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  1. Great review as always Stephen. Between this, the Falcon 50EX (which I'm having a lot of fun with), and the Citation Mustang we're finally getting some decent XP11 private jets to ferry the 1%er's around in. Of course, hanging out for the Falcon 8X and hopefully Aerobask will deliver a beauty. Cheers
  2. A great read as always. Good luck with the move! (and dealing with NBN.... oh boy....)
  3. lol... out of all the new features, it is the "stop" functionality on the groundhandling window which I am looking forward to most! Sometimes it's the little things...... Thx for the news review.
  4. Outstanding review Stephen - very helpful, gave me confidence in making a purchase of the X-56. Any chance you would be willing to upload your X-56 profile file for x-plane 11?
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