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NEWS! Updated - FlyJSim updates Q4XP Dash 8 quickly to version v1.36

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NEWS! Updated - FlyJSim updates Q4XP Dash 8 quickly to version v1.36


Flyjsim Q4XP XP12 Header v1.36.jpg


While the release of the FlyJSim v4 Boeing 737-200 is imminent (weeks now, not months). The developer has presented another update for the excellent Q4XP or De Havilland Canada DHC-8 Q400 as version v1.34.... that was very quickly updated to v1.35 the next day, then v1.36 just the day after (compatibly with TrueEarth GB North XP12).


The v1.34 update covered those tricky doors, in trying to open/close them on the JPAD (Tablet). It was a very if an annoying tricky operation to open any door, certainly the left rear with the cargo door overlapping the passenger door "Fixed Pressurization limiting doors operation", is yes finally a fix  v1.35 "yeah", but like I mentioned in the earlier news notice it was still annoying, even frustrating in using the Q4XP doors...


Flyjsim Q4XP XP12 v1.34 head 1.jpgFlyjsim Q4XP XP12 v1.34 head 2.jpgFlyjsim Q4XP XP12 v1.34 head 3.jpgFlyjsim Q4XP XP12 v1.34 head 4.jpgFlyjsim Q4XP XP12 v1.34 head 5.jpg


The custom Universal UNS-1 Flight Management System has had attention here to fix crashes, or bugs in the system...  the same UNS is coming to the B737-200 as well!


In v1.35 there has also been an adjustment to the engine idle speed, and noticeable for M1 Mac uses in that the "Luajit" option is now available on the JPad.


Flyjsim Q4XP XP12 v1.34 head 6.jpg


LuaJIT is a tracing just-in-time compiler. LuaJIT chooses loops and function calls as trace anchors to begin recording possible hot paths. Function calls will require twice as many invocations to begin recording as a loop. Once LuaJIT begins recording, all control flow, including jumps and calls, are inlined to form a linear trace. This tool can be used for increased speed in the processing on Apple Mac processors.


Version 1.36   (March 28th 2024)
- Fixed crashing Issue related to TrueEarth GB North for XP12
Version 1.35   (March 27th 2024)
- for XP12 only - XP11 remains 1.34
- Doors will definitly open now.
- Fixed FPS on M1 mac, you know have a LuaJit toggle in the options menu of the JPad.
- Adjusted engine idle speeds. 
Version 1.34   (March 22nd 2024)
- Fixed Pressurization limiting doors operation.
## UNS:
- Fix crash caused by terrain display database at high latitudes (ENSB).
- Fix crash due to bad input validation on HOLD FIX page (when entering 0 instead of 
    a valid leg item number).
- Fix crash when deleting flight plan FMS heading mode was on.
- Fix once-a-second stutter due to wrong OpenGL texture transfer format for EGPWS 
- Change LNAV tracking algorithm to match the one used by the real FMS.
- Fix incorrect overfly turns when sequencing to a CF leg.
- Fix truncated procedure names in clearance-format flight plan (FPL > MENU > 
- Fix non-IFR airport not shown in database.
- Fix incorrect COM-radio frequency validation in FMS TUNE page (frequencies 
    above 135 MHz were incorrectly rejected).
- Fix some conditional legs not being parsed correctly (altitude legs with Flight 
    Level values).
- Change texture transfer format for EGPWS terrain display to minimise stutter.
- Improve direct-to roll out computation to avoid S-turns where possible.
- Fix holds not computed properly if inserted at the current TO leg with less than 
    15 seconds left before sequencing (plane was steering for 360° and never 
    turning back inbound).
- If "DISABLE M/APPR" is selected in the NAV MENU, show the missed approach regardless 
    once navigating to the last approach leg.
- Fix HSI/FMS desired track display. The FMS was flying great circle paths correctly, 
    but the HSI desired track was not updating along the (changing) great circle 
- Improve display of DF (Direct-to-Fix) procedural legs with roll-out/PPOS point on MFD.

Q4XP - EKCH 25.jpgQ4XP - EKCH 26.jpgQ4XP - EKCH 27.jpgQ4XP - En Route 11.jpgQ4XP - En Route 12.jpgQ4XP - En Route 13.jpg


Q4XP - Instruments 3.jpgQ4XP - Instruments 4.jpgQ4XP - Cockpit 6.jpgQ4XP - Cockpit 7.jpgQ4XP - Cockpit 8.jpg


Q4XP - Cabin 15.jpgQ4XP - Cabin 16.jpgQ4XP - Cabin 10.jpgQ4XP - Cabin 11.jpg


Update download v1.36 is now available via the X-Plane.OrgStore (Account) or use the Skunkcraft Updater. Re-authorisation is required (A full restart is also recommended).


Support forum for the Q4XP



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Q4XP v1.36 by FlyJSim is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Q4XP by FlyJSim

Price is US$79.95



X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux

4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 1.5 GB
Current version: 1.36 (March 28th 2024)

NEWS! was Updated by Stephen Dutton

29th March 2024

Copyright©2024: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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