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  1. Hi, folks! Happy anniversary. Now it's our turn, us the readers, to give some thoughts. My choice goes to the amazing FlightFactor 757 (which I actually purchased right after reading the ASN review from Angelique) Now the problem is: My wife thinks I'm cheating on her with a 757. But why do I love this aircraft so much? Because this bird goes beyond the act of flying in X-plane. It is a whole flying school in itself ! You open it, you can interact with almost everything, and the model's user interface takes you hand in hand to teach you how to master the beast from scratch. It even shows you where to click ! ! How sweet… But it sets the bar since the beginning: it calls you "captain", but you are NOT a captain. You're just a student entering the academy. Your classroom is one of the best 3D-designed cockpit ever made. It is so crisp, with so sharp and neatly baked textures that you can almost "smell it" with your eyes. A true masterpiece (well.. Ramzzess is behind it). So you humbly progress through tutorials toward more complicated systems, up to this engineering beauty which is the FMS. And that's precisely what I love on those complex models: the rewarding feeling of learning improvement, working through the challenges and deserving the right to be called "captain". It can be tough, sometimes even discouraging, but the hilarious chief flight attendant gives an entertaining realism that makes you stay more to know what his next crazy quote will be. No other aircraft in X-plane has ever given such a level of experience. The FF 757 has that right stuff. So this is it, this is my winner! Not my wife's, obviously. I suspect she is planning to complain to the FlightFactor team to stop them from making amazing add-ons which turn her sweetheart into a virtual aviation geek, instead of repairing the house / cooking / feeding baby / etc, etc... Well, another challenge… Happy anniversary again, and all the best for the second year to come! Chris
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