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NEWS! - Expansion Package REP for DHC-2 Beaver

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NEWS! - Expansion Package REP for DHC-2 Beaver




I was a little surprised to see a Reality Expansion Package for the Thranda Design DHC-2 Beaver? Reasons being is that the Thranda design is already a very highly developed aircraft, a high quality Simulation in the first place.

One that comes with a very long list of features, so why did it need a REP pack? REP packages are for me, to bring default and sparsely developed aircraft a host of better performance and features up to a higher standard. But here we have them (with Thranda's blessing) and it comes with an extremely long list of performance enhancements and mostly crash and damage effects.


Ultra Realistic Flight & Ground Dynamics
  • Realistic stall speeds & behavior
  • Correct climb speeds
  • Realistic cruise speeds
  • Real World Weight & Balance
  • Realistic taxi behavior with realistic spring-loaded/free-castoring tailwheel
  • Complex Damages System
    • Triggered by the pilot actions
    • Based on real world data
    • Target every system in the aircraft
    • Meant to teach you how to correctly manage an airplane
Economic System
  • Can be enabled/disabled on the fly
  • Earn virtual money when you fly
  • Use virtual money to buy fuel and do maintenance/repairs
  • Realistic fuel prices around the World
  • Fully compatible with FSEconomy and X-CPL-Pilot
  • More info at https://www.simcoders.com/reality-expansion-pack/economy
Custom Towing System
  • Driven by the joystick/steering wheel
  • Realistic point of view (POV)
  • Interacts with tie-down and brakes
Interactive Walkaround
  • Cockpit checks
  • Lights checks
  • Engine soft cover removal
  • Aileron, rudder, elevator and flaps check
  • Tire check and choks removal
  • Tie-down removal
  • Pitot tube check
  • Engine cowl check
  • Floats and water rudder check
Realistic Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior Engine Logic
  • 100% Custom engine model
  • Realistic power output for given manifold pressure/RPM settings
  • Realistic propeller animations as never seen before on X-Plane
  • Realistic booster coil
  • Switch between conventional and Bendix-Stromberg pressure carburetor (with automatic mixture)
  • Correct fuel consumption
  • Oil System:
    • 1. Realistic oil viscosity
    • 2. Interchangeable oil type
    • 3. Oil pump failures
    • 4. Realistic oil filter
  • Fuel System:
    • 1. Realistic wobble pump
    • 2. Realistic fuel pressure behavior
    • 3. Realistic fuel filter
    • 4. Realistic primer
  • Starter
  • Realistic startup procedure
  • Automatic startup procedure for newbies
  • Realistic engine temperatures
  • Fuel Flooding simulation
  • The engine parts wear down when not managed correctly
Engine Preheater
  • The engine may be warmed up upon start with the provided electrical heater
  • Once activated, the electrical heater runs even when you close the simulator
Realistic Landing Gear
  • The landing gear is damaged by hard landings
  • The brakes and tires are damaged if not managed correctly
  • The steering wheel acts like the real one. Spring loaded under 35° of turn, then free castoring.
Electrical & Avionics System
• Realistic Battery
• The avionics are damaged if on when the engine starts/shuts down
Native Virtual Reality Support
  • Complete support of new X-Plane SDK 3.0
  • Menu visible in VR
  • Windows visible in VR
Learn with the in-flight tips
  • A non invasive tip with a suggestion about the conduct of the flight is shown when you are not flying the airplane properly
  • A non invasive tip with a suggestion on how to recover the problem is shown when you damage the airplane
Custom simulation of Hypoxia
  • Tunnel vision
  • Hard breathing
Popup Kneeboard
  • Normal operations checklist
  • Emergency operations checklist
  • Reference tables (speed, fuel consumption etc.)
  • May be shown/hidden with mouse gestures
Simulation state saving
  • Every single switch and lever position restores its position when you reload the aircraft
  • The battery may discharge if you leave it on and then close X-Plane
  • The engine restores its cylinders and oil temperature basing on the elapsed time between restarts
Maintenance Hangar
  • Engine maintenance tab
  • Electrical systems maintenance tab
  • Landing gear, brakes & tires tab
  • Instruments tab
  • Economic System tab
HeadShake Integration
  • REP drives HeadShake to simulate the correct vibrations of the Wasp Junior engine
Developed with love
  • Coded by real pilots
  • Very easy on FPS
  • Written in C++ with no compromises


It is an extremely long list of enhancements, and an interesting experiment on how to make the Beaver a much more realistic Simulation.


DHC2_Beaver_Seaplane - 2024-02-09 18.04.31.jpg


Most of the changes and access to features are done via the "Clipboard menu...


DHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.45.39.jpgDHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.45.59.jpgDHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.46.03.jpgDHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.45.36.jpg


DHC2_Beaver_Seaplane - 2024-02-09 18.51.15.jpgDHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.46.42.jpgDHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.46.21.jpgDHC2_Beaver - 2024-02-09 18.46.27.jpgDHC2_Beaver_Seaplane - 2024-02-09 18.51.15.jpgDHC2_Beaver_Seaplane - 2024-02-09 18.51.33.jpg


DHC2_Beaver_Seaplane - 2024-02-09 18.05.04.jpg


This is an add-on to the DHC-2 Beaver - DGS Series XP12. It will not work on the Thranda DHC-2 Beaver XP11 or any other aircraft.
X-Plane 12 (not for XP11)
Developed by Simcoders
support forums for the REP DHC-2 Beaver
X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Reality Expansion Pack for DHC-2 Beaver XP12 by SimCoders is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Reality Expansion Pack for DHC-2 Beaver XP12

Priced at US$29.95


Customers who own the  Reality Expansion Pack for DHC-2 Beaver XP11, can get the new XP12 version for 30% off. Coupon code can be found in the original invoice.


This is an add-on to the DHC-2 Beaver - DGS Series XP12. It will not work on the Thranda DHC-2 Beaver XP11 or any other aircraft.
X-Plane 12 (not for XP11)
Current version: XP 12 - 4.8.2 (February 10th 2024)

NEWS! by Stephen Dutton

13th February 2024

Copyright©2024: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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