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Scenery Review : LGTS Thessaloniki XP by FlyTampa

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Thessaloniki Header.jpg


Scenery Review : LGTS Thessaloniki XP by FlyTampa


In April 2018 FlyTampa a very well known and respected FS/P3D scenery developer released their first scenery for X-Plane. This was FlyCorfu XP and a very nice if small scenery it was. The main feature was not actually the airport LGKR that was the focus of the scenery, but the full aspect of the island of Corfu was covered with custom photo textures and 3d modeled buildings, and so also in creating a full and complete vista of the Greek Island.


This was the reputation that had delivered FyyTampa into it's lauded position and when you received the look and feel of the FlyCorfu scenery it certainly had an impact. So obviously you wanted more...  and FlyTampa noted that yes more was coming at the end of 2018. But that date slipped into 2019 and nothing was forthcoming even when passing the mid-year point, so were we going to get any more FlyTampa's for X-Plane, well at that stage it didn't actually look like it. Then in very quick succession we have had three releases in as many months with first LGIR - Heraklion XP, then LGTS - Thessaloniki XP (this scenery) and just last week FlyTampa released the big one in LGAV - Athens XP.


So in quick succession we have gone from one scenery to four from FlyTampa with more listed to come before Christmas, and I won't hold my excitement back because still in that list is EKCH - Copenhagen Airport. But back to the current releases and there is theme here in that every release currently is focused on Greece and mostly it's islands.


Overall the series in look and feel are all very much the same, so what you are seeing in this Thessaloniki review is very adaptable to all the other currently released sceneries.


Thessaloniki Map.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki Map.jpg



Thessaloniki is a Greek port city on the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea. Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia" was formerly known as Mikra Airport. And the airport is located 13 km (8.1 mi) southeast of the city, in Thermi.


LGTS Thessaloniki_Head 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Head 2.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Head 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Head 4.jpg

LGTS Thessaloniki_Head 5 LG.jpg


As with all FlyTampa sceneries you get orthophoto textures, and as Thessaloniki is not an island the end of the textures is noticeable in a line to the north, but it has a slightly better intergration with the X-Plane default textures to the south of the city. The contrast to the default textures is however quite noticeable and not as blended in together to create a smooth transition from the default to the custom landscapes.


LGTS Thessaloniki_Textures 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Textures 2.jpg


I will note formally that this review is running the SFD Global autogen (whiter) and there is a mix between the FlyTampa custom 3d autogen (Terracotta) and the new misterx6 SFD autogen, but in most areas they mix in nicely together to give a very realistic Greek feel to the scenery.


Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia"

Κρατικός Αερολιμένας

Θεσσαλονίκης "Μακεδονία"


LGTS Chart.jpg

10/28 : 2,440m (8,005 ft) Asphalt

16/34 : 2,410m (7,907 ft) Asphalt

Elevation AMSL 7 m / 23 ft


LGTS Thessaloniki_Airport A.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Airport B.jpg


LGTS layout is a lazy X of the two runways 10/28 - 16/34 with the main terminal building situated in the northeast, and the General Aviation area is north of the single main terminal. As with most European airports the opposite zone from the commercial area is a military facility, plus an area that operates the airbourne fire (waterbomber) services.


LGTS Thessaloniki_Airport 1.jpg

LGTS Thessaloniki_Airport 4.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Airport 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Airport 2.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Airport 5.jpg



All stands here at Thessaloniki are for walk/parking only with no airbridges attached to the terminal building. Stands numbered 2 - 22 are all turnaround and park, and the centrepoint and highlight of the scenery is the excellent terminal building...


LGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 2.jpg


....  the terminal building framework and complex detailing is extremely impressive, and the HDR reflective windows and glass all add in to the realism...


LGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 3 LG.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 4.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 5.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 6.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 7.jpg


....  you can take a fair while looking around and admiring the construction as the detail is also very intricate and it is all as detailed on the roof as well, and moving around both the airside and landside areas of the terminal are also a few branded (Olympic/Aegean) animated vehicles, luggage trolleys and fuel trucks.


