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  1. I installed Xplane 11 with it's default scenery... Saint Hubert CYHU has it's buildings (about 25 miles away from Montreal CYUL) I install the CA-A files then the CA-B mesh - With the CA-B-CYUL_Montreal_Mesh folder, the buildings disappear. Erase said folder and buildings reappear. This does NOT happen with other sceneries such as C Montreal. If the mesh is so complicated, it's affecting regions miles away from CYUL. Guess I'll have to investigate other nearby airports to see if it happens there as well.
  2. The following file for Montreal CYUL (CA-B-CYUL_Montreal_Mesh) has caused all buildings in CYHU to disappear. I had to remove this folder from the custom scenery in order to get back the buildings in Saint-Hubert (CYHU) - Wonder how many other items have been removed... Also, there is a taxiway light in the middle of the center exit ramp on runway 06R/24L Phil Private Pilot Sr. Software Engineer Amateur Astronomer. Computer specialist since 1975
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