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Found 6 results

  1. Aircraft Review Update : Boeing 787-900 v1.6.0 by Magknight This is an updated review of the edition I published in early October (5th). I review as I see it, and that is good in the fact is what I see you can also see warts and all, the good and the bad. But in this case with Magknight's Boeing 787-9, the aircraft didn't come out in the flying aspect very good at all, in fact it was awful, and it was a simply awful experience all round. The review bothered me in several aspects, mostly I want you to get a realistic perspective on the aircraft, and from the perspective
  2. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-900 v1.6.0 by Magknight Certainly the year 2020 will go down in history as a year of unforeseen if required change. Not many people like change, some hate change, but change is always going to happen, and the results are sometimes unexpected. Magknight has timely released their latest v1.6.0 version of the Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner, just another update or a reaction to the announcement by FlightFactor, as that yes indeed their next "Pro" aircraft is going to be also a Dreamliner. Either way X-Plane needs all the Dreamliners it c
  3. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-900 Aviator v1.3.0 by Magknight Magknight has put out another update for the Dreamliner Aviator Edition to v1.3.0. This is mostly a behind the scenes systems adjustment, more than a visual update, but a few visual aspects have actually been changed (but you can't see them yet). First to note that you will now have to update your Java to v11.0.3 to access the features on the aircraft, and again this is more to the future than what you will use in this update. I have a big list of installed Javas, but I still didn't have this one, so you will
  4. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-9 Aviator v1.5.0 by Magknight A few days ago was released a new major update for the Magknight 787. This great update brought many new features and usabilities, as well as a lot of corrections from the previous version. The most awaited features that are included in the update are probably the ACARS support, the new Rolls Royce engines and flight controls changes. As in the older versions, you must have Java installed, if not, the plane comes with the installer. Just follow the installation instructions and you have any problem. If you don't
  5. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-9 Aviator v1.4.1 by Magknight Magknight has updated the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to version v1.4.1 which is the version they displayed at the Cosford UK SimShow back in October 2019, but now this is the official public release of that update. Before we get into the new version then let us make a note. The X-PlaneReviews site comments were inundated with pleas around the Christmas-New Year period that the new (discord) version didn't work or didn't load correctly. 90% of these installation issues will go back mostly the Java programming language applicati
  6. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-900 v1.05 by Magknight Only back in June 2018 I finally caught up and reviewed the Boeing 787-900 by Magknight. I had flew the aircraft earlier and basically kept an eye on the progress, but as the aircraft went from a development stage and into a sale payware aircraft it then came up on to my radar. Overall the review was very good for an aircraft that is basically built up in PlaneMaker and not as a custom plugin design. This is a tribute to the developer Magknight to get such a quality aircraft out of which is the only the default system of X-Plane.
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