a couple of undisclosed NEO specific additions for the A321 NEO (New Engine Option) variants. Changes from build 1299 (V1.5.2) to build XXX (V1.6) Major new features:
  2. News! - ToLiSS celebrates 3 Years It was three years ago this week that ToLiss Simulation Solutions released their first aircraft in the sensational Airbus A319-122. X-PlaneReviews had, had an early access to the aircraft, it was not what the aircraft delivered in it's excellent reproduction of the Airbus philosophy that was outstanding, but more so the feel of the aircraft in it's basic flying form, I never forgot that first manual landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, where I manhandled this fabulous aircraft on to the runway, it was and still is the most amazing
  3. News! - Update : Toliss Airbus A319 v1.5.2 This is an update to bring the (Baby Bus) Airbus A319-100 by ToLiSS up to the same configuration and complete the updates to the same level as the ToLiSS A321. This is NOT the coming NEO (New Engine Option) version, that is coming very soon as an addon package, although this version will be required for that NEO option when the package is released. Changelog list (below) is simply HUGE!. Changes from build 1250 (V1.5.1) to build 1299 (V1.5.2) Major new features: - Option to use imperial units for FMGS, weights
  4. News! - Update : Toliss A321neo v1.2.2 Only a few weeks ago ToLiSS updated their Airbus A321neo (New Engine Option) to version v1.2.1, but here quickly is another followup update to version v1.2.2. Here is the full list of changelog build 1295 (V1.2.1) to 1298 (V1.2.2): Minor new features: - A321 NEO now features the FLAP/MCDU and PITCH TRIM/MCDU DISAGREE caution messages - FMGS can now compute predictions across discontinuities Bug fixes: - Engine Fire now also works with engine at idle - When performing a DIR TO with Radial
  5. News! - Update : Toliss A321neo v1.2.1 After only weeks in releasing the winner of our "Aircraft of the Year". Toliss has updated the Airbus A321neo to version v1.2.1. This only a system refine update, with some sound refinements in there as well... Highlights include : changes to the surrounding oxygen supply, autopilot TCAS, soft go arounds and new callouts for 'minimum' and '100 above'. Sound enhancements include : Reduced crackling sound on NEO engines, improved wail and external startup sound for the PWG engines. Here's the full list
  6. Addon Package Review : Airbus A321 NEO by ToLiSS The Airbus A321 is a stretched version of the venerable Airbus A320, and part of the same family. The A321 fuselage was lengthened by a 4.27 m (14 ft 0 in) plug ahead of the wing and a 2.67 m (8 ft 9 in) plug behind it, so that the A321 is at 6.94 metres (22 ft 9 in) longer than the A320. The length increase required the overwing window exits of the A320 to be converted into door exits and then also being repositioned in front of and behind the wings. To maintain performance, double-slotted flaps and minor trailing edge modifications
  7. Aircraft Update : Airbus A319 v1.5 by ToLiSS With a lot of focus on the ToLiSS A321 (which is very good by the way) the earlier A319-100 has sort of been pushed into the background. The tiddler Airbus (only the A318 with low sales is slightly smaller) is an interesting aircraft as with it's size it is sublime to fly (yes an Airbus can be fun to fly manually). So here is actually an unexpected update in v1.5. The main focus on this update is actually the sounds. Earlier if you wanted the IAE Engine sounds you had to buy a separate sound pack from the store and to note th
  8. Aircraft Updates : Airbus A319 and 321 by Toliss A few days ago Toliss released updates for both A319 and A321, changing and improving many things in the aircraft. Systems were the main focus, adding new features and usabilities. Let's check out what changed. Airbus A319 v1.4 by Toliss The A319 is ToliSS's first add-on for X-Plane 11, which was released in early 2018. This update brought some improvements for the aircraft, like the addition of the Secondary Flight Plan, Fix Info page and a complete rework of the flight path. This last feature resulted
  9. Aircraft Review : Airbus A321-231 by ToLiSS If you believe the demographics then the most largest percentage of online flying is in the so called two hour circle, that is a flight on average of two hours, the second demographic is the most flown aircraft online are the same as in the real world with single-aisle aircraft dominating the airways. So put the two demographics together and you will come up with the most attractive aircraft that you would want to fly online. In reality again like the real world it comes down to Boeing or Airbus, and then the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A32
  10. Aircraft Review : ToLiSS319 (A319-122) by ToLiSS In the last few years the "Study" grade aircraft have slowly filtered in to X-Plane. Study means that the aircraft systems are so exactly replicated by the aircraft that you can learn or actually fly the real aircraft from what you do on the simulation model. To what point is it a "real" study grade aircraft is still however debatable, as developers love to stick the moniker on their product to attract higher sales, and don't get me wrong in that in many cases these aircraft are very good at replicating the aircraft's systems and the
  11. Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.1 by ToLiSS Earlier in 2018 X-Plane11 had two big releases and both were Airbus aircraft. The first was the Flightfactor A320-214 Ultimate, then only a few weeks later then released was this A319 from ToLiSS. For just one significant release of either aircraft for X-Plane11 would have been a big deal by itself considering the depth and quality of either aircraft, but two at the same was very overwhelming. To a point the A320 Ultimate was still a work in progress as it still is, but that is not to take away the significance of the quality of it's relea
  12. News! - Released : ToLiSS A319 BSS CFM soundpack BlueSkyStar (BSS) have released a soundpack for the ToLiSS Airbus A319, called "Baby Bus Symphony"? this is a far more comprehensive package of sounds than provided by the original soundpack created by Turbine Sound Studios (TSS). This soundpack currently is for the CFM engine version only, with the noted IAE engine soundpack also going to be soon available... the comprehensive sound package is noted: Honeywell 131-9 Apu operation with igniters, apu door, combustion, exhaust, all stages, contactors, heard differen
  13. Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.3 by ToLiSS "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday ToliSS319... Happy Birthday to youuuu" Yes ToliSS are celebrating the first anniversary of the release of the ToliSS319 and with guess what? Yes another update... this is version v1.3 or the X-Plane11.30 version of the chubby little airbus. The developer admitted on release that it was not completed but to say 85% of what the aircraft's roadmap was supposed to be. For most of us with developers this would be groan street, in that you knew it would be a fair (to
  14. Aircraft Update : ToLiSS319 v1.2 by ToLiSS Many updates come at set periods throughout the year, and some come regularly. Mostly the ones that come in the second category are interesting projects covering areas of updating the aircraft up to a full standard, were as the first category are mostly reactionary to global X-Plane changes and a significant version update. The ToLiss319 certainly falls into the secondary category. When released earlier back in January this year, it was stated that the aircraft was completed to a standard, but wasn't finished to full completed
  15. Aircraft Update : ToLiSS A319 v 1.0.2 After the initial direct after release update in v1.0.1, this second update in v1.0.2 is now also available. The earlier v1.0.1 release was the expected tidying up of bugs and to cover a few things that were missed in the release version, but the added feature to key command to open up the ISCS (Interactive Simulation Control System) window was a nice touch and the fix to control the native sound volumes between switching into the A319 and then switching out to another aircraft was also most welcome as well. In ve
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