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  1. JARDesign Airbus A320neo V3.0r1 In exactly 150 words: For me, an aircraft is considered realistic when I simply cannot help myself but smile. With JARDesign’s Airbus A320neo, its realism does exactly that. From the landing gear, to the cabin windows, I am astounded by JARDesign’s attention to detail throughout the entire aircraft. The A320 makes excellent use of X-Plane 11’s new features, such as the brilliant lighting in the cabin, and the immersive reflections of lights on the wing as I taxi – It makes for particularly sensational night flying. The aircraft is a joy to fly too, as its admirable systems simulation and overall stability means nothing ever goes wrong. The optional BSS sound pack is unbeatable – I am seduced when I hear the roar of the engines at the back of the aircraft during take-off. And thanks to Stephen's review, I knew I had made an excellent choice from day one in the JARDesign Airbus A320.
  2. First of all, congratulations on your 1st anniversary! Although, where to start? I spent quite some time scouring the website's reviews - And had to make the tough decision between the Boeing 732 by FlyJSim, and the Airbus A320 VC package by Peters Aircraft. However, I came to a final decision, that the Airbus A320 appeals to me more. This is mostly because I prefer modern airliners, mostly because they are better in every way (apart from old models such as the Boeing 707, which will always be a historic icon). I've always been fascinated by Peters Aircraft - And the Airbus A320 doesn't disappoint. Every aspect of the aircraft, from the beautiful 3D cockpit, to the preferred fashion of the sharklets, have been replicated with extreme precision and detail. To add to this, many liveries have been designed to suit the aircraft - Both versions - And not one lets me down. The cockpit is very user friendly throughout, but as mentioned, the 2D one does seem a bit squashed. However, it is the level of detail and attention paid to every aspect of the cockpit that makes it so attractive. The aircraft performs amazingly in terms of what you can control from the cockpit. Combining X-Plane's default FMS with the aircraft seems like a good idea - No more pain of having to do the same thing twice. Of course, this goes that little bit further, by adding in things not in X-Plane's default FMS - Another reason why it is such an amazing aircraft. So, to sum things up, I have chosen the Airbus A320 from Peters Aircraft for its distinct attention to detail and comprehensive systems that make every aspect of flying an aircraft in X-Plane so close to reality. There is a real sense of dedication in the cockpit especially, which has been modelled so fantastically, it makes you feel almost 'at-home' whilst flying the Airbus A320 (VC), produced by Peters Aircraft. - Alexander John
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