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Quick Impression : LGIR - Heraklion International Airport by FlyTampa

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Quick Impression : LGIR - Heraklion International Airport by FlyTampa


Having looked at the other two Greek FlyTampa recent scenery releases of Athens XP and Thessaloniki XP for X-Plane11, it was only fitting then to have a quick look at FlyTampa's LGIR - Heraklion International Airport in FlyHeraklion XP...  LGIR was the first release of the XP series and this is FlyTampa's version with JustSim having a LGIR - Heraklion scenery as well...  and I will note that in this Quick Impression is that I am using the misterx6 SFD Global autogen, but it isn't really required as the provided custom autogen is very extensive.


Heraklion International Airport
"Nikos Kazantzakis"

Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Ηρακλείου
"Νίκος Καζαντζάκης"



First Impression of FlyTampa's LGIR - Heraklion XP was very good, the feel however is more darker because of the custom textures applied here, the object count of buildings is off the chart as well, as FlyTampa always provide not only the airport scenery itself, but the extensive produced custom autogen as well, and that makes up quite a visual view filling scenario.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Head 1.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Head 2.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Head 4.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Head 3.jpg

LGIR_FlyTampa_Head 5.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Head 6.jpg


WT3 generation from completed ATC ground routes is available, but it is all very average, with a very odd wing waving (rolling) approach line to RWY09, and a lot of popping off of aircraft on the actual landing, but at least LGIR WT3 is active...  sort of. Great clutter detail is all airline branded. All aircraft parking at LGIR is by remote stand only (no airbridges) but there is a lot of available parking spaces to choose from.


Terminal modeling and detail is excellent, but it feels slightly disconnected from the ground? The idea to use low-res textures in various high detail areas can create visual disparities, as it is here at LGIR. Vehicle and clutter quality is very high and nicely airport and airline branded with the gate mounted F-16 well done, Greek flags are animated and look great and there is extensive animated traffic airside and landside.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Terminal 1.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Terminal 2.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Terminal 3.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Terminal 4.jpg


Landside is well catered for with clutter, but well let down again with the low-res texture carpark and road detail...  cars are riding on dirt more than roads into and out of the airport and the good detail here sadly really suffers.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Landside 1.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Landside 2.jpg


Runway/Taxiway textures are excellent and also PBR (Physically Based Rendering) active (wet, rain and reflective) as well and look amazing in the right lighting conditions with oily areas that look authentic, runway signage and markings are also very good...


LGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 1.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 2.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 3.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 4.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 5.jpg


Like all in these Greek FlyTampa sceneries you have 3d grass and here it is one of the best yet in detail and it is certainly well done on the verges.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 6.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Textures 7.jpg


Airport detail is very good, as all areas have something interesting and related to HER, highlight is the hilltop dome radar (IRAKLION VOR (108.80)) that dominates the scenery.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 1.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 2.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 3.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 4.jpg


Heraklion Port is noted, with two ships in the harbour and the port is really well highly detailed. Custom autogen is created for efficiency and not detail and that allows the custom scenery to go on...  and on and on... in that it covers the area very extensively, but the boundary is noticeable...   Heraklion's famous Rocca a Mare Fortress is well presented and there are a few landmarks and stadiums in between the buildings to give you the perfect overall Heraklion feel.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 5.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 6.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 7.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 8.jpg

LGIR_FlyTampa_Detail 9.jpg



Lighting is as good if not better than the other sceneries in the series. All the aprons are well lit (nicely reflective) stands like on Apron L and the western end of the main apron that are also excellent.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 1.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 2.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 3.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 4.jpg

LGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 7.jpg



Terminal and building lighting is also excellent, and right down to the real detail in the lower under terminal strip lighting that is so authentic, and the X-Plane11 dynamic lighting effects just makes it all look so very good.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 5.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 6.jpg



Runaway/Taxiway lighting is good, but there is no centre line lighting on any of the main runways. Heraklion City as a vista at night is very good, and gives you a nice exciting arrival feel, as the Port, landmark buildings and stadiums are all very nicely lit.


LGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 8.jpgLGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 9.jpg

LGIR_FlyTampa_Lighting 10.jpg



Feature list is very good, with a lot of dynamic X-Plane11 features provided.


  • Heraklion International Airport N.Kazantzakis (LGIR)
  • Detailed custom Taxiway, Apron & Runway markings
  • Sloped airport terrain
  • Custom city mesh, vegetation and dynamic XP lighting
  • Full city coverage with custom buildings and landmarks
  • Custom Terrain Mesh
  • Models baked with Ambient Occlusion
  • PBR Textures
  • Volumetric Grass
  • Animated apron vehicles and road traffic
  • Compatible with World Traffic and other AI Traffic programs.
  • Optimized for excellent frame rates


First Impressions

Overall extremely good like most of these Greek Sceneries from FlyTampa and their eastern Mediterranean series, Layout, clutter, lighting, grass and detail is very good to excellent, and it all comes with that FlyTampa extensive custom autogen. Best of the series certainly for X-Plane dynamics (reflective glass and runways) and lighting is exceptional, and the PBR ground textures here are also very good... very, very good value.


Contrary are the usual low noticeable resolution photo-textures (roads, carparks... etc) landiside and even in some areas airside , WT3 needs more refining (RWY09  approach is simply weird), but it works... This scenery was just so, so close for a full 5 stars.


Four out of Five stars ☀️☀️☀️☀️


LGIR - Heraklion International Airport by FlyTampa is now available from the X-Plane.OrgStore here:

X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


FlyTampa-Heraklion XP


Price is US$22.00


Requirements are:

X-Plane 11

Windows or Mac (not compatible with Linux)
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 750MB - Install Size: 858 mb
Current and impression version : 1.0 (Nov 7th 2019)




Quick Impression by Stephen Dutton

7th November 2019

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