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EFASS Electronic Flight Assistant (Windows)

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Hello my fellow simmers,

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat and this means a number of things to me, one I'm wrapping presents two my bank card is getting hammered and three I can look forward to at least one days piece and quiet, but more than any of that it means I have very little time to fly, control or write reviews.

I do have time to let you know about a brand new flight planning tool that has been released just in time for Christmas. EFASS . This freeware package is stupendous I have been using it for the past week and it is superb. There are a few bugs but nothing that would stop a galloping horse and updates have been happening at the rate of almost one a day. Unfortunately for some this is a Windows based only package, as yet I have seen no idication that it will be recompiled for Mac's or Linux based machines.

EFASS is so chock full of features I would need a lot more time than I have right now to do it full justice, but put simply it is a
Moving map
Flight planning tool
Fuel and payload tool
Weather station
Database of all your flights
A chart repository
It's vatsim or IVAO compatible
It works with all known sims including xplane

Amongst the many features you can export your flightplan to your aircraft FMC and as well as that it will even create a passenger list with name, gender and age, all made up of course, but still adds that level of immersion that helps you to suspend your disbelief.

The list goes on and on it's probably easier to look at the website http://froom.de/efass/ which you have to register at to get the free download.

A friend of mine downloaded it and immediately said to me this is as good as if not better than some of the packages that you pay a lot of money for, I agreed. The amount of coding that has gone into this package just be a lot, ok a lot of it might just be parsing algorithms, but I couldn't write one let a lone the number that must be at work here.

So before I dash again to the store to buy another turkey let me say to you all, support the developer and go and get your free copy now.


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