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News! - Update Coming Soon - Boeing 727 Series v2.0 by FlyJSim

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News! - Update Coming Soon - Boeing 727 Series v2.0 by FlyJSIm

Hands up those who love the FJS Boeing 727 Series! Yes a room full of hands...  The FJS B727 Series is a brilliant aircraft and yes it is in my best of top ten (certainly the best 60's era aircraft in X-Plane) and the accolade after accolade for this aircraft is well deserved. So what is the FJS B727's secret?

There is something special about the B727 that is hard to explain, intimacy and a deep connection to the systems make this a flying machine like no other, many a flight has left me with a big smile on my face and with a good feeling in my soul for days...  I certainly love this aircraft.

Last year FlyJSim started an upgrade to the aircraft called version v2.0. And has now announced the upgrades features, it is extensive (but still no cabin or opening doors?) upgrade and the focus is on the aircraft's FMC or Flight Guidance systems, now you will have 3 nav options, non/VOR, XFMC, and CIVA, which can be switched in the options menu, the CIVA was available before on the B727 but not intergrated into the pedestal of which it is now like on FJS's Boeing 732. Another major addition in v2 is the inclusion of a persistent maintenance and failure system. 

You got a taste of this in the original release version in that if you flew those Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1's hard then you suffered the consequences and the consequences were not good. That idea has been expanded and I'll let Jack note the new changes:

"The system is based around user induced failures. If you fly the aircraft wrong, or not perform maintenance every several flights, you may run into issues. I want to stay away from completely random failures as we can all admit; they aren’t that fun. 
Some things you may run into are: if you push the engines to the limit, you may have them catch on fire, or just get damaged a bit more than usual; Engine oil now gets burnt off, and you will need to refill this every now and then; Tail strikes on takeoff may induce pressure loss; exceeding flap and gear speed may lead to jams or collapses; Over exciting the engine or apu generators can lead to them failing; over pressurizing or excessive speed or g-force can lead to airframe damage. Just to name a few.

Sounds like fun...  you bet.

Other large changes include:

•    New cockpit panels and textures adjusted, adding better textures for knobs, etc, and fixing for gauge clarity.
•    Electrical system overhauled. The electrical system now works closer to the real thing, requiring more effort on your part to make it work. Power consumption is now close to the real bird as well, the APU can’t run everything. Bus ties are no longer tied together.
•    Pneumatic and Engine start system overhauled. Engines start requires sufficient bleed air to turn the turbine. This works similar to the 732 Update. Cross bleed starts are also now possible.
•    All manipulators updated to work how they do in the 732, which is now my standard for cockpit manipulation.
•    Auto Pushback system implemented with the ability to see where you will push to.
•    Cockpit sounds updated to include switches and knob sounds as well as many more.
•    New Systems including, radio panels, instrument gyro switching system, comparator system, flight director system, 3d CIVA, 3d XFMC, and GPWS system.
•    Complete overhaul of the cockpit lighting system. All lights are now available. There are a lot of lighting options. This makes flying at night so much fun.

And other minor updates to the aircraft are:

•    No more 2d mode, with 2d default fmc, this was silly.
•    Updated options menu.
•    V-CARD updated to change text to blue, and now shows EPR and Trim targets. EPR is set on the ED.
•    Added ability to set takeoff trim from the trim area, like in the 732 TwinJet.
•    Added map lights (map light simulator 2016! Woot! ;)  ).
•    Added Window bolts like in the 732.
•    Added 3 radio control panels, allowing you to listen to VORs, NDBs, etc.
•    Gyros set properly starting from cold and dark.
•    Added text for flight control test system on left overhead.
•    Added Mach airspeed and warning test switches, as well as over speed que to airspeed gauge.
•    Added yaw damper ground test switch and functionality.
•    Added engine fire warning cutout button and fire test feature.
•    Added APU fire test system.
•    Added cargo fire system to overhead.
•    Cockpit rolling dials updated to move correctly.
•    Added press-to-test feature to all annunciators.
•    EPR bugs now able to be set, and are set automatically when V-CARD is opened.
•    External power and air simulation added.
•    Tire textures updated.
•    Added text for the auto pack trip system, and yes auto pack trip system does work.
•    Wipers now park properly.
•    Spoiler now retracts proper if power applied.
•    Animated cooper vein, and limited rear air stair deployment to ground only. 
•    Ground handling and brake system changed. The plane will now be a lot easier to taxi. 
•    Standby pressurization mode added.
•    Added the 732’s yoke into the cockpit, which looks a lot better.
•    Engine labels now correct for each variant.
•    WnB disable option for FSE users.
•    Updated cockpit glass items to look better, and now the standby ADI has glass.
•    Clock stop watch feature added.
•    Flight director now works like in the 732.
•    Standby compass can now be stowed.
•    Autobrake system rewritten to include RTO.


The v2 upgrade is however not free but it is an pay upgrade and the deal is for those who bought the complete 727 Series package, it will be only a mere $10 USD to upgrade to v2. For those who only bought the cheaper single packages of the 727 Series, it will be only $25 dollars to upgrade.

X-PlaneReviews will of course do a full upgrade assessment for when the aircraft is released which is very soon, if not a just a week away.

In the mean time if you want to catchup on the details of the original releases of the FJS B727 Series then checkout our two reviews that covered the package and features of the aircraft and the flying of the B727.

Aircraft Profile : Boeing 727 Series by FlyJSim (Part One)

Aircraft Profile : Boeing 727 Series by FlyJSim (Part Two) "Flying the Boeing 727"


Stephen Dutton
9th June 2016
Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews

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