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News! - X-Trident update the CH47-D Chinook to v1.1

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News! - X-Trident update the CH47-D Chinook to v1.1


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Most developers do a followup update after an aircraft release to do a tidy up of bugs, fixes and small changes. This is the one for the amazing CH47-D Chinook by X-Trident to version v1.1. Full review is here: Aircraft Review : Boeing CH47-D Chinook by X-Trident


The v1.1 update is set out in three separate sections consisting of; Corrections and new features, x-plane commands (mapped to plugin functions) and new “CH47” custom commands.


New is; added sound effects for switches and buttons (new volume slider in the sound control panel), new button "DEFAULT" in the sound control panel, new manipulator on the left side magic paper sheet to open the custom control panel, added checklist, new manipulators for rudder pedals and new manipulators to release the parking brakes.


The rest are corrections and fixes...  the full v1.1 changelog is here:


Version 1.1 (June 9th 2021)

Corrections and new features:

  • VR support for the custom control panel
  • fixed shininess tags for liveries
  • added sound effects for switches and buttons (new volume slider in the sound control panel)
  • new tag "no_antiglare" for liveries
  • new button "DEFAULT" in the sound control panel. Hit to make the current profile the default one to be loaded whith the aircraft
  • APU switch now works in VR
  • EAPS fan switches now moving correctly
  • most manipulators' pointers now consistent with their corresponding action
  • new manipulator on the left side magic paper sheet to open the custom control panel
  • park brake lever is now dual action (set & release) - not realistic but possibly a lot more usable
  • cyclic operated with VR controller does not self center when used with non centering joy option
  • checkbox option in the fuel control panel to save the amount of fuel per tank, on exit new slider in the fuel control panel to set the desired fuel quantity
  • updated user's guide (documents folder)
  • added checklist (documents folder)
  • engine start switches should now work (again) also in VR and should be easier to manipulate
  • new manipulators for rudder pedals
  • new manipulators to release the parking brakes - these are a just a tiny bit difficult to locate - they correspond to the top of the rudder pedals and it is possible to click them also when they are partially hidden by the front panel

x-plane commands (mapped to plugin functions):

  • apu start, apu on, apu off, apu generator on, apu generator off:  all apu functions
  • autopilot heading select: heading hold
  • autopilot altitude select or hold: alt hold
  • autopilot terrain-mode following: radio alt hold
  • throttle up 1, throttle up 2, throttle down 1, throttle down 2: move engine condition lever, per engine
  • clear master caution: clear master caution
  • aim spotlight left, aim spotlight right, aim spotlight up, aim spotlight down: aim both pilot (visible) and copilot (IR) search lights

“CH47” custom commands:

  • att hold level: attitude hold leveling
  • rpm 1 increase, rpm 2 increase, rpm 1 decrease, rpm 2 decrease: rpm trim, per engine
  • start engine 1, start engine 2: engine start, per engine
  • apu start-run-stop: smart control of the APU with one single command
  • apu gen: toggle apu generator
  • gen1, gen2: toggle generator, per engine
  • battery: toggle battery
  • fuel pump aft aux1, fuel pump main aft1, fuel pump main fwd1, fuel pump fwd aux1, fuel pump aft aux2, fuel pump main aft2, fuel pump main fwd2, fuel pump fwd aux2: fuel pumps
  • hyd1, hyd2: hydraulic transfer 1, hydraulic transfer 2
  • ramp up, ramp down: ramp up, ramp down
  • load select next, load select previous: get slung load ready to connect
  • load connect current: attach the currently selected load (reminder: use x-plane's jettison payload command to drop)
  • afcs inc, afcs dec: AFCS knob
  • fuel quantity inc, fuel quantity dec: fuel quantity knob
  • xmsn temp inc, xmsn temp dec: transmission temperature knob
  • xmsn press inc, xmsn press dec: transmission pressure knob
  • nav display inc, nav display dec: GPS/DOP display knob
  • nav mode inc, nav mode dec: GPS/DOP mode knob
  • door open,door close: start/stop commands to operate the starboard door 


Flying 20.jpgFlying 21.jpgFlying 22.jpgFlying 12.jpg


To update to the CH47-D v1.1 version, then go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account and download the new version, which is available now.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing CH47-D Chinook by X-Trident is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Boeing CH47-D Chinook-X-Trident

Price is US$38.95


Features Include:

  • Highly detailed 3D model with immersive light systems
  • FMOD sounds with user profiles
  • Accurate engine and systems management
  • Accurate AFCS (with support for both self-centering and non-centering joysticks)
  • Accurate 4 axis autopilot with VOR, TACAN, ADF and GPS navigation
  • External loads (with load/save and flight to options) and cargo drop
  • Compatible with Reality XP
  • Animated ground crew
  • Animated custom fuel truck (with drive and self drive modes)
  • Custom control panels 


X-Plane 11

Mac, Windows, Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 480 MB
Current version: 1.1 (9th June 2021)

News! Update by Stephen Dutton

11th June 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved


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