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  1. FS Instant Approach PRO for XPlane 10 Jeff Preston John Paul Jones www.FSInventions.com Reviewer: Wycliffe Barrett What do the developers say? Features of FS Instant Approach PRO for X-Plane 10 Set up an approach in seconds! Put yourself on approach to any runway in the world in about the time it takes to read this sentence! Different types of approaches! Fly straight in on final, or intersect final from any angle you choose, or set up on the 'Downwind Leg' of a left or right traffic pattern. Your choice! Try an approach to a random airport Travel the world in seconds as you let
  2. World2xplane is a stunning new development for creating an even more "plausible world" for Xplane 10. This new application uses OpenstreetMap data but in a new an unique way which will provide greater complexity of buildings than before, not only that it will be able to generate sloped roof's and also correct height buildings. It has only been in dev for a few months but already it is showing some very promising results. It is still only in alpha phase which means it can be unstable and may not produce results as you desire but it is a WIP and so can only get better. A number of high profile
  3. Hi I have flown this aircraft almost exclusively since first getting it. I have some superb aircraft but when I go flying I am drawn to the 757. Why? It's simple really, it is quite simply one of the best aircraft available in xplane. Now of course we have this new update which is to be frank the largest update I have seen on any model be it xplane or the other sim. I think Stephens comments and response to the question why release an aircraft that is not complete is spot on. The released version of the 757 received a platinum award from PC PIlot, I know the editor Derek and most of his t
  4. Hello my fellow simmers, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat and this means a number of things to me, one I'm wrapping presents two my bank card is getting hammered and three I can look forward to at least one days piece and quiet, but more than any of that it means I have very little time to fly, control or write reviews. I do have time to let you know about a brand new flight planning tool that has been released just in time for Christmas. EFASS . This freeware package is stupendous I have been using it for the past week and it is superb. There are a few bugs but nothing tha
  5. X-Plane 10 HD Mesh scenery v.2.0 by Alpilotx Last week I mentioned that I was downloading this incredible freeware package and that it was taking a little bit of time to just download Wales, in fact it was an overnight download taking 5 hours. since then I have bought a membership to one of the sites hosting and the downloads take only minutes now which is a lot better I can assure you. As I now have had a chance to spend a little more time with the mesh I thought i might write a little more than just the announcement that I made last week. Here is the product information
  6. Hi everybody I'm going to tell you a tale, a cautionary tale. This story starts approx 3 weeks ago and it would seem it only applies to those who have a windows based os machine and a nVidia GFX card. So about three weeks ago being the good and stout fellow that I am I decide to update my nvidia gfx drivers, it's not something I normally do as I try to live by my own adage which is, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". But I was seduced by the dark side and thought what the heck what harm could it do. So I dutifully entered the dark zone known as the nvidia Gforce experience, its all gree
  7. Excellent review, well done. regarding the annoying little fps counter there is a way of getting rid of it. I did have to write into the jardesign support forum to find out. It would have been much better to have an off on switch as I find FPS counters the bane of most simmers lives as they try desperately to increase FPS into the high hundreds or some such ridiculous number. Anyway this is how you do it. delete only font12.fnt file at \Custom Avionics\fps_ind\ folder Make a backup copy or as I did just rename the file to font12.backup Wycliffe
  8. Good Morning/Evening Pilots this is the big one, it's taken a year for this to be developed and when I say this is the big one it truly is. This will change the way you look at Xplane beyond your imagination. Alpilotx has finished his work on the extremely high detailed scenery mesh. It's a massive amount of data and any one with any semblance of sanity would only download one tile at a time. I downloaded the UK last night and it was reporting 5 hrs to download. So I went to bed and installed it this morning. You must follow the install instructions very closely or you will be in trou
  9. Just in case our many forum members missed this in the past 24 hrs, the world of Xplane is very busy, xsquawkbox64bit v2 has been released. This has fixed the bug that was causing some crashes if you had the Gizmo plugin on your machine. You can get it from here http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/ Have a good day/evening Wycliffe PS I had a private email from someone this morning saying that I was blaming GIZMO as being the cause of the bug. I have written numerous apologies about this, but at first everyone thought the bug was caused by GIZMO, including Wade. The bug was in t
  10. Hello Some of you know me and probably more of you don't, my full name is Wycliffe Alan Barrett Jnr but I mostly drop the Alan and Jnr and as some of you know I am a reviewer here at Xplanereviews. I have been around flight simulation in some form or another for the past 20 years and my first experiences of flight simulation where mostly confined to space based games and then military sims. I moved to commercial flight with FS5 but didn't really enjoy commercial flight simulation until FS2002 upwards. I stopped using FSX last year 2012 and finally removed it from harddrive in MAY2013 havin
  11. Hi The system fidelity of this aircraft is such that you cannot just jump in push the throttles to the bulkhead and fly. You do need to program the aircraft correctly, which means in the most part making sure you have the FMC correctly configured. The early problems I was having on day one with the FMC have gone now that I understand the conventions. I first thought that I was encountering a bug but knowing flightfactors propensity to model accurately, based on real world data and functions, it was clearly not a bug. Let me explain. I will use the flight of EGFF to EGCC to explain
  12. Aerosoft : Lugano Airport Reviewer - Wycliffe Barrett Product description: The airport Lugano is a small international Swiss airport in the canton Tecino. Its location is between the three towns of Agno, Muzzano and Bioggio. The fascinating part of this airport is surely the breathtaking approach, probably one of the most beautiful approaches in the world. Landing on 01 takes you across the picturesque Lake of Lugano where you get the most out of the reflection and shadowing techniques in X-Plane 10 Global. The most frequent aircraft in Lugano is the Saab 2000 operated by
  13. So I have heard just lately what was thought as GIZMO issue is incorrect it's actually something to do with the XSB and xplane sdk, its being fixed and a new release will be along ina few days. The bug only effects a small number of users but enough to warrant a fix being found. Wycliffe Wycliffe
  14. Hello Apparently there appear to be some problems with Gizmo, this seems to effect aircraft purchased from xaviation, some people have reported a crash when using the CRJ when purchased via xaviation. If you have said issues write to Gizmo as it is their issue not Xsquawkbox although the devs at Xsquawkbox are aware. Also win 8 users might have some problems aswell. Wycliffe
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