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Found 9 results

  1. Aircraft Update : Agusta Bell AB412 v3.0 by X-Trident Helicopters, if there was a genre that has been neglected in X-Plane11 lately it has to be our vertical capable machinery. There has been a few or two such new Helio's but not any with any considerable depth or size, there is a new one coming (finally) a CH47F Chinook from X-Trident, but X-Trident are also keeping the Heli front moving with an update to their very first helicopter release with the Agusta Bell AB412. This aircraft has had a very nice series of upgrades of which this update brings the machine up to v3.0 status. T
  2. Aircraft Review : McDonnell Douglas Harrier AV-8B by X-Trident The AV-8A/B version of the Harrier is in essence a version Mk ll of the famous and highly versatile British Hawker Siddeley "Jump Jet". The Jump Jet story starts with the Hawker P.1127 and the Hawker Siddeley Kestrel FGA.1. Both are the experimental and development aircraft that led to the Hawker Siddeley Harrier, the first vertical and/or short take-off and landing (V/STOL) jet fighter-bomber. The P.1127 development began in 1957, in taking advantage of the Bristol Engine Company's choice to invest in the creation of t
  3. News! - Pre-Release : Harrier AV8B by X-Trident X-Trident have given us an early Christmas present with a Pre-Release (Early Adopter) version of their Harrier AV8B. The aircraft is available now for the price of USD$38.95, see below for the X-Plane.OrgStore link when available. Note... this purchase of the Harrier aircraft is in reality a BETA version and not a completed release aircraft, so items, systems and certain areas are still under development... the full release development completion is expected around mid-January 2019... so don't buy the aircraft if you want
  4. Aircraft Review : Agusta Bell AB412 by X-Trident No helicopter is more renowned and as well known as the "Huey", It was and still is through licenses with Agusta (Italy) and Westland (UK) one of the most versatile helicopters ever built. But before you go and play really loud "Ride of the Valkyries" and scream "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" while half dressed with a cowboy hat on, this "Huey" is not that two bladed iconic aircraft the UH-1. The 412 is the later built advanced four blade main rotor twin-engine utility helicopter version that flew in the lat
  5. News! - Aircraft Release : Panavia Tornado GR4 v1.0 by X-Trident X-Trident have released their Tornado GR4 Fighter. Come again... released? Yes a final release because when the aircraft debuted back in October 2016 it was only then a pre-release beta, but a beta you could then buy. Now it has had a formal release as the completed aircraft. And what a sensational aircraft this Tornado is. The Panavia Tornado Project for X-Trident is actually their second aircraft after the excellent AMX Fighter and this aircraft is a step up from that acclaimed aircr
  6. Aircraft Review : Panavia Tornado GR4 by X-Trident After the cancellation of the United Kingdom's BAC TSR-2 project in 1965 the country was put in limbo in finding a multi-role aircraft to replace the many different types of aircraft already in service in many different roles, but to also cover their advancing tactical strike/reconnaissance capability but with the added capability to fill another role as a light bomber to replace the current V Bombers. The trend in the mid-sixties was towards variable-geometry wing designs to gain the manoeuvrability and efficient cruise of
  7. News! - Bell AB412 updated to v1.6 by X-Trident X-Trident have updated the excellent Bell AB412 to v1.6. This is a minute update of: Release notes: -Added sling loads management -Added a bunch of custom commands -Fixed some bugs X-PlaneReviews covered the main update features here: Aircraft Update : Bell AB412 1.5 by X-Trident Yes! the Agusta Bell AB412 from X-Trident is now available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here : Agusta Bell 412 - Price is US$35.95 Current version is v1.6 and if you have already purchased the X-trident Bell AB412 then go to your X-Plane.Org Store account and upgrad
  8. Aircraft Update : Bell AB412 1.5 by X-Trident X-Trident have done another small update to the Bell AB416. In reality this update is just another bit of fine-tuning with the only new items being for the SAR scenarios (ground operator, life boat, optional ambulance, random positioning, improved animation). Now you get a paramedic by the patient in the hard ground position, and the co-ordination system allows you to place them where you want them. An Ambulance can also be standing by, but the ambulance texture quality was not great at my settings. Out on the water and the ground position turn
  9. Aircraft Update : Bell AB412 1.4 by X-Trident X-Trident have added another great feature to their excellent Bell AB412. This update only contains one change but its a beauty!. Version 1.3 released in June added a lot of SAR tools in a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Camera) Nightlight system and movable searchlight... full v1.3 details are here : Aircraft Update : Bell AB 412 v1.3 by X-Trident Added now in v1.4 is an excellent hoist system with all the trimmings. Added is a new menu option in "SAR Control panel" under the X-Plane Menus in plugins. First note is that the winch system is not
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