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  1. Nope don't have that problem... My guess is that you have a scenery order conflict, check the JustSim EBBR is above the Global Airport folder? or there could be another EBBR in there... Stephen
  2. Aircraft Review : CowanSim 500E by CowanSim There is no doubt that CowanSim has invigorated the helicopter scene within the X-Plane Simulator. A seriously neglected area for years in that X-Plane's mainstay developer in Dreamfoil Creations went very quiet, and that vSkyLab's does only small and very fringe ultra-light machines. So the centre of good helicopters has for years been quite barren. First JRXDesign with their excellent Gazelle SA 341B and SA 342J started the ball rolling again, but it was CowanSim with their very accessible B222B+UT aircraft that has delivered machines f
  3. News! - Released : Rutan Model-158 Pond Racer - Test-Pilot Project by vSkyLabs The Rutan Model-158 was a twin-engine racing aircraft, developed by Burt Rutan (at his company 'Scaled Composites'), for Bob Pond (1924-2007), a honorable aviator and inventor, to be flown at the Reno Air Races back in the early 90's. The Pond Racer's made its first public appearance at the Reno Air Races in 1991, but dropped out due to mechanical problems. On September 14th 1993, during qualifying, the Pond Racer, which was piloted by Rick Bricket, crashed following engine failu
  4. News! - Released : CowanSim 500E by CowenSim CowenSim have released their second project in the MD 500E helicopter. If you recognise the helicopter but not the name, it is taken from the hugely successful Hughes 500/MD 500 series, McDonnell Douglas acquired Hughes Helicopters in January 1984, and from August 1985 the 500E and 530F were then built as the MD 500E and MD 530F Lifter. Power is supplied by a Rolls Royce Model 250-C20R/2 450HP turbo-shaft engine. Features; 2K & 4K Versions FMOD Fully Dynamic Sound Pack Window Rain Effects
  5. News! - Scenery Released : LGZA - Zakynthos, Greece by Flyx Simulations Greece was all the vogue in 2020, and here is another for your collection from Flyx... LGZA - Zakynthos. Zakynthos (also spelled Zakinthos) is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. Zakynthos is a tourist destination, with an international airport served by charter flights from northern Europe. The island's nickname is "the Flower of the Levant", bestowed upon it by the Venetians who were in possession of Zakynthos from 1484 to 1797.
  6. News! - Scenery Updated : EDDN Nuremberg XP v1.04 by Aerosoft Branded under the Aerosoft banner is EDDN Nuremberg XP by the German art house 29 Palms. The original release was last year in April 2020, and a great and sensational scenery it is, X-PlaneReviews, review is here: Scenery Review : EDDN - Nuremberg XP by Aerosoft This is a noted update... v1.03 was a dud, so you will need to reload and update both the airport and seasons packs to v1.04. No v1.04 changelog has yet been published, but the issues were related to the SAM Seasons. Current changelogs a
  7. News! - Released : LEGR - Granada XP by Logo Projects Logo Project's last release was the excellent LGSR - Santorini Greece. It was and is very good, but there was a few quirks, but nothing to takeaway the stunning visuals of the island, and the night effects were sensational. Here is their next release for Granada in Spain, in LEGR - Granada XP. Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport (IATA: GRX, ICAO: LEGR) is a Spanish airport owned by Aena located between the municipalities of Chauchina and Santa Fe, both in the province of Granada - 17 kilometers no
  8. News! - Something BIG is here... A few days Laminar Research and a few other outlets posted a notice the "Something BIG is coming", and here it is and it is certainly not anything to do with X-Plane 12, and yes I am disappointed in that aspect as... well I/We want to know about X-Plane 12! The something BIG is the formation of the Flight Simulation Association, formed by the same people that brings you the yearly FlightSimExpo. Of which this (fingers crossed) will be held June 4-6, 2021, Town and Country Resort, San Diego, CA, USA as a A Hybrid In-Person and Onli
  9. News! - Released : RKSI - Incheon International Airport by Taimodels This is the second release from Taimodels, their first was VVVD-VAN DON International Airport, Vietnam, released back in January 26 2021. Focusing totally on Asian scenery we have now moved to the largest airport in South Korea, and the primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area, and one of the largest and busiest airports in the region. This is Seoul–Incheon International Airport. Incheon International Airport is located west of Incheon's city center, on an artificially created piece
  10. News! - Development : FlightFactor release more Boeing 787 Professional images FlightFactor are certainly keeping you in the loop with the development of their next new aircraft in the Boeing 787-900 Pro to be released Q4 this year 2021 . The cockpit renders are now done and the aircraft is seen for the first time in the X-Plane Simulator, tweet note "787 3d in the sim - WIP". The B787 has noted to be the most study grade and detailed aircraft not only from FlightFactor but for the X-Plane Simulator, and that is a big statement by any means, but if anyone can live
  11. News! - Aircraft Update : Airbus A350 v1.6.16 by FlightFactor There has been a really interesting updated by FlightFactor with their Airbus A350. Neglected for many years, lately the FF A350 has had a flurry of updates and all have been quite significant. The main restart update was the v1.6 update in July 2020, But there has been a few updates since then, and now another one. One thing to note is that the update is a particularly large at 1026Mb, and 1100 files, and far too many file changes for the noted changed items in the changelog? This update is focu
  12. News! - Aircraft Update : UH-1 V1.5 "Huey" by Nimbus Simulations Nimbus Simulations have done a massive update to their excellent UH-1 "Huey" helicopter. The changelog (below) is simply huge and the announcement that a civil version of the helicopter was “probably” being released in a month... The UH-1 is a utility military helicopter powered by a single Lycoming T53-L-11 turboshaft engine, 1,100 shp (820 kW), with two-blade main and tail rotors. It was the first member of the highly prolific Huey family, it was developed by Bell Helicopter to meet a United
  13. Scenery Review : CYHZ - Halifax Stanfield International Airport by Airfield Canada A developer that is totally focused on North American Canadian scenery is Airfield Canada. Their first release was CYQY-J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport (not to be confused with Sydney, NSW, Australia) and now here is their second major releases in CYHZ - Halifax Stanfield International Airport, also in Nova Scotia. Halifax Stanfield International Airport is a Canadian airport in Goffs, Nova Scotia, a rural community of the Halifax Regional Municipality. It serves the Halifax region, m
  14. News! - Aircraft Announcement : MD 500E by Cowensim Not standing on their laurels, Cowen Simulations have already announced there next project in the MD 500E helicopter. If you recognise the helicopter but not the name, it is taken from the hugely successful Hughes 500/MD 500 series, McDonnell Douglas acquired Hughes Helicopters in January 1984, and from August 1985 the 500E and 530F were then built as the MD 500E and MD 530F Lifter. X-PlaneReviews reviewed CowenSim's last releases in the very good CowenSim B222 B+UT, but the rotor head modeling left a lot
  15. "The Century lV autopilot (AP) won't work unless again you switch on the power in the same row of switches as the electric trim.... "
  16. Yes Thranda (Dan Klaue) did every Carenado conversion to X-Plane, but stopped August 2019, they were under contract to service up to Jan 2020, then they went their separate ways, it is debatable if the last releases in the G1000 versions, if they were Thranda or finished off by Carenado. But the differences in quality were highly noticeable.
