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NEWS! - Laminar Research - X-Plane 12 Documentation updated

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NEWS! - Laminar Research - X-Plane12 Documentation updated


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The first real notes on X-Plane 12 have been released by Laminar Research on their Developer Documentation page and very interesting reading it makes as well... Noted under "Tech Notes" it details all the new coming items to X-Plane12 that is accessed through the PlaneMaker Application...  as a side note, Austin Meyers has also totally redone the PlaneMaker Application UI to bring it into the 2020's and the more modern X-Plane UI look and feel, and the new PM UI will probably be released along with X-Plane12.


Areas covered in the new documentation includes:


Navigation Display Scaling

Radio altimeter sensor location and offset

Weight & Balance and Load Stations

Airframe and Tail Anti-Ice and De-Icing boots

Stabilizer Trim and Servo

Windshield ice and rain protection datarefs

Hydraulic systems and flight controls

Flight Control Splits

Pilot and Copilot Flight Control Inputs

Flight director and autothrottle datarefs

Changes to Radio Navigation

Autopilot navigation source reference

Hydraulic gear systems


These changes show all the new systems coming to X-Plane12, and are well worth studying for the details they contain, certainly they are noted only for developers, but you can also use the time to understand what new areas will be coming to the "Next Generation" of the Simulator...  notable are three areas. Navigation Display Scaling, Weight & Balance and Load Stations and Changes to Radio Navigation.


Navigation Display Scaling

"Starting with X-Plane 12 it is possible to independently scale symbols and text of the navdisplay, and also change the relative locations of symbols and labels."


 Weight & Balance and Load Stations

"Plane Maker 12 has a new tab "Payloads" in the weight & balance setup. This article explains how to configure them.


Changes to Radio Navigation

Changes have been made to standalone DME, TACAN stations, and WAAS reception. In addition, Glideslope can be selected off.


A lot of the areas noted here in the released documentation was shown in the San Diego Expo presentation...  the presentation of the "Systems" was by Philipp Ringler at around 27:39 in the video.


FlightSimExpo: X-Plane 12 Announcement


Overall the X-Plane12 changes look substantial, giving you more depth and systems available for not only the developers to take advantage of, but to use in the simulations, one final point to make, is that it looks like to implement these new systems, most aircraft will have to be updated to the new formats...  2022 is looking like a very long year of updates and changes?



News by Stephen Dutton

18th October 2021

Copyright©2021 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All rights reserved.

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