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Found 1 result

  1. Aircraft Update : Mudry CAP 10C v1.2 VR by Avia71 Laurent from Avia 71 has updated the excellent aerobatic Mudry 10C to version v1.2. It is a small update with the focus totally on VR - Virtual Realty. Obviously virtual reality and aerobatic aircraft go hand in hand, as this is really what VR is all about, in being in a confined space but being aware of the open environment around you, I personally don't have a VR Headset, but has tried a virtual headset experience, and so I understand how well and how good this aircraft would be in that total 3d environment... The Mudry 10C is a pure aerobatic aircraft and that is reflected in it's reference point aerobatic sight on the left wing, and the very distinct set of instruments... ... and there is no Artificial Horizon instrument? which makes flying into cloud a bit of a nervous proposition, even dangerous and god knows what it is like in the VR environment? but it is highly realistic. For a full review of the instruments and features then check out the release review: Aircraft Review : Mudry CAP 10C by Avia71 Avia 71 recommends the FOV (field of view) is set at 83º for VR, I usually use 73º and find 83º a bit of a long arm stretch (below left), but this is to compensate for the VR field of view which is a slightly different perspective. Overall view in the lovely bubble canopy (note the great reflections on the glass) and to the rear is excellent. Although not noted in the update the canopy feels like a far darker tint, I think it is different in checking out the older review, and I like the effect. In the VR environment you can't access 2d panels, so the original side menu won't work? So there is a new menu panel to access VR, via VR dedicated tools. I can't access this menu, but here is the provided one. The VR manipulator will bring up the menu into your left seat pilot viewpoint, and is pretty well the same as the 23d version, but it is in VR laid out more horizontal layout as other than the tag menu on the side of your screen. The tag menu is still there for non-VR users. The checklists are also available through the same VR dedicated tool. Four new liveries have also been added in to the update on top of the original five designs. Summary I noted at the end of the original release review that VR or Virtual Reality for this excellent little Cap 10C would be "mindblowing". Well here is that feature now on the aircraft in v1.2, and my guess it that it would absolutely live up to the experience you would expect from the 3d environment. So this update is totally focused on the VR aspect, including new menus to be accessed within the cockpit via VR tools. Four new liveries add in to the five we already had, and that gives you more choice there as well. Although not noted, I feel there has been a few nice touchups as well, obviously the canopy is far more heavily tinted. The Skunkcraft's internal updater has also been added. This is an aircraft for the here for the professionals as a there has been lot of professional input and testing to know that you are getting the very best in that aerobatic delivery as well in realism, that said the Mudry is an easy aircraft to fly. But experience is certainly a factor here to get the very best out of the Cap 10C's very capable aerobatic abilities. The stick and rudder "seat of your pant's" fliers will absolutely love it, as this is an aircraft that has been developed just for them... and really just for them alone. ______________________________________________________________________ Yes! the Mudry CAP 10C v1.2 by Avia71 is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here : Mudry CAP 10C Price is US$24.95 A free update via the skunkcraft's updater or direct X-Plane.OrgStore download is available now to all previous purchasers of the Avia 71 Cap 10C Features New: VR Ready Switch between aerobatics and utility mode (no reload needed) Exclusive electronic G meter/recorder/audio warning Choose at any time your favorite instrumentation (no reload needed) Retractable document holder on panel Load your own aerobatics diagram Sounds volume adjustments on panel Switch windshield and instruments reflection on panel Interactive checklist Weight and balance interface with calculator Internal failure system Complete circuit breakers management Flaps & trim locker for aerobatics Mixture fine adjustment Aerobatics manual by Thomas in English and French and a bunch of tips and tricks Other features Hgh-fidelity flight model Accurate 3D modeling Extremely detailed 4K textures Physical Based Rendering Ambient occlusion FMOD sounds recorded on the real model 9 liveries fps friendly History of the CAP 10 included Paintkit included Comes with a GPS and a tiny autopilot (customers request) Requirements X-Plane 11.20+ (not compatible with XP10) Windows, Linux or Mac 2Gb VRAM Video Card Minimum - 4GB+ VRAM Recommended Current version: 1.20 (last updated October 11th 2018) ______________________________________________________________  Update Review by Stephen Dutton 15th October 2018 Copyright©2018: X-PlaneReviews (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) VR image is courtesy of Avia 71.
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