  17. News! - Plugin Released : RealView Next by HST Simulations Is it an upgrade or an update? HST have updated and renamed their RealView to RealView Next, but it is still a free update to earlier RealView purchasers, so that makes it an update. But the effect plugin has also been completely redeveloped to another more active level, and that makes it also an upgrade. RealView Next includes brand new movement technology, new camera immersion effects and more. Headshaking and effects are not new to get a more realism feel to your flying, hence the earlier "Headsh
  18. Behind the Screen : February 2021 In most past years X-Plane has come out of the box at the start of a New Year, in 2020 for instance I was already doing big reviews, even before I had restarted after the Christmas/NewYear break, head down... a New Year and a time to get on. Easter has now become the bigger purchasing period for X-Plane add-ons... the maths are simple, as with even Black Friday sales, most cash is focused on loved ones or spending up big over the holidays, not on simulation. Easter though is different, except for a few Easter Eggs, then you have the spare holiday
  19. News! - ToLiSS celebrates 3 Years It was three years ago this week that ToLiss Simulation Solutions released their first aircraft in the sensational Airbus A319-122. X-PlaneReviews had, had an early access to the aircraft, it was not what the aircraft delivered in it's excellent reproduction of the Airbus philosophy that was outstanding, but more so the feel of the aircraft in it's basic flying form, I never forgot that first manual landing at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, where I manhandled this fabulous aircraft on to the runway, it was and still is the most amazing
  20. Airport Release : CYHZ - Halifax Stanfield International Airport by Airfield Canada A developer that is focused on Canadian scenery is Airfield Canada. Their first release was CYQY - J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport (not to be confused with Sydney, NSW, Australia) and now here is their second major releases in CYHZ - Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Although in the same area geographical of Nova Scotia, Halifax Stanfield airfield was not part of the early transport trans-Atlantic stopping off points, like St Johns (CYYT), Gander (CYQX), Moncton (
  21. News! - Aircraft Announcement : Embraer Phenom 300 by Aerobask Aerobask have continued it's journey into light jet territory to announce that their next aircraft will be the Brazilian Embraer Phenom 300 - EMB-505,. Most pundits were expecting a Falcon 8X announcement, but instead we got another light jet like the already released Aerobask Epic Victory. On the Falcon 8X, Lionel “Yoyoz” Zamouth of Aerobask / Skunkcrafts still assured users that in the development of the Phenom 300 aircraft it has also actually benefited the larger Falcon 8X. The reason given
  22. Upgrade Scenery Release : GCTS - Tenerife South - Reina Sofía Airport v2 by Digital Design JustSim released their first version of Tenerife South back in December 2018, and it had a few updates in, one still in Dec 2018 and another one in 2019, overall I wasn't that taken with the scenery, it was good as all JustSim scenery is, but it just didn't register enough for me to do a review or give the airport the exposure it really deserved. It is now back in an upgraded GCTS version v2 and the scenery has had a very though decent overhaul and revision. The Tenerife scenery h
  23. Aircraft Review : CowanSim Bell 222B + UT You know when something special is going on when the X-Plane forums were buzzing. It was "CowanSim this" and "CowanSim that", and everyone was wanting something relating to the aircraft, more unusual was that is was a Helicopter, and in most instances helicopters don't usually create this sort of buzz, mostly because chopper pilots are a minority bunch and stay mostly within their own flight pal circles... so something must have been interesting to create a so much activity. This comes with the release from CowanSim a Bell 222
  24. This comment has been moved to the updated review Medellinexpat There’s already a v1.1 out which is meant to fix several issues. Given the review it might not be the last update. One has to question the testing on the original release. What some developers miss is that few releases are lucky enough to get a second review. The review of the initial release is likely to be read by many potential purchasers not just now but in the future.
  25. News! - Updated : Airbus A320 Ultimate v1.1.9 by FlightFactor FlightFactor.Aero have released the update v1.1.9 to their A320-214. (This post replaces the v1.1.17 beta release). The v1.1.19 release is the formal release and takes the aircraft out of the beta version, but between the beta and the formal release there have been no extra changes or revisions. There was an announcement a few weeks ago that FlightFactor were doing some optimisation on the aircraft's Flight Management System to recover the severe lost framerate when Vulkan was introduced t
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