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  1. I took this for a flight last night EGFF LIRN, no problems at all. Two small issues though, 1) you can lose autopilot control very quickly if you press the wrong key and there doesnt seem to be any audible warning other than when you suddenly see you aircraft climbing at 6k ft per minute lol 2) there is a graphical bug around the footwells with some flickering. Other than that the a320 is looking really good. Wycliffe
  2. Hi As a 3rd party scenery dev this innovation is absolutely fantastic. If I had any hair I would have pulled it out long ago as a result of orthophoto manipulation. This is going to save so much time I just can't believe it. Next some clever bod will get WED to draw all the buildings etc based on the overlay image now that would really be a piece of software engineering. Lol Wycliffe Barrett
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