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Found 15 results

  1. News! - FlyJSim gives more Q4XP Details We noted at the start of 2021, that one of the coming significant releases for the X-Plane Simulator in 2021 will be the FlyJSim Q4XP. Development has been now ongoing now for about three years, but for a while now the news coming out of FlyJSim has been quite sparse. FlyJSim did a final update of their original Dash 8 Q400 Legacy, even now as far back as August 2019, in readiness for the far more higher quality and detailed version of the De Havilland Canada Dash 8 Q Series called Q4XP. The biggest expected feature i
  2. Aircraft Review : Boeing 732 TwinJet v3 Professional by FlyJSim I have had a strange relationship with FlyJSim's Boeing 737 TwinJet. In reality I shouldn't have because it does everything so well. If you want the most outstanding 60's/70's clockwork dial aircraft in X-Plane you can't go past this Boeing 732 and as an recommendation I gave and further more still do give the aircraft high marks, but somehow I personally just couldn't warm to the aircraft? This is very odd because I totally adore FJS's Boeing 727 package and the FJS Dash Q400 is my absolute favorite prop liner, so why
  3. Aircraft update : Rainman Package for B727 Series, 737 TwinJet by FJS FlyJSim have released an update package for both of their Boeing 727 and 737 packages. Dubbed "Rainman" it covers actually two plugins, first is the Librain water effects plugin and the second is the AviTab (iPad) plugin. Both aircraft had significant V3 updates last year, with the Boeing 737 TwinJet back in February 2018 and the Boeing 727 Series following in August 2018. So this package is really just an annual update to keep everything flying (pun actually intended). Boeing 727 Series
  4. Aircraft Update : Dash 8 Q400 Legacy by FlyJSim It is not very often in reviewing that you actually have the chance to say goodbye to an aircraft, it is a bit like the retirement of the final flight of a design that has been the backbone of an airlines for years, and it is now happening with regularity with the retirements of aging MD-80 Series and Boeing 747-400 fleets. To note this De Havilland Canada Dash 8 Q Series is not being totally withdrawn by FlyJSim, as it will still be available to buy for X-Plane11 users and noted under the new "Legacy" moniker (from the XP
  5. News! - In Development : FlyJSim Dash Q400 - Q4XP Images FlyJSim have released some more development images and notes of their forth coming new version of the Dash Q400. Anticipated around the last quarter of 2019, then this regional prop liner has a lot to live up to with the current detail and quality required for X-Plane11 lately. But as FlYJSim won my best overall for the year in 2018 with their excellent Boeing 737 TwinJet then there is everything to lose and not to gain. FlyJSim's notes are as followed: "This month we’re going to be prese
  6. News! - Aircraft Update : 727 Series Pro V3 patch by FlyJSim After any major release the developer will always do an update to cover general bugs and tidy up loose ends... and so it is with the mega Boeing 727 Series Pro v3 from FlyJSim. Changelog note v3.1809.1125: Fixed an issue where the spoilers would not deploy. Fixed Mach Hold no longer working after previous patch. Fixed how the mach tape moves. Fixed the elevator position indicator showing the value reversed. Fixed VMO indicator, indicating the wrong mac
  7. Aircraft Review : 727 Series Pro V3 by FlyJSim The release of FlyJSim's Boeing 737 TwinJet v3 Pro earlier this year was a landmark moment for X-Plane11. This outstanding aircraft was really the very first large scale aircraft to really use all the full features and elements of the X-Plane11 simulator. You would note that there was already aircraft in X-Plane to take note and use the XP11 features, but the FlyJSim B732 TwinJet was really the first to do so from the ground up and not be converted across to or from one simulator version to another, and that difference was very apparen
  8. News! - New Version Coming : Boeing 727 Series Pro v3 by FlyJSim Jack Skieczius from FlyJSIm has released details of the next upgrade to their Boeing 727 Series to v3.0. The aircraft will get the full X-Plane11 treatment like the earlier this year upgrade to the FJS sensational Boeing 732 TwinJet, but the v3.0 B727 upgrade will NOT however have the same exceptional cabin fitout? no the doors in v3 will stay firmly closed. The focus here on this upgrade is on the systems, menus, X-Plane11 dynamics and PBR features and a even better FMOD Sound (it was pretty good already)
