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  1. Hi Fabio I agree completely with you, keeping good communication and really tell us about you wishes and disappointment is not bad and we for sure will receive it very well. Who knows us the SSG, knows how much we grew and knows our limitations and goals . I wish costumers happy , unsuccessful not all is like you that know how to express, our wishes about the plane, that this is very constructive. I appreciate it thanks.
  2. Today an airliner that has not an FMC is not a good way to go. Wherever it is not a ease task. True FMC's is made by people that does it in a long time and grew up making more modern one each year and every time it get more and more advanced.And costs millions dollars it developments. We SSG may can not follow this development , because it the most XP FMCs working "Elegant" is from 90' "a very known" FMC and believe i can find Tricks . Well people want a complete simulated FMC , that involves "Factory secrets "and hard coding development for 30USD. We SSG decided to release the plane when it got ok for that, and we knows when it is released the Bugs pops everywhere. But Reviewers, Twichers and Purchasers still waiting for the "pearl", a "0" buggy stuff. So many input is made when it is updated and almost bugs too. I fill that XP is over, it became a big 3D render that the simulation itself don't makes any difference since it has a nice eye candy, if it has a complete ease and friendly FMC that makes things in your place, so then you don't need study, that gives you speeds etc. Like the FS world that the plane behaviors is some thing that flight dynamics don't exists. May we the SSG will keep the place of the OLD guys"The Old School", that ones that makes ACF for Siming and not for SS. "ScreenShots". The FMC we plan to get it almost Embraer's like but it will take a time. I look for the future and what I see is an X-plane with few developers making a only type of plane that does all the same and flies the same. We do the thing with love, we try to get back a little of the time invested in study and development and the counterpart , the user "purchaser" . Should give inputs and support the Devs is the better way to go.Go to fly. Almost grips in our E-170 FMC we are working on it. Almost bugs related in the FMC we expect this next Saturday a SP1 that has ironed a lot of reported bugs and some project fixes. People in this comments are talking better is to buy the "X-crafts" that is cheaper , the prices fits . Do you know what X-crafts does an what SSG E-170 does ? Why the guys don't make a compare review. What X-crafts does and what our SSG E-170 does. Starting with how the plane sits in the ground, and then pushing the BATT ON. Not only be talking that it is better or cheaper . That is empty words. What I can tell is that the SSG E-170 has a nice Custom FMC that give you a condition to go from Gate to Gate using all modern features like SID, STAR, APP, Landing. Gives you the V speeds , then you don't need go books to get it, a very nice AP and instruments displays like the PFD and MFD and systems automated like is the true one. A first rate flight quality in terms of flight dynamics and a very nice looking plus more then 100 liveries. And for the people that expends it time to go to a comment into a review to tell that the plane is not good without have got it and say that another from concurrence is better . I can just say I'm sorry about. Thanks Ricardo Bolognini SSG Designer - Ejets development leader.
  3. Hi we make planes for XP because we loves it, don't take it for this side , not all is money, Expend too much money if you don't care for systems and a complete FMC with SID,STAR, APP, plus a very fine flight dynamics don't make much sense. We will keep updating our products, may one day you will get ours . thanks
  4. Hi Dionsol thanks for your comment , expressing your point of view. We plan to release the Old E-jets as freeware, then you should download in any time you like in the X-plane Org forum or in our proper page. Stay tuned.
  5. Hi guys, keep looking into the last releases, buy the planes, all planes to keep the teams growing , keep talking about us, it make us more popular , "Bad or Good" doesno't matter the important is keep talking. We aways will show our defence and apologises for our product. Would you do the same ? Show the 2 sides , the good and the bad. Yes we read the goodies and the badlys, some we will adress to the project , some not because isnot the project target. New liveries , cockpit looking "Skins" will be available to download, new updates will come, we only release the SP1. And it will have the SP2, to kill the related bugs that still in. Don't think the B777 or B57 or 320 Neo or Peter or any otter complex XP aircraft came from any bug "bug free". I never saw and beliave a have got all planes. But all was or will be solved as aways did. I think the most important is that X-plane right now have the "King" as a complete and complex aircraft model. And the XP commutity that earns more with this fact. best wishes Ricardo Bolognini SSG - Designer
  6. Hi, Hi , the SSG will be very OK to give your money refund and cancel your serial. Then may you will not feel ripped by Vmax or SSG. Although is not all people thinks like you as almost only makes criticisms. here is a forum that people thinks different around the SSG B748. So the reader can have the other side. thanks Ricardo Bolognini SSG - Designer http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=72881&hl=
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