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News! - Aircraft Released! : Boeing 737-700 by EADT

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News! - Aircraft Released! : Boeing 737-700 by EADT


European Aircraft Developer Team (EADT) have released a new version  of their excellent x737 project in the Boeing 737-700 variant.



737_head 1.jpg737_head 2.jpg

737_head 3.jpg737_head 4.jpg


To counter the threat of Airbus and their A320 series Boeing totally revamped their excellent 737 to NG or New Generation series in 1991. This series comprised of three variants in the -600, -700 and -800 models. Without doubt the -800 series went on to be the mainstay of most airlines, but the -700 was a cheaper buy, cheaper to run and a better fit on certain routes. All three variants first flew within months of each other in 1997. The B737-700 was actually the first to fly on February 9, 1997.


Obviously the biggest difference is in the aircraft's length with the -700 110 ft 4 in / 33.63 m in contrast to the -800 129 ft 6 in / 39.47 m, the barrel size is the same at 12 ft 4 in (3.76 m) as are the wings 112 ft 7 in / 34.32 m, with winglets: 117 ft 5in / 35.79m.




Currently the largest operator (if not the largest operator of all B737's) is Southwest with 490 of the variant, so it is fitting that the aircraft shown here is in Southwest colours. Delta has 10 and continental has 36.


737_Ground 1.jpg737_Ground 2.jpg


Most of the new version is the same as EADT's current x737-800 version, which we covered in this review last year : x737project v5.0


Overall the cockpit is the same as the original -800 but the flying profiles have been changed to suit the -700 version.


737_cockpit 1.jpg737_cockpit 2.jpg


The only real internal difference is that the cabin has been given the "Sky" theme makeover.


737_cabin 1.jpg737_cabin 2.jpg


EADT do note this "Sky" theme will be on their -800 version as well in the next update.


Yes you can fly both x737 variants in X-Plane11, and X-Plane10 is still supported, so the...


x737-700 is available for X-Plane 10 and 11, Mac/Windows/Linux 32/64bit. And currently there are more than 30 liveries from all over the world available.

x737project simulation provides realistic systems like autopilot, fuel systems, pressurisation and directional sounds to the simulation. The x737FMC system by EADT is also available.


The EADT aircraft is free. But we certainly approve of any donation to support the project, anything is a nice reward for all the hard work that Benedikt., Pierre and Lukas put into this of all classic X-Plane projects.




You can make a donation to EADT here : Donate for the x737 Project!


Or purchase the excellent x737 add on in Javier Cortes x737FMC which a custom fully built in FMC made for just this x737 aircraft.


The X-Plane.Org is a proud sponsor of this x737 project and has supported the project since its inception almost 11 years ago.

For more information go to the EADT x737 website here: x737 Project for X-Plane


Download the x737-700 v5.0 here:

x737Project 700 - EADT


Download the x737-800 v5.0 here:

x737Project 800 - EADT




Stephen Dutton

2nd May 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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