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OSMAirportsX. by girivs

It's happening people, it's really begining to happen, what I hear you all shouting. Xplane is finally reaching the tipping point, we only need a few more things and it will be easy for everyone to get into and enjoy. OSMAirportsX is one of those vital pieces that will help turn Xplane into a mass market, mass appeal product. Let me explain, as we all know when it comes to airports Xplane doesn't have many default airports I think it ships with 21.

A competition took place recently where users where asked to submit three airports of their choosing and design to join the growing airport database. This has not been realised just yet but we can submit to it. The idea being eventually user designed airports will be pushed out to all Xplane users by a update patch in the same way we now get Xplane upgrades.

Well two days ago a clever chap who uses the name of girivs released a small package to the community that is going to change airport scenery building like nothing else. OSMAirportsX takes advantage of the excellent Openstreetmap site and builds airports on the fly. I created three airports this evening in about 15mins. This package is simply brilliant and I can see hundreds if not thousands of airports showing up on the org for download in no time at all. Airports will be able to be built by anyone as the application simply produces terminals, cargo depot's by using the default facades from within Xplane itself.

I have only made three airports but if I was to carry on like this, in a week it would be 21. It might take a little longer than a week to fill them out the way I would like but 21 airports in a week that I wouldn't normally have in Xplane built to a standard that will give me a decent facsimile has to make me happy.

The airports built are nothing like the payware ones created by Aerosoft or even like any of the excellent freeware ones done by 3rd party dev's like myself, Chrisk or frede. What it does do is create a base to work from, one can open up the airport in WED and start adding the more complex elements of an airports. It writes runways, taxiways, centre lines and centre lights, taxiway lights distance markers and much more. This package is simplicity to use but I feel there is some very clever coding going on in the background hard at work.

Thank goodness I use a windows based PC because the implementation of the software on a mac looks a little harder but even so I guess mac users will get to grips with it easy enough. If your even the slightest bit interested in building scenery, then this is the package to get. With the imminent release of a new update to WED with some really exciting airport development features the future is looking incredibly bright.

You can download the application from www.x-plane.org

Openstreetmap from http://www.openstreetmap.org

Just PMDG to jump on the wagon and Xplane will really take off, pardon the pun.

Wycliffe Barrett

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