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News! - Plugin Release : X-Life Traffic from JarDesign

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News! - Plugin Release : X-Life Traffic from JarDesign

X-Life is a new plugin from JARDesign that is to cover your immediate X-Plane environment in ATC, Ground Traffic, Air Traffic and flightplan planning.

The idea is in the areas around you as you move around from airport location to airport location in that they are filled out with animated ground traffic and airborne traffic and they with you all interact with a built in ATC system. Flightplanning is a big part of the system and that is required to be filled out before departure.

ATC control has these built in features:

Basic ATC Control:
  • ATIS and METAR info for Departure and Arrival airport (internet connection need)
  • Delivery clearance with Departure info, Runway, SID, initial altitude, Squack
  • Engine startup and pushback clearance
  • Taxi clearance and taxiroute to Departure runway
  • Takeoff clearance at hold short
  • Initial altitude and cruise FL climbing clearance
  • Reporting TOD request
  • Arrival info (Runway, ILS Approach, STAR, descend FL)
  • Approach clearance
  • Tower control with landing clearance/ GoAround instructions
  • Runway vacation request
  • Taxiroute to arrival gate

Flightplans are created and activated via an excellent popout interface...



Flightplan Panel:
  • Enter Departure Airport, Arrival airport, Alternate airport, cruise flightlevel and CallSign
  • Generate flightplan with “Generate” button
  • Or Enter flightplan by hands (ICAO format)
  • Import flightplan from aircraft C0Rte/FMGS (if supported, like JARDesign a320/330)
  • Import flightplan from text file with ICAO-format flightplan string (may use http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ )
  • Export entered/generated/readed flightplan direct to aircraft FMGS and text file (if supported, like JARDesign a320/330)
  • Sent flightplan to ATC to continue work with ATC
  • If Generate function not work well for some Departure/Arrival pair, best way – to use routefinder website, prepare text file with ICAO-format flightplan string and import it with Plight Plan panel.


Most activities are noted via their various side tabs around your screen for ease of access and availability. 


Acitive flightplans are both visual and vocal in operation.


In the creation of flightplans if you have a supported aircraft FMGS and the correct text file, you can then export the flightplan directly to the FMC system.


Once the flightplan is created it is filed with the ATC to proceed.


Side-menu covers all areas of operations.


You can adjust your air traffic and ground traffic density and runway operation separation.


On screen data can give you your current situation. There are algorithms of ground-routes building will avoid conflicts and based on data from apt.dat sceneries files.


A great level of detail is available to see your control tower workflow in what is current and who is going where.


An overall data operating radar screen gives you your current situation around the airport with zoom range options.


Another feature is the "Follow Me" car that is included with the plugin package and is directed by the built in ATC.

X-Life has taken more than 2,000 hours of coding by JARDesign for this project, and X-Life has been in development for more than 1.5 years and has had more than 6 months of testing.

Your first thoughts are going to be that X-Life is the same as Classic Jet Simulation's "WorldTraffic" and on the surface they do look the same. But they are fundamentally very different under the skin.

WorldTraffic is completely standalone with everything sourced from imported files and has imported fully animated aircraft. The X-Life plugin is connected to your X-Plane A.I. system and uses OpenSceneryX as its source of aircraft. So you are restricted to the 20 X-Plane A.I. aircraft allocation by Laminar Research, plus to remember the framerate hit of using these extra A.I. aircraft or having your usual X-Plane aircraft in the system and 20 A.I. aircraft is a lot of pressure on your processors. WorldTraffic is also due for a complete overhaul upgrade very soon.

The interfaces on X-Life are however very nice and Laminar Research could do with looking at them for future X-Plane interface requirements.

You can download X-Life for Free, but only for the ground and flight air traffic. If you want the full package including the ATC, Flightplanning, Radars and all the niceties then go here:



Yes! the X-Life by JARDesign is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :

X-Life Traffic for X-Plane 10
Price is US$19.95

Plugin Requirements are:

X-Plane 10.45+ (Any edition). Running in 64Bit mode
Windows or Mac 64Bit (no Linux support at this time)
Multi-core Modern CPU
8 GB RAM.  Video Card: 2Gb+ VRAM. Stable internet connection
OpenSceneryX library installed. . OpenSceneryX should be installed to ../X-PLANE 10/Custom Scenery/OpenSceneryX/ folder. Please not rename this folder. 
For ATC features, your aircraft requires a working TCAS.

Images Courtesy of JARDesign


Stephen Dutton

5th April 2016

Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews


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On 06/08/2016 at 7:13 AM, Guest Linux version said:

"no Linux support at this time" - why? what about future versions of the plugin? 


X-Life is very much intergrated into the X-Plane A.I. system. Until 10.50 goes fine will JARDesign start an update to the plugin, then you may see more platforms addressed.

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