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NEWS! - UPDATE : CowanSim 222B/222UT v2.60

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NEWS! - UPDATE : CowanSim 222B/222UT v2.60


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This is the dual versions of the CowanSim version of the Bell 222, an American twin-engine light helicopter built by Bell Helicopter. The standard is the 222B, with the 222UT being the utility version. Both aircraft can be purchased separately or in a duel package. Both aircraft have now been updated to v2.60.


Full X-PlaneReviews CowanSim 222B/UT review is here; Aircraft Review : CowanSim Bell 222B + UT



Changelog v2.60 is in an unusual form, but still noted here (credits to CowanSim)

222B/UT v2.60 – Updated 02/04/2022

If something you requested or reported was not fixed or added then don’t worry. This is an ongoing project and will be updated further. Development takes a LOT of time, but we will get there.


Never overwrite the old version when updating. It will leave behind old textures, code, objects and other things that will ruin the new version. The new folder has a new name, so simply extract it as is and you will be okay. Thanks

Auto Pilot

The mode selector/flight director system was changed from the ground up. As requested by many simmers, the ALT knob will now change the altitude when ALT is selected. Previously, the selection made with the knob was where the VS would settle. Now when pressing ALT (have to double click) your current altitude will be held and can be changed with the ALT knob.

The top three buttons, ALT, IAS and VS can only be used one at a time.

SBY: Turns the auto pilot system ON/OFF.

ALT: Holds the current altitude and programmable as described above.

IAS: Holds the airspeed when changing collective input.

VS: Holds the vertical speed with cyclic at rest. Self centering joysticks need to be centered first.

HDG: Holds the heading of the heading bug on the HSI.

NAV: Provides steering commands for both VOR, localizer navigation and area navigation.

ILS: Used to make a full ILS approach. Pressing the ILS button with a LOC frequency tuned arms both the localizer and the glideslope mode.

BC: Engages back course approach mode.

VOR/APP: Engages the VOR approach mode.

GA: Activates go-around mode. When engaged the flight director computer commands a roll level attitude and a pitch attitude of 750-1000 FPM rate of climb. The pilot must maintain desired air speed by adjusting the collective.


This was request by a couple sim pilots. There was no more room on the panel for any other instruments. The decision was made to replace the standby attitude indicator to the left of the main one. The standby attitude indicator is still there, so if you want that instead there is a click spot hovering over the ADF. Clicking it will make the standby attitude indicator appear in place of the new ADF indicator.


The fmod sounds got a huge makeover. One of the issues with the CowanSim 222s was muffled sounds. There was a high pass hiding in one of the main sound banks, essentially chopping off half of the highs. (same with the old 500E sounds) The entire fmod project was scrapped and brought back to life with several new approaches and sounds added.


Rotor animations are now complete with the trigonometry included so the pitch of the blades follow the swash plate. Rotor textures and mapping were updated too.

NOTE: Since the rotor textures are new then all liveries must be updated if the rotor texture was edited. This will happen from time to time if you are editing things outside of the paint kit. The old kit did included rotor textures and not sure why that was in there. Those were removed.

Torque Gauge

The 3 needles on the torque gauges for both engines and the rotor were calibrated at max weight. They should be more accurate now.

This selector was broken on the 222UT. It is now working.

Ground Power

A ground power unit was added and is accessible in the clipboard and upper menu options.


The HSI flags now work correctly.

Starting With Engines Running

There are too many messages from users who are stuck at idle when starting with engines running. The idle stop relays on the collective box need to be activated to unlock each throttle from the idle position. After that you have 5 seconds to roll the throttles to off or full. Now when starting with engines running the throttles are both set to flight idle to eliminate the confusion. This is all in the manual.

Various bugs, fixes and additions.

Noticed the fully automated start camera views are not compatible with X-Camera. It would have to be disabled for that to work correctly.



Bug Fix! There was a bug in the last update. The menu option to change from luxury to medical didn’t work correctly, it would only work using the clipboard. This is now fixed and available for download.



The v2.60 update is now available from your X-Plane.OrgStore Account, just logon and download... 


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Bell 222B + UT by CowanSim v2.60 is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here : 


CowanSim 222B

Price is US$24.95


CowanSim 222UT

Price is US$24.95


CowanSim 222B+UT

Price is US$39.95


Features 222B+UT

This package includes both variants:
  • The 222B
  • The 222UT



X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 595 MB
Current version : 2.6 (February 4th 2022)



News by Stephen Dutton

5th February 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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