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Found 13 results

  1. Aircraft Update : B 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition v2.2 by Supercritical Simulations Group As a reviewer of simulation, then what gives you the biggest satisfaction, yes the unveiling of any new aircraft or scenery is always going to make you happy, there are things to explore, things to adjust, pushing buttons, finding your way around the complex systems... then actually flying the aircraft. But there is a more subtle satisfaction that comes from a longer period of development. Even if the new aircraft or even to a point a new scenery is great or even wonderful at release it is
  2. Update Review : B 747-8 Inter/8F Anniversary Edition v2.3 by SSG They made a promise, not a rare thing with X-Plane developers, but do they usually keep to their statements, most do, but a lot also fall far short of their high ambitions. One in Supercritical Simulations Group promised to deliver one of the most outstanding Boeing 747 simulations for X-Plane, it was at the time a very, very ambitious statement, and sadly it didn't get off to a very good start. Extremely heavy, buggy avionics and crappy FMC, and even some of the modeling and detail work was a bit naff
  3. News! - Aircraft Updated : SSG E-Jets Evolution Series v1.6 by SSG When doing reviews you can usually do two reviews in one. If an aircraft review, then you can also check out a new scenery release, or if a new scenery then you check out a new aircraft or an updated version. Or you can just simply fly an older aircraft to a new scenery release to see how it performs after a fair time after it has been updated or released. It is in this last aspect last year I picked out SSG's Embraer E-Jet in it's Evolution Series, to checkout a new scenery release in Northern Italy.
  4. Update Review : B 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition v2.2.1 by SSG I love Boeing 747's, it was the original reason I wanted to get into simulation in the first place, to fly the "Queen of the Skies" or Joe Sutter's masterpiece. Oddly Boeing 747's have not been that big a focus in the X-Plane Simulator, there was the original XPFP (X-Plane Freeware Project) version (nice but 2d panels), another was the brilliant Gary Hunter 747-200F and of course the default Laminar Research Boeing 747-400 by JRollon, a really good 747 of say by PMDG never came across to X-Plane, so overall the curren
  5. Aircraft Review : Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 Anniversary Edition by Supercritical Simulations Group There was a discussion early in 2019 that listed all the aircraft that you could fly long haul in X-Plane11. When you added it all up the list was not great, in fact for a leading simulator you could even call it deplorable and that was with just cause. It is not that X-Plane doesn't have long haul heavy aircraft as we do, but the fact is that there are very a few available as the FlightFactor's Boeing 777 series is now very out of date, Peter's Airbus A380 is even older and not what you
  6. Aircraft Review : Embraer E-195LR by Supercritical Simulations Group This is the all new Embraer E-195LR. Your first "hand in the air" moment is that, is this the updated version. Well no it isn't, and in fact the aircraft is all new and it is even a completely different aircraft than before because the first SSG "Stretch" version of the E-Jet family was actually the "E-190" and not this slightly longer E-195LR. This E-195LR is however more closely related to SSG's updated E170 that is currently in v1.08 (update review here). Besides the new variant of the E-Jet this a
  7. While we wait for the imminent release of Supercritical Simulations Group's (SSG) new ERJ-700... the developer has released images of their next release which a complete redesign of the Boeing 748i to version v2. The SSG Boeing 748 series has had a bit of a troubled history since it's release in December 2013 (yes it is actually SIX years old). So was the project a bit too ambitious for a fledgling if very talented developer house, and the B748 version was also a bit of an odd choice as well when the B747-400 would have certainly been embraced with a bigger enthusiasm. It is a huge
  8. News! - Released! : SSG Boeing 748 Inter Advanced v2 SSG - Supercritical Simulations Group have released there version 2 of the Boeing 748i (Passenger version) Advanced... Notes... this is a complete rebuild of the aircraft, not just an update, new features include: EXTERNALS The entire external 3D model for v2 has been redone, including the following: All new fuselage closely modeled on the real one with added details Each door can be opened individually and is more detailed dded anima
  9. Aircraft Update : E-Jet Evolution Series v1.3 by SSG Supercritical Simulations Group have updated their E-Jet Evolution Series to v1.3. This includes both aircraft of the E-170 and the E-195 variants. Note all the details noted here relate to both aircraft E170/E195 and the combination package of both aircraft in the "Series" pack. Regional airliners are all the rage for time poor simulator users, the routes are short detailed and will fit into any two to three hour flying window. Propeller regional aircraft are the most used, but sometimes you want something different,
  10. News! - Images! : SSG show images of their CRJ-700 Supercritical Simulations Group has posted external images of their coming CRJ-700 aircraft. So why is this a big deal? Well good regional aircraft are not exactly flowing a lot around out X-Plane11 airports. Yes we have the JRollon CRJ-200, but in the real world in most operations it is the larger CRJ-700 doing all the work and it is the most prolific aircraft on the commuter/regional hub and spoke routes, yes X-Plane needs this aircraft... a lot! I will note a lot of these images have already been repro
  11. Aircraft Update : Boeing 748i/8F Adv v1.9.1 By Supercritical Simulations Group I am going to be honest about with the SSG Boeing 747-800i in both the Passenger and Freighter versions, in that we never really fell in love with each other. Which is a bit strange because the Boeing 747 Series is the aircraft that got me into simulation in the first place. Don't get me wrong I liked the aircraft and I liked it a lot, but the early versions were quite buggy and it had a hard impact on my frame rate (my Mac was just not powerful enough). Odder still is the fact that the 8F or Freighter
  12. News! - Aircraft Announcement - ERJ 170 LR by Supercritical Simultions Group SSG (Supercritical Simultions Group) have announced their next project as the E-170 LR. This not the standard current E170 but the new E-Jet Evolution” series aircraft. Based and heavily revised on their current SSG E-Jet series (E-170 and E-190) and incorporating a lot of elements of the SSG Boeing 748 series features, the new aircraft is due as noted late this late 1stQ or early 2ndQ of 2016. Feature list noted is: Accurate 3D external model complete with detailed anima
  13. News! - Updated - Boeing 747-8 Series V1.4 by Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) Supercritical Simulations Group have updated the huge Boeing 748 Series to version v1.4. SSG below have noted the main changes.... "This update brings terrain displays to both pilot and copilot navigation displays (NDs). This is part of the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), which is installed in the real aircraft, and is quite complex in operation and capabilities. However, the most visible part of the system is the terrain display on the NDs. The terrain d
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