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  1. Thanks Stephen. A promising look into X-Plane 12. I note in the minimum requirements that this required a minimum VRam of 4Gig. To me that's a significant increase of Vram for the X-Plane requirement. I have a maxed out MBP i7 (2020)notebooks which provides acceptable performance in X-Plane 11. However, it will not run X-Plane 12 at all due to the Vram requirement. You did not comment about the impact of this requirement on its users. Do you have any indication that there may be a future configuration setting that allows a lessor Vram minimum? That would allow many more users to take advantages of the other features that set X-Plane apart from MSFS?
  2. I am disappointed! The quality of the in-cockpit graphics does not match the advertised displays, the attached manuals or the above review. Examples of this problem can be seen in the following displays! 16. KX155A TSO – Nav/Comm 17. KT 70 TSO – Transponder 18. KR 87 TSO – ADF 11. Altitude Alerter. 12. Autopilot Annunciators If someone can tell me how to improve these blurry componants, I would be very happy. Thanks Barry
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