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  1. I never once watch youtubers had to say, but I did watch the Asobo videos. If I pay $19 for a video game I expect it to be just that, if I'm disappointed well I paid $19. For me in Canadian money I paid $180, never have I paid that much for a title so needless to say the bar was high. In another forum one can read for 3 days about tweaks, do this and you should get this, change this and the problem seems to go away, oops it came back, and on and on and on. It's FS2004 and FSX all over again, I truly felt in 2020 we would not have to deal with that. Sorry to say but they botched it big time and it will leave a bitter taste with many for a while. Like you I will revisit in a year, but in the meantime I have XP11 and could not be happier.
  2. My experience with FS2020 made me discover XP11, yes FS2020 is pretty but that's where it stops. Would I buy again? heck no!! The sheer volume of bugs, crashes and stuff that makes absolutely no sense is mind numbing, needless to say for me it's parked. There is no way that my computer can be blamed, my specs are way up there far exceeding what most people have. I have faith XP12 will be awesome and they have time to do it right, no way the other guys can correct everything in short order, because it seems when they correct one thing they create another one or two....
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