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News! - Announcements : vFlyteAir Arrow III update and Saratoga II

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News! - Announcements : vFlyteAir Arrow III update and Saratoga II


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X-Plane development house vFlyteAir have announced on the X-Plane.Org forums, details of their current development projects. As noted in last months (February) "Behind the Screen", vFlyteAir have been very quiet over the last year (2020) after a huge pack of releases in 2019. A quiet development house is a busy development house, and as noted in BtheS, vFlyteAir were well overdue for a release, in fact none of those listed releases have still not come to pass.


But the dawn is breaking. As vFlyteAir have noted the Arrow lll is getting a big update....  as noted;


"First and foremost, we have started with improving the flight model. We have had excellent input and many hours of testing provided by our real-world Piper pilots. Most importantly, two of these are real-world Arrow owners who have provided some amazing feedback into areas we could improve and the subtleties of the Arrow so we could make it even better. We've stretched the limits of what X-Plane can simulate to provide increased accuracy in the handling,"


  • Aerodynamic braking (flaps up, pull back on the yoke after landing) has been refined to work like the real thing
  • Take off and landing characteristics have been fine-tuned, flying the approach is an absolute joy!
  • Ground handling has been improved
  • Engine and prop performance has been tweaked. For example when you cycle the prop now the RPM drop is accurate to the real aircraft
  • Overall performance characteristics have been improved including fuel, engine and prop
  • Shake effects to simulate stall, takeoff and landing bumps
  • A powered tug can be selected from the side menu so you can more easily position your Arrow!


Avionics of the Arrow lll are also getting a big update. The addition is the development of a Garmin G5 set, and it will be fully functional, with the push button menus and this system will be included with the forthcoming Arrow release.




Again it is noted...


"Both EFD and G5 models will be included in the release, so you get both models without having to choose. But then, you've got these lovely new glass PFD/HSI units with an old GNS430, (or a GTN650 if you've purchased the RealityXP GTN unit). Having that single GPS is not great for an aircraft that can do solid IFR work, so we've upgraded the avionics stack too! We're also conscious that many users like to imitate the config of the planes they fly real-world for practicing instrument work, so we wanted to provide as much functionality and variety in the options as possible.


There are a set of configurations that will be available.

First, for those of you without the RealityXP units, the stack will feature two GNS430's, providing GPS1 and GPS2, as well as COM1/NAV1 and COM2/NAV2.  If you have the GTN650, you will be able to swap these out for single or dual GTN650's."


Then... If you have the GTN750, this is now compatible with the Arrow for the first time. It will occupy the GPS1 position and a GNS430 will remain as GPS2. But if you happen to own the GTN 750 and 650, you can have both in the stack! The GTN 750 must be GPS1, with the GTN650 below. Because the GTN is able to provide transponder functions, we've taken out the Garmin GTX330 transponder to make more room in the bay. If you don't have RXP and are using the dual GNS430's you'll retain the GTX, along with the current GMA345 Audio Panel. However we've opted to retain the ADF unit as we are conscious a lot of pilots, particularly in the UK and Europe still have a large number of NDBs in operation.




Also to included a Garmin GFC600 autopilot unit (above right) to complement the Garmin G5 stack. Another new instrument installed will be a Garmin GI 275 EIS engine instrument that will give you better insight into engine performance. vFlyteAir are still debating whether to keep the analogue MP and RPM gauges and fit the EIS over on the left of the panel, or to replace them with the EIS - or provide both options.which will make the aircraft very modern in avionics? I guess we will soon find out.




vFlyteAir also note that they be looking to release the updated Aspen, the G5 and the new panel configuration into their other aircraft such as the Cherokee as soon as possible.


Another announcement release is a new aircraft from vFlyteAir in the new release of the PA32-301 Saratoga II. The Saratoga is a big aircraft in the single propeller general aviation terms. The only other Saratoga we have had in X-Plane is the long forotten Carenado version, which was quite heavy in the textures department, so a new modern version of this iconic aircraft is to be highly welcomed. vFlyteAir showed us some development images of some very nice leather seating and the instrument panel detail in the coming aircraft...





Release? The Arrow lll will be certainly soon in the Q2, but the Saratoga ll is set for the middle of the Q3, prices should be around the same US$25 - $30 range, so great value and the rsame enowned vFlyteAir quality.


Images are courtesy of vFlyteAir...


Original release announcement is here on the X-Plane.Org Forums



News by Stephen Dutton

29th March 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


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