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  1. Hello, at VSKYLABS the govenor also works perfectly. Speed up the engine, Govenor on and he's working. It used to work at NIMBUS, why not now? Best regards
  2. Hello, A question about it. So far, the govenor has kept the speed constant after the engine has started up. He hasn't been doing this since the last update. I have to constantly regulate the gas manually. The govenor on the center console is on. What am I doing wrong? Best regards
  3. Hello, my paper is late, but it's coming. This aircraft is all the best thought-up in the PC and on all add ons. Bravo, keep it up. Very good programmers. Best regards Wolfgang
  4. Hi, I got a Saitek Multipanel. There's autopilot, trimmings and flap switch on it. All other functions at my four Saitek panels work well, only the flap switch does not. By the way, integration from Reality GNS into instrumental board is great.
  5. Hello, I have one more request. Could you program the control of the flaps so that they can be served by the Saitek multipanel? Best regards
  6. Hello, thank you for the succesful aircraft. I would have one request: could you create a place in the instrument board for Reality XP GNS? It's more real than anywhere in the air. best regards
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