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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll pick it up soon, no matter what. I mean, I got the A350, despite the lack of proper SID/STAR support (but I have a workaround), so the 777 can't be too bad.. ;)
  2. Very nice review! I have this module installed, but I haven't given her much attention, now I feel I have to give her another look. Would it be possible for you to do an update-review on the 777 as well? It has been updated after the last review you did, and I want to get it, but everyone says it's terrible. I'm pretty sure a lot that is based on _really_ old information that is no longer true, but it's hard to know. It's really hard to get rid of a bad reputation once if has stuck, and people love to repeat the negatives instead of having a second look.
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