  9. Aircraft Update : Boeing 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim FlyJSim have done an update noted as Version 1.1508.1036 on the Boeing 732 TwinJet, and it is a very good and extensive one. FlyJSim's approach to aircraft is highly detailed and functional... you could even say complex. But I would prefer to say they have extensively developed systems and they are certainly some of the most immersion types of simulation you can fly in X-Plane. The focus is also on older aircraft in the Boeing 727 Series and this Boeing 737-200 TwinJet and the bombardier Dash Q40
  10. Aircraft Release : Boeing 727 Series Study v2 by FlyJSim Every developer has a long list of features and ideas to incorporate into their X-Plane aircraft project. Many items on the list are essential, but many are just great features that will enhance the final aircraft to the buying purchasers and are not essential to the overall flying and operation of the aircraft. But to develop and refine those ideas can take time, and then there is the constantly evolving evolution of the simulator itself that can render even the most up to date aircraft, out of date within only a year of its
  11. News! - Update Coming Soon - Boeing 727 Series v2.0 by FlyJSIm Hands up those who love the FJS Boeing 727 Series! Yes a room full of hands... The FJS B727 Series is a brilliant aircraft and yes it is in my best of top ten (certainly the best 60's era aircraft in X-Plane) and the accolade after accolade for this aircraft is well deserved. So what is the FJS B727's secret? There is something special about the B727 that is hard to explain, intimacy and a deep connection to the systems make this a flying machine like no other, many a flight has left me with a big smile on my face and wi
  12. Aircraft Review : Boeing 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim Route: KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth) to MMUN (Cancun) The Boeing 732 TwinJet is the third major release from FlyJSim after the Bombardier Dash-8 and the Boeing 727 Series. Without doubt the Boeing 727 Series was the aircraft of the year for X-Plane in 2013 (It was released just before Christmas 2012) and this Baby Boeing is in a very similar if not a perfect compliment to the bigger Tri-Jet. The 8000th Boeing 737 has just been delivered and that makes it the most built Jetliner in history, But thi
  13. Aircraft Thoughts and Opinions : Boeing 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim Test Route: LSZH (Zurich Airport) to EGGD (Bristol Airport) The FlyJSim 737-200 TwinJet is a massive release for the x-plane community, its not often that somebody makes a massive jet! This 732 is special; its not as technologically advanced as its bigger brother the 777, yet it is easier to fly than a 757. This aircraft has been long awaited by many of us, and finally its here! If the "200" part of the name (737-200) puts you off, be assured that the systems have been greatly modeled. And you can also wait about another fe
  14. Aircraft Profile : Boeing 727 Series by FlyJSim (Part Two) "Flying the Boeing 727" Route: KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth) to KOAK (Oakland International) Distance 1375nm The FlyJSim Boeing 727 Series is a way of time traveling to another era. In this case the 1960's. Here is an aircraft that transcends time like no other in the feel and the flying environment of one of the "Golden" periods of flight. The Boeing 727 was in many ways a very unique aircraft and very popular with operators and passengers alike. The 727 was a creation of its time in that many airports were really ve
  15. Aircraft Development and Announcement : FlyJSim Boeing 737-200 Twinjet Jack Skieczius and Joe Vermeulen have announced their next aircraft to be released. The Baby Boeing the in the Boeing 737-200 Twinjet. Images posted by Jack (below) show an aircraft that is very similar to his wonderful Boeing 727 Series. And will be no doubt a great addition to your Boeing Family. Release date? No idea... But Jack would not have announced the aircraft unless he was a long way along the development process. Teasing us, yes of course he is and it worked. Stephen Dutton 2n
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