Control Tower is part of the terminal building on the north end, well done with a rotating radar (not fully connected to the tower?) and HDR reflections again give realism.


LGTS Thessaloniki_Tower 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Tower 2.jpg


Tower view however is set far too low, so you get obstructions in the view that are not pretty?


LGTS Thessaloniki_Tower 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Tower 4.jpg


Airside is good, sort off (we will get to the reason's why in a moment) there are 3d vehicles, foliage and well done terminal ramps....


LGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 8.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 9.jpg


....  but overall the clutter in minimal, with (just) enough to satisfy, but not enough to cover heavy detail.


General Aviation

GA/Private Jet zone is good, fine for a quick stop through for a refuel. Aeroclub Thessaloniki building is welcoming and there is the airports well detailed Fire Station at the far northern end. A few static abandoned aircraft also fill in the scene with a B727, DC3 and (a broken) Caravelle all presented.


LGTS Thessaloniki_GA 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_GA 2.jpg


Highlight here is the 3d concrete drainage channel which is very well done. South is the Cargo/Services buildings and apron (Cargo is stands 15-18)...   the cargo/service building is done well with great if average resolution signage, and the red/white blast fencing is thankfully of quality detail....


LGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 10.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 11.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Terminal 12.jpg


... and far south is a large well textured maintenance hangar with a static Hurky Bird on the apron. Outer boundaries cover the sparse Military zone which is well done, and the waterbomber parking apron.


LGTS Thessaloniki_Enviroments 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 2.jpg


Ground Textures

There is great RAIL lighting on the approach to RWY34 and overall the runway/taxiway are very good, there isn't that 3d asphalt feel, but they are nicely detailed with oil, tyre rubber markings, surface cracking and general wear and tear...


LGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 4.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 5.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 6.jpg


3d Grass all over the scenery is very good, with lovely areas set of spring flowers, and all the field areas are well catered for.


LGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 8.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 7.jpg


The under construction of the extension to Runway 10 is well done with cranes and working huts set out around the development...  but does that make the RWY10 approach usable?


LGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 9.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Environments 10.jpg


As noted to cover the extreme wide areas of the scenery the provided ortho textures are of a very low resolution? almost all are completely washed out and not very detailed on any approach....


LGTS Thessaloniki_Textures 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Textures 4.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Textures 5.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Textures 6.jpg


.....  so there is no detail, roads and carparks and other detailed areas as are simply washed out or over bright, the effect also creates and brings a billiard table flat effect to the scenery and there is no differencial of texture resolution to the airport environs either to lift the detail within the working area. This is an aspect that is common throughout all FlyTampa sceneries, but the aspect is good in one way, but also shows the age of these original sceneries. Today our computers can handle far better quality and a more highly set of resolution photo textures (even if used around the airport boundaries) and their detail, and simulation as a whole has also now moved on from this once but very simple but effective technique.


Thessaloniki City

Again I will note the addition of misterx6 SFD Global autogen...  but with the full compliment of both the SFD Global and the extensive object count provided by FlyTampa, younow  get... simply a scernery that is totally INSANE! in the number of objects and in the detail of Thessaloniki City.

LGTS Thessaloniki_City 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_City 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_City 4.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_City 5.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_City 6.jpg


Object detail is extraordinary and finally X-Plane is seeing fully and worthwhile and realistic city environments without the graphic card meltdown, all this complexity was under 4K (3669mb) on a graphic setting of "high". All the landmarks of Thessaloniki City including churches, numberable sports stadiums and official city buildings are all visible, Thessaloniki's port area is also highly detailed.


LGTS Thessaloniki_City 7.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_City 8.jpg

LGTS Thessaloniki_City 2.jpg



Another area that is outstanding is the scenery's lighting...


LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 1.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 2.jpg

LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 14 LG.jpg

LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 3.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 4.jpg


Approach, runway and taxiway lighting including navigation signage is all first rate.... all main aprons are bathed in great lighting and all the textures are also HDR dynamic (reflective) for realism.


Terminal lighting is totally exquisite, almost overwhelming, so it is well worth a night landing at LGTS - Thessaloniki .


LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 5 LG.jpg

LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 6.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 9.jpg


different tone lighting separates the different areas and again it gives you great lighting dynamics...


LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 7.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 8.jpg


Thessaloniki City lighting is also excellent, varied and extensive. All the main landmarks are well lit, but very good also so is the important urban housing night textures....


LGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 10.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 11.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 12.jpgLGTS Thessaloniki_Lighting 13.jpg


......  port zone is set at a different tone and visually everything works here in a totally realistic night lighting city environment.


WT3 : The ATC routes are noted as done here, but only in the case of the basics of aircraft placement. As most aircraft landed then pop out on the runways and there are no connections to the parking stands and airport flow is non-existent, so overall LGTS is not a fully active or working operational WT3 airport, so the attention of new or refined ATC/Ground routes are required to bring this element up to a working standard.



Since the original FlyCorfu XP release, then FlyTampa took almost a full year and a half before releasing their next scenery for X-Plane, but then we got three in succession with LGIR - Heraklion XP, then LGTS - Thessaloniki XP and lastly LGAV - Athens XP.


LGTS - Thessaloniki XP is typical of all FlyTampa sceneries. In being overall excellent, but highly let down by using the older style ortho texture technique that creates a very low resolution and blurred background with no detail for airport environs and roads on a flat surface.


Otherwise detailing is very good with and excellent and highly detailed terminal and buildings, animated (not much) traffic and a lot of HDR elements of reflective lighting and glass, all ground runway/taxiway textures are passable, but have no depth of detail...


Excellent and extensive 3d object count is off the charts in creating Thessaloniki City and surrounds combined with the recommended SDF Global autogen is breathtaking in creating a new standard of objects in the X-Plane simulator.. City detail in landmarks, featured buildings, stadiums, ports is extensive and all together all are outstanding. Final excellent feature is the standard of the night-lighting. Not only for the runway,taxiway and apron lighting (reflective) but also the amazing terminal lighting and the full Thessaloniki cityscape lighting as well.


Yes there are a few gliches in this Thessaloniki Airport scenery (WT3 and suspended radar in case of points) and if you can live with those poor resolution textures then this is an outstanding scenery, certainly to be part of your FlyTampa scenery collection that at this point is still centred around Greece and it's island destinations... buy one scenery and you will probably buy them all, but that is not a bad thing because they are all very good investments to add into your X-Plane route flying.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! LGTS Thessaloniki XP by FlyTampa is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

FlyTampa-Thessaloniki XP


Price is US$22.00



  • Complete city add-on with custom mesh, vegetation and lighting
  • Full city coverage with custom buildings and landmarks
  • Sloped airport terrain
  • Animated apron vehicles, road and ship traffic
  • PBR materials




You download an Installer, that you then set the X-Plane install address and then insert your email address and the authorization key... the installer will then do the rest (Internet connection is required and fast if possible).


FlyTampa installer.jpg


Install is six folders set in order:


  • FlyTampa_Thessaloniki_0_forests (274mb)
  • FlyTampa_Thessaloniki_0_airport (565mb)
  • FlyTampa_Thessaloniki_3_mesh (93.1mb)
  • FlyTampa_Thessaloniki_2_photoreal (1.75gb)
  • FlyTampa_Thessaloniki_0_city (564mb)
  • FlyTampa_Thessaloniki_1_overlays (25mb)


Total scenery installation is a large 2.23gb


SFD Global by misterx6 is highly recommended with this scenery.


Requirements :

X-Plane 11
Windows or Mac (not compatible with Linux)
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB VRAM Recommended
Current and Review version: 1.0 (Sep 1st 2019)



Scenery Review by Stephen Dutton

19th October 2019

Copyright©2019: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 11.40

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini : Headshake by SimCoders

Plugins:  WorldTraffic3 US$29.95 : Environment Engine v1.07 by xEnviro US$69.90 : SFD Global by misterx6 US$30.00

Scenery or Aircraft

- Boeing 738 by Laminar Research - Default with X-Plane11


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