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  1. I think you are missing the point... when you park an aircraft you shutdown the engines and connect up to an external power source (GPU or on board APU) then you shut down the systems on the aircraft that are not needed, say the fuel pumps, and other aux items, which most are listed in checklists, which the Boeing 767 has built in (menu) Go to the tab "Procedures" then "Shutdown" and the full list of items are listed there. If you want the shortcut then use the "Auto" function to do the checklist for you, but it is better to do them yourself so you learn what is what on the aircraft's systems... SD I may just not be wording it correctly lol. What I'm wanting to know is what systems have to keep running during reload. I want to do turnaround flights without having to shut down XPlane. At Gate 14L the unloading of the aircraft works for me, but while the noise is going on behind me the reloading was now starting to start and I am working hard to finish off the reprogramming the MCDU for the next sector to SYD (Sydney), a top up with fuel is also needed but turnaround time is 45 minutes and you have a lot of work to get through... What is the 45 minute procedure?
  2. Well, what I'm really wanting to know is what systems do you have to shutdown for the reset. If I land and park and then want to reload and take off again. I know you have to shutdown the engines because you can't unload or load the plane while the engines are running. I'm just not certain what else you have to do. And I've tried hitting the new flight button in XACARS but that always shuts the whole game down. I really need some advice lol.
  3. Hi Stephen, thanks for the review. Are there any tutorials on how to perform a shutdown and restart for a turnaround? I usually have to shutdown and restart Xplane all together.
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