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  1. I do not have the g1000 data pack. That me be work trying. Thx for your reply.
  2. BUYER BEWARE: It’s very dishonest and disturbing that Carenado still offers to sell Cirrus SR22 - GTSX Turbo G1000 HD Series. I bought this back in November 2018 and spent some time trying to get it to work with Xplane11. After finally getting a response from Carenado support (see email from Carenado support below), I found out that it was discontinued. Months after that, I see this product is still being offered for sale in January 2019 with no notice that Cirrus SR22 - GTSX Turbo G1000 HD not work on Xplane11. Reply from Carenado on November 23, 2018: Greetings, The only XP11 aircraft with G1000 is the Phenom 100, however the Carenado G1000 for XP11 has been discontinued. It had less features, was much more difficult to support, didn't have good performance, and has no upgrade path, as it relies on legacy database technologies, whose support is discontinued in XP11. It's a bit of a transition phase right now, where we are still waiting for Laminar to grant us developers the ability to draw content on the 2D pop-up window that currently displays the G1000 unit(s). Once we have that ability, it'll be relatively straightforward for us to add features to the G1000 that the default one doesn't make available to pales of different configurations. Regards Carenado.
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